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Wednesday, 31 December 2014


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2014 was not a strong year to begin with but throughout the year, it gotten much much better and I am thankful for that. I have compile a list of things which I learnt throughout the year, the source can be from close ones or simply just observing things that has been happening. 

1. Take the chance(s)

As much as you think I am in the #YOLO generation, there are more than one time I did not take the chance to leap myself forward but then over thinking got the best of me and ultimately FEAR got the best of me thus I decided to just let it slip to someone else. This coming 2015, I think I should take as many chances as I can just to you know, to compensate for whatever I miss in 2014 :D. 

Took this leap of faith, but not others. Damn!
2. Keep your trust

2014 certainly showed me what type of people you can meet. If you have doubt, keep your trust. Never trust too early. Friendship can change throughout the year, it is okay if you are a little selfish towards yourself. Trust shall never be thrown so easily as it will leave bitter taste if somehow people decide to backstab you. Thankfully, I have grown to with a fine circle of friendship albeit there are some fallouts. 

3. Do more of things you like 

Did not do much of this in 2014, coming 2015 I will be doing more of things I like for example, writing? Or maybe I will be doing more of gaming and also collecting polo tees as it gives me a certain feels of satisfaction. I know some people enjoy travelling while others enjoy photography or simply writing, that's why the world will be a better place if you guys do something you like. I would dare say most of the startup start with doing something you like.

4. NO 

People tend to think that "NO" makes you sound like an asshole but I guess this year I have not said this much. Lots of time, I feel people need to learn how to do it on their own rather than being spoonfeed. That is how society dies because of spoonfeeding. Many times I did not say NO because I wanted to avoid conflict or drama. That is why I succumb to not saying NO. 

5. Choose your battle(s)

All year round you find yourself get into a battle where you can choose to approach it heads on, or take the back seat and just settle back while it all get out of the way. Make sure before you decide to jump in your battle, get your facts right and ensure that you have a healthy argument. If you choose to fight in all your battles, by the middle of the year you will be dead tired fighting all them battles. 

6. Ask for help

I remember end of the last year, I was beaten and emotionally sunk to the bottom of the ocean but I have the best of friends to just drag me around ensuring that I survive throughout the year, that happen and I was dragged around ALOT eventually I manage to stand on my own two feet and with a blink of an eye it is 2015. 

7. Choose wisely

You will be flooded with lots of people and those that want to befriend you and those that want to use you. As age catch up with you, you come to realise that you don't have much time in a day or during the weekends, because of other commitments, mainly work being the biggest issue here. Therefore, you should choose wisely who you will like to spend time with and ignore those who only around when you are the happiest or the richest person. 

All in all, as much 2014 knock me down, I got back up to my feet thanks to the people who always there to support me, all the loved ones. 2014 ended quite sweet for me, I got a job, got a girlfriend (finally) and also get to gather later at night with close friends to usher in the new year. Coming 2015, I would like to say I am truly sorry if I have offended any of you. Next year I will be a better man and definitely bring more laughter to the people who are close to me. What is there in the world without laughter and love :D. 


Monday, 29 December 2014


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Dear younger Kevan, 

It will be hard for you during those time, where people and your friends are constantly hooking up while you are busy getting friendzoned to oblivion. You also tend to be hanging out with dicks all day long. Fret not, younger Kevan, your time will come when you have a girlfriend and she will love you lots. Till then, you can keep this signs in mind and also advice those around you of the signs of friendzone: 

1. The way she talks you
When she walks up to you and call you bro, you should be cautious then because high chances she is moving you to her comfort zone. DON'T ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN! If all else fail, you can punch her (just kidding). Try to call her by her name or simply just don't acknowledge her calling! 

2. The way she dress up
Once she stop dressing up, taking hours to do her make up then you prolly promoted to her BFF! That is because girls take time to look good and impress someone they have feelings for or want to seek attention from that particular person. Or they can go out with you all dress up and all, just because she always want to look pretty with you but don't want to be dating you cause she just you know, likes you. 

3. The questions she asks
Many times, they will ask you really personal questions, some mainly which dress looks better on them. Which bikini should they get, or simply how much you know bout THAT particular guy she is stalking. She sits you down to tell you her stalking story or the shopping item she gotten you. 

4. The way she interacts with you on both levels
She will be more than comfortable to just sit on your lap or better, pull your underwear in attempt to give u a wedgie. She is also comfortable to mention all the things which makes you shy and not a single fuck was given to her. Basically, she treats you like a girl or a guy whenever she feels like it. This is quite deadly because she could be holding your hand but you are nothing but a good good friend (i.e GAY)

5. The way she touches you
She might touch you in all the right places but then you must know, there are touches which leaves you weak in the knees and there are some which felt like it but it is NOT IT! She is just comfortable with you well there is a good things there but when if you let her to be wayyyy too comfortable then you wont be able to get out of that zone. Trust me! 

6. The advices she wants

Most of them asks you for advices but they won't be dating you solely because they like the vicious cycle of getting their heartbroken. In order to handle girls like this, you can just advice her and let her be, the next time she asks you for advice, make sure she pays for your food or your beer or BOTH so that there won't be waste of your time cause honestly, this particular type of girls just need someone to comfort them when they are down, thus forgetting bout you once they date another d-bag. 


Future Kevan with a girlfriend. 

Thursday, 25 December 2014


So, directed by Peter Jackson, Bilbo (Martin Freeman) and Company are forced to engage in a war against an array of combatants and keep the Lonely Mountain from falling into the hands of a rising darkness. Thanks IMDB for summarizing it for me but basically this is the final of the Hobbit saga therefore you should be watching the previous two, unfortunately I have not written any reviews for the movie =/. 


Anything which has started must come to an end someday, and this trilogy tells the story not perfectly but well enough for you to link it back to the Lord of the Rings. The fighting scene was fast paced and truly exciting couple with the ever so nail-biting fight scene towards the end. There are also the fight which features Saruman (Christopher Lee) and Elrond (Hugo Weaving) defending Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) from the 9 human ghost. We are also able to witness the power of Galadriel and the early rising for Sauron. 


There are still more to fill in the question marks. I wish there were more history been told between Saruman, Elrond and Galadriel. As their story seems much interesting but seems like they can't find time to tell everything. There are many parts which the movie moves too slow, I know those are necessary dialogues but it still feels like years as there are a war upcoming. 


Peter Jackson once again show us why he is the best at action adventure director there is. Scenes although most of it on green screen is still believable enough to make you think that they constructed the whole scene. This is one of the Hobbit which is not the best but worth watching to end the saga. 

TL;DR: Hobbits, Elves, Dwarfs vs Orc

Thursday, 18 December 2014


As much as the show titled like someone lost their kid, it is not the case. Let me assure you that Gone Girl can be in the same category as MINDFUCKING because what you see is not always what you get. 

Imdb comes out with the movie summary: With his wife's, Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) disappearance having become the focus of an intense media circus, a man, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) sees the spotlight turned on him when it's suspected that he may not be innocent. Together with his twin, Margo Dunne (Carrie Coon) he tries to uncover the true secret that his wife been hiding all these time. 


If there is someone to admire in this movie, Rosamund Pike will be the one to watch. She really carries the roll of Amy Dunne crazily good and with that you will embark on a journey on crazy together with her. It scares the fuck out of you knowing how crazy someone can be. The story was beautifully written and the acting was so convincing that you will wonder what some crazy fuckers out there are capable of. Scene after scene makes you want to know more. 


As good as it sounds, there is always a bad side too. One being that as much as the story was tightly written, it also makes you wonder is the public in the movie THAT stupid? Seems like Nick Dunne could have gather evidence and send his dear wife to jail but no he decided to stay, not sure if he is crazy or just stupid. Other than that, some of the clues that was given to him from his wife was also kinda weird and hard to guess because there was no background story especially their family background.


All in all, it is one hell of a mindfucking movie as we slowly see how crazy someone can be and to call that LOVE.... Well, I guess LOVE IS CRAZY eh and this show tell us everything about it. If you like thriller, you will enjoy this show as I expect to go into a movie where there was a child kidnapped or something but I was in for a treat. 

TL;DR: love is crazy, women are crazier. 

Thursday, 11 December 2014


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So I had the chance to take my jumping to the next level at Jump Street Asia  and proceed to make booking over on their website but unfortunately, their website was having technical error. Therefore, we just took our chances and drove there hoping there are some slots left.
The signs that greeted us upon arriving.
Remember to read the rules people! 

The time is 5 p.m and Petaling Jaya was raining like a boss. Gotten our cars parked and ran towards the registration counter. Aww YEAHHHHHH, they still have slots but problem is there are way too many kids running around as someone is having their birthday party there thus making the place crowded as it already is. We quickly gotten band and also the awesome jump street socks and made our way to the locker as soon as possible. 

The "Sticky" Socks
The best is yet to come, as there are many people we cant seem to get into lots of areas especially HIGH PERFORMANCE area where are able to run up on a wall which is cool as shit but also hard like fuck. We then moved on to the normal area where the basic of trampoline jumping were taught. 

The blue area, where the basics are taught.
The other side is the orange area,where you are able to do much more advance jumps.
Jumped for 20 minutes and I pulled my shoulder muscle because of the lack of warming up. Aside from that, it seems like I have been running forever. Only 20 mins into jumping I felt like mah knees is just asking me to fuck myself. Good bye world RIP knees. 

All in all, it was definitely a good experience to be trying something new. Just please make sure that you do a proper warm up and also learn how to stop jumping properly as wrong landing can result to a very severe twisted knees. Here I end this post with a video. Enjoy! 


Monday, 8 December 2014


So when I posted the top Malaysian habits in the cinema part 1 (READ HERE), seems like I have gotten some comments over on Facebook concerning some missing habits which I did not cover, so here is the second round of Malaysian habit in the cinema

1. The Loud One
Ahhh how can I forget about this, maybe because I tend to be in this category once awhile and when I do (often) it is time to munch slower and quietly. There are some who seems to be able to munch as though they are eating the seats or their fucking phone. In no way you could ever imagine that popcorns can sound this loud what else in a hall so fucking huge. All you hear is OM NOM NOM NOM NOM and it keeps getting louder together with the sound of them digging into their popcorn. TOPKEK mate. It add the extra dimension when you are watching movie, all of a sudden you feel like a digging scene or eating scene is coming up.

2. The Silent One
Tilting their ass and letting out a gas of destruction and confusion. This is an elite class because you know it is hard to have minimal movement but still let out a silent gas to confuse and dazed the people around them. It will usually be accompanied by random cough or a sudden leg movement and then the gas is released. Other than that, rarely there are loud ones as people are embarrassed but this silent fucker that they let go, there are no forgiveness to that

3. The Loud-er One
This type usually answer their phone all the time. It is as though they buy the movie ticket just to answer call in it and irritate the fuck out of everyone and everything. All the time their phone will shine in your eyes and then they will proceed to answer it loudly, not even fucking whispering. Normal conversation goes like this "AH HELLO! I AM WATCHING MOVIE NOW LAH!". Yep, every single fucking time people. Malaysians come on you are better than that.

4. The One Who Limbs Are Too Long 
Particular species seems to be too long of a limb, mainly legs. That is because they legs are constantly on the back of your fucking seats. Either trying to imprint their feet shape into your chair or simply just being a douchebag shaking the hell out of your seat. Feels like you are sitting in a 4D cinema where your seats is constantly vibrating for nothing. We all know you are tall, so why not control your limbs and stop fucking moving dumbnuts. Thanks!

5. The Wrong One
Okay this happened to me in the cinema before a long time ago. Basically, as I was watching the movie around 10-15 minutes into it, a couple came directly beside me and demanded that I was sitting on their seats. So I whipped out my.... phone and ask them what is their seats number and then I found out that it was basically the wrong cinema. Redirect them to the correct cinema because I am kind like that. Lel.

Thursday, 4 December 2014


1. The Grindfest
Since the standing space for monorail is far smaller comparing to LRT,  certain stations with their heavy traffic (Hang Tuah heading to Bukit Bintang) ensures that you will have a clubbing crowd coming in the morning. Why bother going Zouk when you can get the same grinder in the monorail early in the morning, best part is, there are different music for different individual. Obviously some retards think that bystanders do not realise if they are busy grinding or 'poking'.

2. The Stop-The-Door please!
Whatever day you ride the monorail, there will always be one person who will come running in like a wrecking ball and shortly after that straight put either his/her hands or legs to block the door, or jump in like he is taking a dive for the Olympic gold medal, no kidding, I am dead fucking serious! These type if you meet, them either step on their feet or just whack their hands. Best thing is, you should knee them when they are diving into the compartment.

3. The Run For Your Life
This one happens when the person randomly dreaming or lost track of the stations, and all of a sudden it seems like he/she gotten a chopstick poke straight up their asshole and then straight bolt out the door. At the very least, you should pay more attention to the station so that you show signs that you are exiting therefore people can move. Running out of the monorail only make you look stupid and also an asshole because you are literally knocking over people dumbfucks! Thank you at least? 

4. The One With The Force
This usually happen when you are entering the monorail especially station Hang Tuah, where unfortunately half of the people from Selangor and many other parts of the Kuala Lumpur gathers there to go somewhere. Once you hear the monorail opens, brace yourself cause people is going to be pushing you, either from the back, from the side, from everywhere. All of a sudden people are using FORCE PUSH to get your ass inside even when the monorail is overflowing with people. We can even witness legs are sticking out but NOT A SINGLE FUCK was given. They just gonna be pushing and pushing till one fine bright yellow fucking day someone fall onto the platform. 

5. The One Who Has No Backbone
This particular one will remain seated once they enter the monorail. That is the best part. No matter who comes in the monorail, a handicapped, an old person or whoever, they will not budge what more stand up and offer their seats for people. They will sit and just ignore the world. FUCK THE WORLD yo guys. Therefore, if you are old or handicapped, I apologize on behalf of these retards. Sorry so much. 


A Monorail Passenger

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Jennifer Lawrence plays as Katniss Everdeen, duh! So when Katniss destroys the games, she goes to District 13 after District 12 is destroyed. She meets President Coin who convinces her to be the symbol of rebellion, while trying to save Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) from the Capitol. So is the movie any good or are they are merely riding on the Hunger Games hype?


The movie continues directly after what happen when Katniss destroys the game. The cast and crew after many movies together, we can feel that they are comfortable with each other as the acting becomes more personal towards the cast. Other than that, we are told the back story about uprising on different district and how it all went down after Katniss awoken the rebellion. Katniss still gets you to believe that she can shoot arrows and it is shown in this particular movie. 


The show is a melodrama of 2 hours without getting anything back. It feels like a slow paced Korean drama at one point and also how to do Marketing with President Coin (Julianne Moore) using her as a symbol and at the same time trying to sell her as a product. I personally felt the show was way too draggy with tons of people having their own dialogue. Almost every single one person in the movie, TALKS! God damn it! STAHP already. 


After yawning 12 times, and also 1 can of Wonda coffee, I dozed off around 40 mins somewhere in the middle of the movie when she starts sobbing about things which I could not care less. I was hoping they end it here and now instead of making 2 parts which prolongs the pain. There is simply lack of action in the show as we are in it to see more explosion and arrow skills. 

TL;DR: Talk,  talk and more talk. I think you should at least watch this in your comfort of your own home. 

Monday, 1 December 2014


The penguins are BACK! I watched the penguins with my jumping kaki at Tanjung Golden Village cinema, One Utama! The show was absolutely epic with the penguins doing what they do best. The 4 penguins, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private join forces with undercover organization The North Wind to stop the villainous Dr. Octavius Brine from destroying the world as we know it. 


Purely entertaining! That is what the show about, the penguins will definitely keep you entertained throughout the whole movie. You will also laugh your ass off when they meet the North Wind who is consider to be an elite group consist of, well as you guess it, MORE ANIMALS! The storyline is pretty linear and it does not take much of a thinking. Jokes are ample in the movie and you will be surprise how well some of it blends with your current situation, or the situation that you have been in before. 


Some of the jokes can be pretty hard to digest for the younger kids. Older adults should not be a problem. Other than that, the villain is a little weak that is because I felt that it was wayyyyy too soft to be a baddie :D. That is just my personal opinion. Some of the penguin mission was not explained although a little bit of flashback during their mission will be really nice. They should actually focus on the 4 penguins instead of introducing more new characters out of a sudden since we known some of their history before that. 


It surely can be considered one of the better cartoon movie although some might disagree with it. I enjoy watching this movie as something totally different as penguins gonna be trolling all day all night long. Throughout the whole 96 minutes of the show, you will be entertained enough and laugh out loud most of the time, that I am sure of. 

TL;DR: Penguins ensuring the planet is always safe, you think all they do is be stupid? Think again! And also please stay back for the credits :).