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Wednesday, 28 March 2018


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The initial first Pacific Rim was a masterpiece directed by Guillermo del Toro and also the main soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi was also crazy addictive and suited the whole Robot vs Monsters (Kaiju) vibe. Fast forward 5 years later, Pacific Rim Uprising is supposed to take on the epic-ness of the first Pacific Rim and continue what del Toro did with initial Pacific Rim.


More Jaegers. This time we are looking at 3 different kinds of jaegers which Gipsy Avenger being the highlight in the movie. So your eyes are entertained if you are going in for more Jaegers. More action. This movie brings lots of action from the start right to the end, this time you get Jaeger on Jaeger action and also Jaeger on Kaiju action, the fighting sequences are more fluid from the first and it seems like, after 10 years, they now know how to make Jaeger more fluid and fighting this time looks more like ninja jumping around instead of big machine whacking on each other. Terrific CGI. The team actually did a very good CGI throughout the whole movie as you will not realize some of the scenes are using green screen thus there are not glaring when you are watching the movie.


Storyline. There is basically no storyline in this movie, coming from the Del Toro to this new director, you can pretty sure nothing has been done just pure action. that's all. Character Development. Zero character development for the movie franchise also, so technically the old character you like from the first franchise, no longer exist except maybe Mako Mori and well she didn't last that long 


Watch Pacific Rim Uprising without the expectation of the first Pacific Rim. If you like robot fighting, you will love this, I was enjoying the fights between Jaeger and Kaiju. Should you watch it in cinema? You should be a fan, if not you could probably just wait for torrent out. Also, too much mandarin for my taste in a movie. 

Sunday, 18 March 2018


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Did not want to write this review so soon as I afraid it will contain spoilers, but Wakanda Forever after watching Black Panther. If you know me personally, I would say that I am a fan of technology, and when Iron-Man first came out, I admitted I had to change my pants a few times when he suits up,  or when he is falling out of a building, and gotten his suit flies to him, totally epic. With Black Panther, Marvel just decided to make me change my pants twice, easily a strong 4 out of 5 stars for this movie


Technology. Everything about the new technology of the elusive place of Wakanda will put the whole Iron-Man timeline to shame, the new technology, the Vibranium usage, and also the overall portray of the city has been one of the best Marvel has ever done. They clearly went all out to bring the feeling of technology advancement to life. Characters. The casting was on-point, all the characters from the main character right up to the way they speak and the roles they play. Fights. Well choreographed, the fighting scene is pleasant to look at with lots of different martial arts blend in to ensure that Black Panther movement is fluid and seems to have reflexes of the feline species.


I think one of my problem about the movie is I have no idea how did Wakanda came about, all I know was they actually have Vibranium nested in the city and suddenly their technological advancement kinda surpass the great Tony Stark. Still too early to say at this point, since Black Panther 2 is confirmed, they will probably bring back some flashback which is good to know. Also aside from that, it seems like they have many tribes which were also not properly display. 


I can safely say with Tony Stark rumored to be leaving the MCU, we will be alright with Black Panther and also Doctor Strange filling up the empty slot. Also, the movie has recently touch 1B in ticket collection so you might want to catch it also if you have not. It is one of the better individual Marvel character releases this year. 

Thursday, 22 February 2018


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If you subscribe to Netflix, you will realize Altered Carbon is stated as a new release and also in the trending category. DO NOT SKIP THIS SERIES, I repeat do not skip this series! This is a sci-fi series that talks about the future where the body you have is called a sleeve and you can transfer your conscious around, and if you are rich, you never have to die, you can replicate your sleeves for centuries.


The production value in this series is absolutely crazy, you can see the production sets and also the attires that the characters use in the movie. Aside from that, the weapons are futuristic as hell and also the houses of the absolutely rich are clearly something that most of the money for production went to. The story was pretty elaborate, it is straightforward, full of action-packed sequence and the fighting sequence is well choreographed. The series takes it times to ensure that most of the important thing is expanded in the movie thus viewers will not feel lost, as the series progress, you will certainly be very well versed on what on the terms in the series as it progress pass episode 4. Cinematography in this movie really makes it a pleasing feel to watch as it ensures that you will not feel confused as they move from different scenes 


The series did feel too short, it is total of 10 episodes altogether, what I read was they will be making Season 2 (still no confirmations as of now). There is still some part where the movie feels draggy, that is because there are lots of jumping sequence into the Virtual Reality (VR) which sometimes can throw you off the story because there are tons of back and forth. They should also explore more about the torture in VR, which seems very interesting of the capabilities they can do in there. Other than that, I wish they actually do a prequel to this series, all we get is a quick history on how sleeves and chips are created, a storyline on the research and also ideas that it came about is fine. 


If you enjoy Bladerunner 2049, and also sci-fi movies/drama, you should not miss this series. I ensure you that this series will be an eye candy for you couple with a good storyline, you will definitely be entertained. 

Sunday, 30 July 2017


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Wonder Woman was my most anticipated movie from DC, used to be Batman vs Superman but that was so bad I am trying not to remember. This is because Wonder Woman is portrayed by Gal Gadot, while she lacks the physique of the usual comic Wonder Woman, she is so fitting for the role in terms of how comfortable she playing the character, you can see it with her actions and the way she moves fluidly and also the way she speaks. 


Gal Gadot is such a good actress and couple with Chris Pine they both make the perfect on-screen couple. The chemistry between them both is off the charts and we can see it trickle through the big screen and also into their tour for Wonder Woman. Aside from there, the storyline has a good pacing and the action takes a better half of the movie. The fighting scene is convincing and it ensures that you will be glued to your seats and will be constantly engaged in the scene as we can feel the strength and power she carries. 


Some of the parts where the CG seems to fall short, you can actually see that it is obviously CG-ed. Unlike Man of Steel, the CG work was put into good use as we can see the perfect blend of real life action and also CG. Aside from that, they are some part which could be considered as fillers, the show is pretty long thus removing those part and put it into the Blu-Ray edition of  Wonder Woman should be good. I felt they should also spend more time explaining more about her powers and also the city of Themyscira instead of rushing it off to the war area. 


Gal Gadot is such a good cast to play Wonder Woman. She fits perfectly in this role and I could not be happier that DC bounce back after their shitty BvS and also their so-so attempt on Suicide Squad. By the time this review is out, the show probably has little screening in the cinema, if you have the chance to watch it in cinema, do so, if not, still do not forget to watch it 

Sunday, 9 July 2017


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This is the problem of having a franchise running way too long is that you see it peaks and then flat fall directly into nothing. The sad thing is they must have paid lots of money to Johnny Deep to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow and try to revive the franchise. I will give this movie 2 out of 5 stars simply because of Johnny Depp and the cast of the Pirates are pretty good, good enough to keep me entertained for a while


Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow is the only thing that is good in this movie. While most of the scenes are pretty moderate, Johnny Depp made sure that it is funny and relevant enough to still be a good scene. Other than that, the new casts of who plays Henry Turner and Carina Smyth are pretty good and the chemistry between the two characters are pretty good. The storyline is typical Pirates and it has a little mystery factor on why the dead are running around chasing Jack Sparrow but all in all, it is nothing that you don't know.


An absolutely predictable piece of garbage. It seems like the plot was written by a high school kid who could not decide on his life so he decided to write to different stories and combine it into one messy piece of high school novel. At this rate, most of the scenes were exaggerated and the talking scene was long and painful. Jokes were too forceful and so dumb, that makes you wonder how does pirate even actually does the raid. 


Don't even bother downloading a piece of garbage like this. They should have ended this franchise on the last one. This is becoming like Transformers and Terminator franchises, such a forceful franchise using Johnny Depp to milk every single last of the name. 

Monday, 12 June 2017


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The first Guardians of the Galaxy (GoTG) was good and it was really fun. I never did follow GoTG mainly on comics or read about it, so heading into cinema and watching it was a pretty fun Marvel movie. Upon reading a little more, I realise that they are tied into the fight with Thanos since Gamora and Nebula are the daughters of Thanos. Fast forward, we are now in Vol 2 of GoTG!  The shows go on and it gets even better, probably better than the first movie and I will personally rate this movie a solid 4 out of 5. Below I will mention my own personal reasoning for it:


Not many movies live up to their hype but GoTG certainly isn't afraid to prove you wrong. The starting of the movie straight propel you to the ever loving squad doing their daily bounty job and it was fun as f. This couple with the dancing of Groot and also the funny lines from characters certainly puts you back to the ever-comforting feeling of watching GoTG. The cast this time works well together and less awkwardness was presence compare with the first episode. The fights this time around was much intense and the jokes still live up to the Marvel's trademark. The scene with Groot this time around also takes the cake 


Some of the characters feel muted, in this case, it feels like the character is supposed to carry a much bigger role in the movie but it still falls flat. That is my view personally, I would not mention which character but you will have a good. Besides that, some part of the scene feels so filler-ish and it requires us to prolong the attention span when they could just dive in directly to their main storyline. 


GoTG 2 doesn't feel like a recycled movie, and they certainly have lived up to the hype of the first movie. What I like bout this particular movie was that it did not try to outdo the last movie, it was simply a very clear progression and also a very new storyline but in return, it took whatever it had in the first movie and then make it a much better second movie. Catch the movie even if you are not a Marvel fan and have a good laugh. 

Sunday, 23 April 2017


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Before you read this review, you should know there are currently 2 more Fast&Furious movies slated since I personally think it should have ended at the previous F&F 7 but yeah here, I am reviewing the next instalment of the Fast & Furious. I will rate this movie a 3 out of 5 mainly because it has lost the core of what an F&F movie should have been. I would not spend much time reviewing this since this franchise is much more of a fanboy franchise since  F&F Tokyo Drift.


This time they have decided to not only involve car racing but also lots of fist fight. If you are always a fan of Jason Statham fist fight, you are in for a treat. A Certain part of the movie felt like Transporter and also then there are some directly taken out from Death Race. Dwayne Johnson had his fair share of fist fight busting out of the jail like you seen in the trailer and it is really really good. The range of car now has gone up to be more lavish and we are now exposed to more car branding mainly Mercedes, Mustang and many other. Surprisingly, there was a Subaru and Toyota featured. 


Trying to fit so many action scene in the movie feels so cluttered and cramped. Every single action scene was over the top. One point, it felts like Micheal Bay decided to shoot Transformer in Fast&Furious. I love it if they brought back something basic like Tokyo Drift, good racing and a good storyline with at least some meaningful dialogue. The current La Familia motto seems like overly forced into this movie where the only part of the family you felt was throughout the end of the movie. 


Fast&Furious seems to be much of a fanboy franchise currently. The only reason that you watched it is because you were still holding on to the memories of their glory days which in my case, that happen. I kept lying to myself that the movie would not suck but at the end only to be disappointed. Also, there are no Nissan cars anymore. RIP GTR.