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Sunday, 28 September 2014


Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) plays the Equalizer from the classic TV series. He was meant to lead a quiet new life till he meets Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz) in his everyday diner. Her employers are an ultra-violent Russian gangsters which torture her when she refuses to work. McCall took matters to his own hands and eventually everything became interesting for the Russian gangsters.


If you are in for a good Hollywood fighting movie, I will assure you that it is much to see in this movie. Throughout the whole movie, the use of guns from McCall is very subtle and almost non existence. As usual, the character McCall was brought to life by none other than Denzel Washington with his ever excellent performance of emotions when he needs to. Chloë Grace Moretz also did lots of justice with her character as Teri, the way she portrays it is totally different on what she used to play in Kickass.  Most of the time you are just sitting on the edge waiting for the next step to happen in the movie, which is good as it keeps you wanting more. 

There are some really really questionable scene if you watch this movie, the most will be the explosion. Other than that, it seems like there are also part which is literally not needed, it can be edited out for example McCall standing at the beach with the background song playing for 5 mins just doing nothing, u WOT? Most of the bad guys while they look tough and scary, they are merely just dumb puppets and the final scene could be better with more hand-to-hand action.


All in all the movie was entertaining to watch, it is much better than the Liam's Neeson, "A Walk Among The Tombstones" as this is much more action packed. My only gripe is towards the ending where I wish they have much more hand-to-hand combat which will definitely make things more interesting.

TL;DR: If you need something to be equalize, call Denzel Washington. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


As I was sitting down at CoffeeInk after a long drive from Petaling Jaya (since le GF wanted to buy like X number of clocks for every single inch of her house), I realise that CoffeeInk provides the comfort of being in a cosy environment while also playing some great music with a good social vibe. Therefore, I have narrowed down the top five reasons why these hipster cafes are famous:

1. Decoration - Interior and Exterior

As mentioned above, all of the hipster cafes come with surprisingly good decoration. Although their food can be bad, their decoration must be either unique or simply just creative. Besides that, we come to learn that most of the cafes nowadays use lots of wooden interior as part of their decoration.

Image taken from Garage 51 FB.
Image taken from Coffee Stain FB.

The place above gives you a feeling of cosiness and also an atmosphere to socialise. It gives you the vibe of being where you will just want to spend all the time you have, either sitting back and relaxing, or sipping coffee while chatting with your friends. This is some decor that you're usually only able to enjoy in cafes - try putting it in your house, and you'll either spend tons of money, need a big ass house, or get the smackdown from your parents.

2. Drinks

Most of the time we go to a coffee shop and order a cup of coffee where we would pay <RM10, but in a hispter cafe we pay above RM10, because we are somewhat poisoned about the coffee beans that are being used (Arabian, Morrocan, and many others). Also, the coffee shop atmosphere in all honesty does not add any extra flavour to the mix, nor to the tastiness of the coffee.

3. Social media

Many of the coffee shops have been overly hyped on social media, especially Instagram. Lots of the influencer lifestyle bloggers take really pretty Instagram pictures (with the help of a filter) and thus make the crowd rave about it. When you visit the place and taste their food and drinks, you will be extremely disappointed with it.

4. Name

Basically, the name of the cafe plays a really important role. We have cafes with weird names, like Garage 51, Acme Bar, Coffee Stain, and Thursdvys - a certain cafe we simply fail to pronounce and sometimes even confuse spelling it (I am looking at you, Thursdyvs). As long as it bears a hipster name (Departure Lounge, Good Batch, A Pie Thing, and the list goes on...) you will never fail to see people hanging in there.

5. Location

Most of the hipster cafes are located in an area where rich young kids are willing to spend money (TTDI, Damansara Uptown, Subang SS15). They're also mostly targeted towards young college students who are willing to pay more than RM 10 for a cup of coffee and sit down with their laptops doing work (or pretending like they are doing something) - this creates an illusion that the cafe is good. TBH, everyone is just there stealing internet while just chatting with their friends under air conditioning.

p/s: Thanks Amy for helping with the copy! 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


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The blue box although the phone is WHITE
It has been X years since I had this phone (not me actually, gf's phone) and I must say the android experience seems good enough for her which came from HTC One X and she is relatively happy. So lets just get to the review process and have fun with it. I will not go into very detail about bench marking, as you have that on the web and you can Google to find out more but instead I will be giving you the rundown on the simple pleasures you get using the phone.

As for the size, you will be getting a 5 inch screen with around 294 ppi which means things are crispy and clear while not as clear as your iPhone or Android phones you will not find it any disturbance. Everything that is viewed on the IPS LCD are bright and clear and closer to their natural colors. The viewing angle are also good (careful on what you are viewing and those sex-ting that is happening in public, they can see!) The three button below the screen which represents HOME, BACK and MULTI TASKING and it is not lighted up (so yeah just memorize it)

The sound of the Huawei Honor 3C is acceptable with ringtones loud enough to be heard even when you are busy clubbing or in the toilet doing some fixed deposit stuff. The vibration is really strong even when it is in your pocket or handbags, that is because of the wide surface of the phone which allows the whole phone to vibrate when a notification comes in!

This particular phone excel in the selfie, or wefie department. That is because the front camera (5 mp) have settings to adjust your face and make it sharper or nicer. Think photoshop on the go where whatever angle you take on, your face will always look sharp and fair. The back camera is 8mp with full HD video recording@30fps. On low light the camera fares well but I have seen better (nothing beats a PnS camera like the iPhone, I know i know different price range). Don't expect a super artistic picture capturing on the back camera, just add some filters and everything will be alright. The problem occurs when you tries to print the pictures out and you will experience the best pixelated pictures you have in your album.

Capacity does matter and that is what happen when your phone is equipped with 2,300 mAh battery. You basically can throw your PowerBank away for daily use, with much social networking, browsing and occasionally watching gif at 9gag you come to realise by the end of the day, you still have roughly 40% of battery life left.

Weighing at 140g the phone is tad abit on the heavier side, you will feel that the top is much heavier than the bottom and when you hold it, sometimes it feels like it is tipping over. Besides that, the size of the phone is big, and all say goodbye to your skinny jeans where the hope of fitting it is gone. This is one of the bigger issue that might steer the guys over from using the phone (minus does with man bag).

When it comes to how cheap the phone is, your immediate sense will want to buy it directly, as for the price you get more than you could be asking for. A good sturdy phone which will be able to last you for quite some time. But then ask yourself again, is this the flagship you wanted? Many times people buy this phone as a second phone not main phone, as the main phone usually things with more functionality and also appearances. 

Dat 5 inch screen for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Every now and then you watch a detective movie hoping it to be something Sherlock Holmes (TV Series) but time and time again you will be disappointed.

A walk among the tombstones tells a story of a retired police, Matt Scudder (Liam Neeson) who is now an unlicensed private eye who got roped into a mystery murder of drug traffickers wife's. Upon initial investigation, it seems like they kidnappers only kidnaps drug traffickers wife's or kids.


The shows has the most creepy atmosphere ever when they reveal the kidnappers with their methods and it invoke the feeling of fear and helplessness for the victims. It also shows that how twisted a person's mind can be and what they are capable of. Come to think of it, sometimes I guess it is not about the money at all. As usual, Liam Neeson alone carries the show perfectly with his cocky method and also his drinking problems.


The pacing of the movie is super inconsistent. At times you get a super fast paced moment and then it goes downhill with unnecessary dialog which did not need to happen in the first place. The clue should be harder to find as throughout the movie everything seems to easy to be uncovered. Feels draggy at certain scenes because as mention it was just put there as filler with unnecessary dialog. 


While it is Liam Neeson acting in this movie, do not expect something like Taken. This is a much slower pace movie with an unpolished Mr Neeson. The only similar trait is his drinking issues and that is about it. If you like movies that keep you on your feet while you are busy solving the mystery, this movie is for you. Just make sure that you have enough sleep. 

TL;DR: Liam Neeson catches kidnappers. End of story.  

Sunday, 14 September 2014


In the future, I am pretty sure I will be writing more on Xiaomi. It seems like they are producing more and more product with value for money and today I will be talking about the Mi In-Ear Headphones. This product only cost RM50 over at http://mi.com/my under the headphones section. 

Simple packing with just their logo. 
The outer wrapping with instructions on it.
The headphones comes with such classy packing as though it is much more expensive than the designated price. It comes with the instruction in the inside of the outer packaging with instructions on how to operate the device. 

I only had the chance to listen to it momentarily as it is not own by me (bought for Kane, therefore have to return to him). Since I have the weekend to use them, I just fire up some tracks on my phone, I have a wide range of music ranging from EDM all the way to oldies therefore I can say the headphones are definitely up to par with the musics. After several hours of listening, the headphones sounds less muddy and also clarity and bass start to be punchier. Songs starts to feel more ALIVE. The only button works for iPhone is the pause/play button which also answer calls unfortunately I cannot increase or decrease the volume which will come in handy in most case.  

Classy as shit.
1. Cheap only RM50
2. Premium look
3. Bass has enough oomph and clarity is good enough even for live songs with powerful vocal
4. Provides many different sizes of ear caps
5. Lots of technologies for cheaper price

1. Limited stocks sold on website
2. Only one button functioning for iPhone users
3. The wires feels quite flimsy.
4. Currently the new Piston 2 is rumored to be coming out soon

Saturday, 13 September 2014


GF mention in her news feed that there are lots of people raving about the movie on their FB before we actually watch it and based on IMDB checks it shows a high rating of 8.3/10 and I would say it is as good as the rating is (well for me at least).

Story tells a tale of Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) waking up in a lift with memories completely wiped except his name. The lift transport him to a place they call the Glade. The glade consist of 50 boys who lives there in the past 2 years surrounded by a 150 wall of solid stone. The wall opens in the morning and closes at night to protect them from Grievers. Everything went bonkers when an unscheduled delivery sent in a girl, Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) with a note and she recognizes Thomas.


The story keep me wanting to know more (since I have not read the book), there is lots of actions and also emotional moments in the movie. Most of the part seems to have a good connection and flow which keeps your focus always in the movie. The maze plays a super intriguing role in the movie and also Grievers too. Every single event and moments take you there through the feelz train. The connection between Thomas and the head of runner, Minho (Ki Hong Lee) really feels good on-screen. There are lots of time where you will be "RUN FASTER PLS THOMAS! RUN THOMAS RUN!". Lots of mindfuck moment in the movie that left my jaw hanging. 


The selection to be part of the crew in the Glade community feels too fast. There is also an unexplained part in the forest where bones of human was found but nothing was mention after that. I wish there was sometimes where the Glade was explained more or how the F the maze was build. The construction and moving is really good for something to be done with it.


This is worth the time for you to watch. Maze runner being the first show out of three, I think it is safe to say we can expect more from the other two movies. I sincerely hope that all the explaining will be done with the final movie as all of this seems to be an interesting concept, most likely better than Hunger Games. You should take time and watch this for I assure you as being a non-reader of the book, I have lots of fun sitting in for the movie. 

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Back in the days the only way to know a girl is to stalk her (lol, just kidding) but then you know part of it is true. You either join a extra curricular activity or try to sign up for the other organization such as clubs or other curricular activities (not the fucking Pokemon club, all dicks there I can almost promise you that). During those days, getting to know a girl need lots of courage, as you need to walk up to her with the most swag you have and hopefully she will even maintain a conversation with you. So man up that iron balls and also mentally prepare for rejection as the most you can get is TALK TO MY HAND gesture.

Enter the technology world, where everything is done behind the screen of 3 inches and above , and you have tons of apps to help you ease the process. Instant messaging apps has always been a hit but it limits you to meeting new people, you still have to rock up the swag way and hopefully she gives you her FB ID or Skype ID (nobody does this) and then you can add her and hopefully she replies. Then as the app market grew, people start to think of a way to cure loneliness and lots of REAL social networking apps were born. Today I will mention the apps that I have used in social networking and you are free to try others out there.


The almighty tinder, available in most platforms.

This is the first app that I used and it is quite interesting. Location based (most if it are) you will be able to find people around you of the opposite sex unless you roll that way. And you can specify age and distance to ensure that the people you choose is within your dating limit (don't worry the legal age to use is 18 so it's okay guys) and distance the closer the better so you can meet up as soon as possible if you want it.

If you are Tinder-Ing at town area (KL) most of the time you will end up with foreigner with locals scattered around. Thus if you are feeling adventurous then by all means go ahead but if you prefer locals, maybe you should try locating people from other areas such as PJ or Subang :D. You will have higher chance to get a local guy/girl so continue swiping and put on your best pickup lines. LOL.


Like the bee, everyone runs the fuck away from you here

BeeTalk is currently being advertise like a bawse across almost all channel even in the cinema therefore I succumb to advertisement and downloaded the app. The app is really confusing to use, you have option of adding people nearby and also the swiping ala Tinder style or just by shaking your phones. The usual adding come later in the application where you must ensure that your pickup line is good enough to at least hold a conversation.

So far the problem with this, it basically have tons of sales people and also ladyboys in the freaking app. Trust me most of the people you will not have match with, their profile are dead. Seems to me that most of them joining the app just for the sake of trying it out and then without deleting their account, they just deleted their app thus the problem surface. Most of the users are really inactive in the app and you wont get any matches (or my there is a problem with my face)


They should really rename this app. 

Paktor or better known as dating is an app if you want to feel how does foreveralone feels. There won't be any match for people in the app and lots of the profile will be either trolling or just simply inactive. Don't bother installing this app although it is from Singapore, you wont be matched at all. Stop playing this app and get on another app will land you a better chance most likely.

Other than that, this app some fancy options which does not add chance for you to actually talk to a girl. There is a paid option where she does not need to be your friend but you can send message to her ala creep mode.

Still, I have a much better app that I am developing, it is called REACH & PULL

When you start the app, there will a set of instruction, it goes like this

1. Put your left or right hand forward
2. Place it down to your stomach
3. Move all the way down till you touch something soft that comes in pair

You still need to have your balls with all the social media dating app therefore all the best to foreveralone out there.

All the best in scoring,

Monday, 8 September 2014


What if you have no emotions. What if everyone is the same and your path has already been chosen for you. What if you all are actually programmed and brainwash to follow what is right for mankind. show centred among 3 characters, Jonas (Brenton Thwaites), Fiona (Odeya Rush) and finally Asher (Cameron Monagham). As they graduate from childhood, they proceed to adulthood where their occupation has been chosen for them based on their capabilities and also adaptation on how well they fare in their "internship". They will be given their occupation by the Chief Elder (Meryl Streep) and from there a Receiver of Memories will be chosen. The chosen will go under the training of The Giver (Jeff Bridges).


The shows leaves you with lots to think about. The idea of having a world where everyone is the same as one and another seems to possible at times. Acting from Chief Elder and also The Giver is exceptional with the help of Jonas's mother (Katie Holmes) which somehow makes you convinced that humans are better of being equals. The concept of the movie is good and brings some touching feeling when humans find out what out slowly what they have been missing in order to sacrifice for sameness in the society. Oh, please don't forget Rosemary (Taylor Swift) cameo appearance for a good 3 minute which is a must for her fans.


There is a time when Jonas just seems to not die, while he was searching for the triangle, he was walking for a span of 30 good minutes in the movie with a freaking baby through desert, snow and many other terrains only to come out unharmed and what more surprising alive. Jonas does not seem to eat while the baby just needed one feeding and he is alive throughout the many days. Cliff hanger ending for me makes me rage because I have no idea what happen after that. 

TL;DR: Sameness in society is questioned by one guy who will bring back all the feelings and emotions to be a human.

Monday, 1 September 2014


Jim (Adam Sandler) is a single father with three daughters while Lauren (Drew Barrymore) is also a single mum with 2 sons. They both know a mutual someone who is cancelling their trip to Africa, thus without thinking much they signed up for the trip and get lower rates to Africa with the event activity called blended which the hotel organize for step father, step mother, step daughter, step son and the list goes on.


As much as both of them tries to avoid each other, they are actually somewhat stuck which makes the show fun to watch as they slowly care for the kids together. We see the gap that a mum or a dad should be filling in a family. The whole joke along with Nickes (Terry Crews) just made the show whole lot better, he and his crew named 'Thathoo Harmony Group' will appear on random times and start singing with really funny lyrics. There is also some touching moment when the relationship are being formed between families.


Like all comedy movie, the formula is overly used. Therefore, you can somewhat predict where the movie is going. Some of the scenes also seems like the formula is either overly used or too stupid to be true. You will know when you watch the movie then.


The movie is still entertaining, much better than Grown Up 2 if you ask me. Then it still it's not worth the price you pay in the cinema nowadays. For those who skipped this, just kick back and watch at the comfort of your own home. 

TL;DR: 2 families trying to be 1 with lots of romance and laughter.