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Thursday, 29 September 2016


Thursday, September 29, 2016 Posted by Kevan Lee , No comments

Cowboy town settings and features a bunch of stellar casts and after watching it today, I can safely say I give it a 6.5 out of 10 because of good shooting actions and also some pretty intense moments. Below I will elaborate the rating. So here we go: 


The casts basically, they just gel in together well and pretty sure the off-screen chemistry was as good as on-screen. When they first introduced the characters in the movie, most of them feel disjointed but by the end of the movie, we all feel the pain and sacrifices that they made without questions asked. Aside from that, the sets from the movie are well thought after and felt like it was accurately build based on lots of olden days movie referral. What is a cowboy movie without gun action right? Don't worry this movie comes with loads of it. It somewhat feels like I am playing Overwatch using the cowboy character, Mccree which has an ultimate like THIS and what is lacking just the cigarette while actually shooting. Lol. The action is the essence of this particular movie and I am pretty sure most of you will feel happy. Lots and lots of shooting and also some fist fighting involve, and occasionally knives and fist fighting. 


The predictable plot line, it seems to be no depth or whatsoever in the storyline or the character introduction. While we hear a lot of tales about how they get their legendary names it will be nice to see their backstory on how they raise to fame. Every character with just a short introduction will certainly make the movie plot more interesting and aside from there provide some depth to it. I guess the fight follow up to the finale could have been more instead of just flatline the whole way through and then decide for an explosive finish


All in all, if you are someone who likes western movie setting during the cowboy era and lots of gun fights, this particular movie will surely interest you. If you are looking for something which have a deeper storyline or a greater character build up, maybe this movie isn't meant for you. 

Sunday, 18 September 2016


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Korean blockbuster starring the likes of couple famous actors that was quite widely advertised and manage to rake in RM48M in the first weekend of its opening and on top of that manage to garner lots of social media review as being a different zombie story altogether with a mix of action and some K-drama elements. I was somewhat skeptical on this aspect but then decides to just succumb to the hype and all I can say that I was blown away. I will easily rate it a 7 out of 10 and below I will list what I love about this movie


Production value. I have seen a much bigger movie with much bigger production value but nothing as of this well done with such a small budget. I think at one point I underestimated the production value simply because it's not Hollywood and I was so wrong. Although the whole movie focuses mainly on the train but it was such well planned and the different scenes that showed up proved the same too. Other than that, the actors individually played a very good role on invoking the true nature of humans under crisis. The main cast played a good role of giving us hope in humanity while the supporting cast making us hate humanity all over again. This balance makes not a single moment in the movie feels draggy as there is always drama between the two groups and we are always curious to know what happen. Aside from that, a little bit of K-drama influence does not seem to slow the pace of the movie down as it was full of action from the start right to the end of the movie. You are sure to be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the zombies to appear suddenly.


The virus outbreak does not seem to have a history of how did it happen all we know it originated from a certain chemical company. Unfortunately for this, I prefer something with a backstory take for example Resident Evil (although the movie is absolute shit) at least they have a proper explanation on how did the virus came to form. There is also some pretty questionable moment in the movie where it seems like the zombies ran slower than they should among the other times. Aside from that, the ending was somewhat quite expected but still I felt the show was having such a good pacing on their storyline and to end it like that feels like a little shorthanded suddenly, it might not be the bad but I was somewhat left hanging there wanting an in-depth explanation. 


I think by the time this review is out, most of the people have already watched it. For those who have not, maybe you should buy the ticket to ride on this. You might be skeptical since this is a Korean movie, not a Hollywood blockbuster but give it a try and you will not be disappointed. 

Monday, 12 September 2016


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Well, the Secret Life of Pets is from the same studio which animated the all popular Minion series. Like all usual animation series, the movie is pretty short and comes packed in 90 minutes. I will personally give this animation series 4 out of 10 and below I will explain why.


In terms of animation and creativity, this studio has always been doing it right and on top of that, you can actually see how fluid the pets movement. Aside from that, you can also each and every pet comes with a well-crafted character which I absolutely love the thoughts behind them. Most of the time in the movie, you will be from New York to Brooklyn, you can actually feel the change of environment which is good as it shows the detailing in the environment. Most of the time, the details focuses on the characters which in this movie is no exception. You will certainly see all the required details of the dogs wagging their tail, and also cat acting like a typical cat. 


The storyline in this movie is shallow and also very much predictable. I wished for plot twist like Zootopia which is really quite unexpected. Aside from this, the storyline also picked up all of a sudden which shows that they are in the hurry to progress the movie. Sadly, it is not something that you want in a movie. 


Nothing much to mention in this particular movie, I think the rating on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes should be an indicator if you should watch the movie over at the cinema or directly torrent it. Thanks for reading.