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Tuesday, 27 December 2016


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Star Wars has been around for quite some time and after the current acquisition with Disney, fortunately, we are not seeing Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck being a Jedi but instead, we are furnish with more instalment of Star Wars and also some fillers every now and then but this filler was pretty damn good I must say. I entered watching Rogue One without much expectation just I know that this story was before episode 4, thus I was just refreshing my episode 4 reference but fret not those who did not watch Star Wars can still enjoy this grim and gritty movie. 


The casting for Rogue One was perfect. Every single character that was introduced felt like they are there with a specific role and they carried it super well which includes a robot. A good cast means you are attached to it throughout the show and that keep your interest always at it is peak. The storyline was pretty good as a filler and the whole action in the movie was pretty good and always keep us on the edge. Aside from that, we get to know much more about the rebellions and also what happen between episodes and how did they find out Death Star weakness. 


Lots of action is mainly on their blasters and very well placed strategic attacks. That being said, there are close to no lightsaber action while I know it not exactly bad but mainstream people who watch Star Wars only likes the lightsaber. Aside from that, the starting of the movie was pretty slow paced, which makes me wonder how did they pace it because towards the end the action was pretty much every particular minute of it. 


Pretty good filler for a Star Wars movie, my expectation was met and it was such a depressing movie at one point too. Everything was good and most of your Star Wars questions answered in Rogue One. I guess I would recommend you to watch even if you never watched Star Wars before. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


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So I just got back home from 2 days of eat, sleep, rave, repeat in which case we actually eat and sleep more than we should. Here are some tips for you survive the upcoming #DWP17 (although it is actually one year from now), so here it goes guys:


If you are there only to rave, the best location is Holiday Inn Express Jakarta International Expo or Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran both locations are near enough only but the first is walkable distance towards the venue which is good after a crazy party till 4 in the morning. Aside from that, the room is pretty sweet and the beds are comfy af couple with 2 pillows (firm and soft) which ensures a good night sleep after a long crazy rave. Other than that, you all should be informed that you can see into the toilet directly from the bed but the good thing is there is a frosted glass blocking your view directly from the shower (might want to consider if you are staying with your girlfriend). Lastly, remember to put the "Do Not Disturb" sign outside the door, you don't want the cleaner to knocking on your door at 10.30 am in the morning and seeing you sleep dead on the bed.


Get your very own mobile data the minute you landed at the airport. The standard provider is called Telkomsel and they are actually same like Celcom in Malaysia. The 12GB data that I got was 55,000 IDR (~RM20) which is good for you to last for that 3 days there, you can also opt for the smaller 6GB for 30,000 IDR which is more than enough to be shared with your friends. It will also be good if you let the person setup everything for you (most smartphone does not require setup, but if you do, let them do it for you). Aside from that, please make sure that you cut the sim card to nano-SIM directly on the booth for the newer smartphones.


This is the best service Indonesia has to offer and it is because you can basically get anything at all from the app. My Indonesian friend, Hary will tell ask us to GOJEK IT and it becomes a term over there. With GoJek, you can really get anything and everything that you want for example beers, food, more food, local foods, more beers, ciggy, sim cards, and many other things you can imagine (even massage, clean massage)


For the purpose of pre drinks and if your squad did not buy alcohol from the airport, take the cab from your hotel if it is Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Inn and head directly to Mall of Indonesia or MOI it will cost you roughly around 50k to 80k IDR. Head straight to LG Carrefour and to the alcohol section. Balihai beer is the cheapest at 14.5k IDR and Bintang beer is at 22.5k IDR. Predrinks is essential to get you in the mood because one can of beer in DWP going to cost you 80K IDR (yeap, expensive AF, I know)


Choose the set that you want to attend, since the famous DJ usually spins past 1 a.m it is much more important for you to get rest before hand. When I was there, the first day really got me good because we took the first flight out from MY to IND and had to wake up at 5.30 am, therefore, I could not stay all the way through but the 2nd day was much better, we sleep and bump around in the room as much as possible. We enter the venue around 11.30 pm just in time to see W&W spin and stayed throughout till 4 am for Hardwell (f*ck yeah). So, there are 3 different rooms and lots of DJs, select the DJs you want and party the night ahead.

That is all people! Thanks for reading and happy partying next year for #DWP17.


Sunday, 27 November 2016


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What was a textbook in Harry Potter has now come into the big screen and it is much better than expected. For me, this movie still has the magical feeling of Harry Potter but it comes with more action in such short period of time. Below I will review what I think was the good and the bad of the movie, as usual, just casual and based on my opinion:


Fantastic beasts like what they mention are indeed fantastic. You will be thrilled and exposed to many beasts in the world of magic. The animations and CG that was in the movie was indeed living up to the standards of Harry Potter or even better. You are then introduced to the main character which gives you the weird and introverted vibe, I would have to say that Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) carries it just perfectly fine and very nice to watch on screen. Aside from that, the supporting cast was good and the only muggle in the movie is pretty good nonetheless. You also get to see the initial history before we focus on Hogwarts, in the States apparently, they have a different calling for Ministry of Magic and also muggles.  Other than that, we are witnessing the start of a trilogy (I think) of the movie and a much deeper dive on the characters that is associated with the movie.


Well for one the title says Fantastic Beasts but the whole movie does not revolve around that, while there are some good part featuring the beasts I wish we had the back story about it. I would love if the feature a segment of him exploring and catching the beasts. Aside from that, the predictable plot twist was only okay. I kinda expected a deeper twist to that but it seems like that's all. The villain in the movie seems like a good match but then the battle did not happen for long. I personally wanted more magic spells maybe I took this right out of Harry Potter that is why (then again Harry Potter have relatively little spellcasting too)


I would recommend this movie and just take it lightly. For lots of Potterhead, I am pretty sure they are already watching it and having lots of theory about it. Go to the cinema and enjoy this movie. It will certainly take you back to the magical world of Harry Potter.

Sunday, 13 November 2016


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This is a super slow review from me because I have been busy but Doctor Strange is currently the best in MCU this year and no doubt it comes with flaws but let me take you through the good and bad of the movie very quickly. Here we go: 


The cheesy lines and jokes work so flawlessly in this movie. Taking in consideration Benedict Cumberbatch acting, almost all the cheesy dialogue and jokes seems to blend in pretty well with the movie. The charisma that Benedict Cumberbatch carries, allows him to be Doctor Strange without much of an effort. The CG and also the fight scenes in this movie was good and aside from that, we are now exposed to the many different fighting styles of a sorcerer and the many different artifacts that were featured in the Marvel universe. The visual effects are pretty mind blowing, think of Inception but with a twist. Buildings moving and also time shifting certainly puts you on the edge of the seat, I can only imagine the orgasm I will have watching it in IMAX 3D but sadly, too costly nowadays.


The underpowered villain, even with the appearance of his boss, it still seems the villain should be more powerful to put up a good fight. Sadly, aside from that, I was partly interested in a character development for some of the characters in the movie. Aside from Doctor Strange, every other character pretty much just fall flat in the line of character development. I don't mind that added 15 minutes to have a little background run of the other characters or tell me more of the multiverse that he had. Or maybe explain to me about some of the artifacts that you store in the New York Sanctum. 


Doctor Strange is a pretty good movie to watch with lots of actions and mind blowing visuals, it also features lots of easter eggs mainly the two ending credit scene (typical Marvel). You should actually already predicted the reason bringing in Benedict Cumberbatch is actually to replace Robert Downey Jr whose contract playing Iron Man has already ended. So yes, he will be joining the Avengers (take my money)

Sunday, 9 October 2016


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This movie was said to be from the book and based on the quick reviews I read on the book, nothing that special came from it. Apparently, the book was as boring as the movie. All I can say that the movie is pretty boring. That is why I would rate it a mere 4 out of 10 for this movie and will explain why below. Here we go: 

Tim Burton, as usual, the visionary director thus the concept of the movie was fun. Every child has something peculiarly and it is interesting to see their backstory and how they are introduced. The concept of rewinding time is not something new but it was introduced very stylish in this movie. Aside from that, creating at time loop for that very day and just rewinding it before the end of the night is something kinda interesting for me (anything that is available to control TIME somewhat perks my interest, always). Not to forget. Eva Green played her character perfectly, someone strong, responsible and really no-nonsense caretaker. The actor and actress were pretty good at carrying their roles and also most of them played a pretty. Lastly, the idea using the ship was pretty good idea (no spoiler they say)


The plot falls flat after 45 mins in and the movie runtime is 120 minutes which sad to say make me lose lots of my focus and tend to be really boring. Villains were real because it is scary af and it eats eyes to regain their human form back but then, for a monster which looks so badass, it was taken down pretty quickly by a bunch of kids, I expected a much more epic fight and a pretty good finale, but what happen was just a low-key finale. 


I expected more honestly but I was left short-handed after the movie. Unfortunately, the trailer was pretty good and I got nicely upcar this round. Won't happen again as I will be reading reviews before going to the movie. I recommend this movie to be downloaded, save that money for upcoming better movie (hopefully Doctor Strange)

Thursday, 29 September 2016


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Cowboy town settings and features a bunch of stellar casts and after watching it today, I can safely say I give it a 6.5 out of 10 because of good shooting actions and also some pretty intense moments. Below I will elaborate the rating. So here we go: 


The casts basically, they just gel in together well and pretty sure the off-screen chemistry was as good as on-screen. When they first introduced the characters in the movie, most of them feel disjointed but by the end of the movie, we all feel the pain and sacrifices that they made without questions asked. Aside from that, the sets from the movie are well thought after and felt like it was accurately build based on lots of olden days movie referral. What is a cowboy movie without gun action right? Don't worry this movie comes with loads of it. It somewhat feels like I am playing Overwatch using the cowboy character, Mccree which has an ultimate like THIS and what is lacking just the cigarette while actually shooting. Lol. The action is the essence of this particular movie and I am pretty sure most of you will feel happy. Lots and lots of shooting and also some fist fighting involve, and occasionally knives and fist fighting. 


The predictable plot line, it seems to be no depth or whatsoever in the storyline or the character introduction. While we hear a lot of tales about how they get their legendary names it will be nice to see their backstory on how they raise to fame. Every character with just a short introduction will certainly make the movie plot more interesting and aside from there provide some depth to it. I guess the fight follow up to the finale could have been more instead of just flatline the whole way through and then decide for an explosive finish


All in all, if you are someone who likes western movie setting during the cowboy era and lots of gun fights, this particular movie will surely interest you. If you are looking for something which have a deeper storyline or a greater character build up, maybe this movie isn't meant for you. 

Sunday, 18 September 2016


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Korean blockbuster starring the likes of couple famous actors that was quite widely advertised and manage to rake in RM48M in the first weekend of its opening and on top of that manage to garner lots of social media review as being a different zombie story altogether with a mix of action and some K-drama elements. I was somewhat skeptical on this aspect but then decides to just succumb to the hype and all I can say that I was blown away. I will easily rate it a 7 out of 10 and below I will list what I love about this movie


Production value. I have seen a much bigger movie with much bigger production value but nothing as of this well done with such a small budget. I think at one point I underestimated the production value simply because it's not Hollywood and I was so wrong. Although the whole movie focuses mainly on the train but it was such well planned and the different scenes that showed up proved the same too. Other than that, the actors individually played a very good role on invoking the true nature of humans under crisis. The main cast played a good role of giving us hope in humanity while the supporting cast making us hate humanity all over again. This balance makes not a single moment in the movie feels draggy as there is always drama between the two groups and we are always curious to know what happen. Aside from that, a little bit of K-drama influence does not seem to slow the pace of the movie down as it was full of action from the start right to the end of the movie. You are sure to be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the zombies to appear suddenly.


The virus outbreak does not seem to have a history of how did it happen all we know it originated from a certain chemical company. Unfortunately for this, I prefer something with a backstory take for example Resident Evil (although the movie is absolute shit) at least they have a proper explanation on how did the virus came to form. There is also some pretty questionable moment in the movie where it seems like the zombies ran slower than they should among the other times. Aside from that, the ending was somewhat quite expected but still I felt the show was having such a good pacing on their storyline and to end it like that feels like a little shorthanded suddenly, it might not be the bad but I was somewhat left hanging there wanting an in-depth explanation. 


I think by the time this review is out, most of the people have already watched it. For those who have not, maybe you should buy the ticket to ride on this. You might be skeptical since this is a Korean movie, not a Hollywood blockbuster but give it a try and you will not be disappointed. 

Monday, 12 September 2016


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Well, the Secret Life of Pets is from the same studio which animated the all popular Minion series. Like all usual animation series, the movie is pretty short and comes packed in 90 minutes. I will personally give this animation series 4 out of 10 and below I will explain why.


In terms of animation and creativity, this studio has always been doing it right and on top of that, you can actually see how fluid the pets movement. Aside from that, you can also each and every pet comes with a well-crafted character which I absolutely love the thoughts behind them. Most of the time in the movie, you will be from New York to Brooklyn, you can actually feel the change of environment which is good as it shows the detailing in the environment. Most of the time, the details focuses on the characters which in this movie is no exception. You will certainly see all the required details of the dogs wagging their tail, and also cat acting like a typical cat. 


The storyline in this movie is shallow and also very much predictable. I wished for plot twist like Zootopia which is really quite unexpected. Aside from this, the storyline also picked up all of a sudden which shows that they are in the hurry to progress the movie. Sadly, it is not something that you want in a movie. 


Nothing much to mention in this particular movie, I think the rating on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes should be an indicator if you should watch the movie over at the cinema or directly torrent it. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 21 August 2016


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This review was drafted for a week now and still can't find my word around it. At one point, I was sure that I liked the movie and then everything went a little downhill and quickly manage to salvage itself one way or another. It is like you see a perfect slice of meat only to find out that it is fucking vegetarian. That is how I felt sitting in and watching the movie. I want to give it a rating, I want to tell myself I enjoyed it more than BvS but at the same time, I was comparing it to Marvel and realise how it does not even come close to Marvel. 


The idea behind introducing the squad was perfect, heck I can go on to say that it was indeed perfect. The squad was introduced and everything seems to be fitting their role perfectly. I acknowledged the two best character in the movie who is Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Deadshot (Will Smith). Both gotten into their character convincingly enough for us to enjoy and feel what they are going through. Aside from that, I personally think the fight scene was not bad, to begin with, and have lots of fun with their dialogue and the short punch lines. There is some sweet scene in between where most of us either had our tongues out with saliva dripping or just purely mindblown.


It saddens me that so far almost all the DC movies that are on the big screen are nothing but disappointment. BvS was so badly done that it left tears on the edge of my eyes after I finish reading them but then there is the certain part of Suicide Squad that was equally leaving tears in my eyes because it was equally bad. The one prominent character, Joker, I guess it was too much of a different way of me looking at it. It felt like a Romeo&Juliet story, surely those girls that watched the movie wanted a relationship like that but I am also very sure that Joker does not give two fucks bout Harley Quinn, well not till this way.

I guess by this time the review is out, most of you must have watched it. I did not regret watching it but I felt like there is a part of me that was not fulfilled. Yes, Harley Quinn attire was hot af and Deadshot acting was good to convince me. But the lack of storyline and the villain was just somewhat too much for me to digest in this movie. Sadly, they could have done better and DC universe looks to be in a mess right now. Hopefully, Justice League will be much better than this, well at least their trailer looking good. Till then, I shall wait for Marvel's Doctor Strange who trailer already did not disappoint. 

Sunday, 7 August 2016


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It has been 10 years since Jason Bourne disappeared from the agency and now he is back. So, I was always a fan of Jason Bourne especially the earlier Bourne film where he was fighting using a pencil and eventually killed the enemy. That scene still tucked in the back of my head till this very day. So, when they mentioned Jason Bourne is showing again in cinema, the hype is real. So here is my take on the movie, I will try to do it as much spoiler free as possible.


Finally, you can actually piece together the storyline this time. This takes you back to almost all the Bourne that you ever watched. Lots about Bourne past will be mentioned in this movie and more importantly the agency and training that we have been waiting for. 


Well, previous Bourne movie was about how he is a deadly spy and did things for his country, this movie felt like a mess. The action sequence was all over the place, the script seems to be written at the back of a bar and other than that, I personally felt all presence of spy has left the movie. The fight scenes were disappointing and the dialogue seemed to be written half-heartedly


If you are up for more serious tone of Bourne, minus all the actions and also deadly fighting scene. Maybe this is the Bourne for you, but I honestly think this just deserve a stream on Netflix or maybe downloading it. I will not recommend watching it over in the cinema, you will be disappointed. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016


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This continues after the first Star Trek but comes with more action and engaging storyline which will keep you satisfied by the end of the movie. Aside from that, the cast and crew are back together in U.S.S Enterprise and this time they are to bring their voyage to save people in the distant deep dark Nebula. I personally think this movie is much better for casual moviegoer than the casual hardcore Star Trek fan


Action and more actions. The whole movie there are things blowing up and much more gadgets that are used in the movie. All the cool tech and also interplanetary traveling makes you in great awe as you see cities built in space with teleporters and also people travelling with such advanced vehicles. The battle on the outer space was intense and also fun to watch. The chemistry between Commander Spock and Doctor Bones creates a bromance and it brings much live to the screen. Aside from that, Captain James Kirk seems to be much more in control comparing to the first movie and that brings out a certain sense of responsibility and security when you are watching him sitting in the captain's chair.  


Well for most of the hardcore Star Trek fans, I am pretty sure this show does not appeal to them as it is much dense and lack of space explorations. Other than that, I am pretty sure the lack of strategy also hurt the understanding of audiences and characters did not have much building, therefore, you need to know the first movie really well. 


If you are up for some mindless space action and also adventure, Star Trek is something you will enjoy very much. If you are a hardcore Star Trek fan, I am sorry that this movie will kill all your hopes and dreams of space exploration. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


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Warcraft has always been a part of gamer who are fond of Blizzard Entertainment. One of premier game developer and publisher for their known epic game such as Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft. Games they make take around 3-5 years to release to the public but let's not go there. The movie release seems to be on time and that was thankful for that. In this review, I am not comparing the movie with the original Warcraft lore so I will give it 3 out of 5 stars. Below is why:-


Cinematic, Blizzard has always been on top of their cinematic and it shows in their movie. All that spell casting, summoning, and even their mount can be seen close to real. Although they alter the lore in the movie, I still feel that they tried to fit the lore at their best and it works. Most part of the movie is fairly entertaining and the dialogues weren't there just as filler. Aside from that, certain character has good progression in the movie which was kind of hard seeing they need to focus on the Orc and Human camps


They are characters who highly forgettable. Certain characters where you have no origins story and then slowly in the movie they become more important or just fade away. Aside from that, I know I mentioned good cinematic but I somewhat wish Blizzard will showcase more spells. Aside from the selected spell, I just wanted more flashy stuff in the movie. Aside from that, I would have preferred the Orcs to be speaking their native language and below there we get the subs for it, instead, we are deceiving into the Orcs speaking English on-screen. Such bad way since the Orcish language make them much closer to the Warcraft feeling.


Going in without any expectation, I would say the movie is entertaining at the same time appeals the Warcraft fans in me. That being said I know that Blizzard will take the critics and make a better Warcraft movie in the future.Warcraft still rakes in the highest amount of profit compare with other game to movie adaptation. So go there without any expectation, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed. 

Sunday, 29 May 2016


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Naughty Dog studio have always been on a roll, the last game they put out was 'Last of Us' on the PS3 and now remastered to PS4 with DLC (I strongly recommend you to buy if you have not played it on PS3). After 5 years of waiting for the new Uncharted, it finally hit the shelves for close to a month now (no hurry ND, just take your time like you know, Blizzard-style). Below is just 5 reasons from me personally to why Uncharted is still one of the best game that is on the Playstation platform. 


credits: reddit/r/PS4
Just look at this, I mean seriously guys, such glorious 60 FPS smoothness. All that smooth motion got me just starting at the gif for days. This does not only applies only Single Player but also Multi Players. All that headshots and the grenade tossing gotten much much smoother and better with these smooth actions. 


credits: reddit/r/PS

This is a screenshot from an in-game graphic engine. This is the shit that makes your jaw drop as you explore the game. Things like this make Ubisoft shitty Watch Dog and their reason for downgrading graphics for console laughable. As I climb the mountains and explore the caves, I never stop to just look around and take a breather. It feels as though you are actually exploring for real. 


credits: segmentnext.com

All of my feels just came running back to me when I saw this easter egg on UC4. For those who played this before, they  instantly know that we all need a new Crash Bandicoot game from ND (please also bring back Crash Team Racing!). For those who are new, this particular game is created by ND in PS1 and PS2 and turns out to be one of the best adventure game then. Take all my feels please ND. 


credits: eurogamer

Kids remember those time when your parents walks in on you while you were busy gaming and then proceed to lecture you because you have been wasting your life away just by gaming? Worry not, show your parents this and tell them actually you are merely learning physics and it will add value in your life knowledge. Then again bullshit aside, seriously ND, stop impressing me and making my jaw drop again and again. I might just get married to ND #ND4lyfe


credits: gematsu

Nathan Drake, thanks for all that wall climbing, puzzle solving, running and gun moments that you have made me spend over the last few years of my Playstation moment. Memories of it still fresh like it was yesterday. Yes folk, this is the final Uncharted as per mentioned by ND. They are now working on a different project (hopefully its 'The Last of Us 2' which in dire need of a sequel). This is the last run boys, make it count. Have fun and get lost in the world of Uncharted. See you there. 

Yours Truly, 
Kevan Lee.
Treasure Hunter 

Friday, 25 March 2016


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The tagline say that #YouWillBelieve again and you definitely will believe again after watching this particular. I know I am pretty slow in reviewing this piece but I have to write this as special because I actually felt for the longest time this is the Malaysian movie that I can stand behind proudly. As a Malaysian and like what my dad always mentioned, I think I missed the time where Malaysia used to rule football in SEA. Therefore, this movie followed closely of the time when Malaysia used to triumph so much in football. 


The whole new cast, I have not seen them acting in most Malaysian movie and this young cast shows their chemistry on set very well. It all shows when you see how comfortable they are acting with one another. At least, I don't see a kayu acting. Other than that, I am pretty proud that this movie brings all the older generation people to the cinema. I see kids bringing their parents to the cinema to relive the glory days (sorry mum and dad, I did not bring you both to this movie). Besides that, the plot flows is good and not one minute of it I felt bored and the urge to know what happen next which is good when watching movie. 


The malay pronunciations in the movie felt kinda weird and force. I was hoping they use a more laidback Bahasa Melayu because it felt too perfect to begin with. Other than that, I felt that the reporter could do much more in the movie aside from just appearing at the start at the end. I want more dialogue from her as pretty sure she can take on much bigger role than just simply speaking a few dialogues in the movie. Although I felt the storyline follow like closely real event, they should actually be doing much more than that. Based on what I heard, they changed quite alot. 


Overall it is really a good local movie production. Today is the last day it is going to be screened and I am pretty sure it has a good run in the cinema. All walks of life came and watch the football movie which hopefully will be inspiration to the Malaysian football team. 

Saturday, 9 January 2016


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I find it hard to not write about something like this as the price factor and the pure comfort of the watch. The 5600 series from Casio has been around nested nicely under G-Shock without much of anything to shout about.

The design is different from the round type you see from the G-Shock series. The 5600 is more towards square shape and it sits in your arms really nicely. I am not much of a watch enthusiast but I have read more about watches in the last 1 year than about anything else. As much as I am not well versed in their terms, I think my knowledge on their movement and the material build is okay. Besides, I am reviewing this as casual as it can be (trust me, reading up on the DETAILED watch reviews is going to give you a headache because of the terms they use)

Therefore, my job to you is not talk about all the boring terms in watch. I will review more about the design, practical usage & durability and cons for daily use. 


What attracts me the most is the design which encapsulate the square rather than their standard round. That is because a square G-Shock is much more easier to rock than a round besides it always stands out from the usually crowd. The one I got was the standard military black thus it feels abit more matte than shining plasticky colours as the usual. (Guys will enjoy this color as it is easy to match with whatever outfit they are wearing, well I dare to say that you can pair it even with formal clothing and still be alright with it!). Till this very day, among those who likes G-Shock, I will be getting praises from those collectors because they all know this watch simply works and it's really a great value for money. 


Use it for everything. I meant seriously this is like the GoPro for watches. I can assure you that even if you snap your wrist this watch is still working. That's how much of a boss it is. I have used it for almost everything in my life. Obviously when in casual mode. Aside that, sports including futsal, hiking and also cycling has already been tried and tested to work. There are times when you worry that your hand will be gone but the watch still alive. Other than that, they have the all standard stopwatch and countdown timer. 24-h time mode is also is there which is nice addition. Most of the extreme sports people uses G-shock which only says how good such watches are in a really rough outdoor condition. 


Two of the biggest pros are mentioned above but this watch have some cons of it. Mainly I am pretty sure getting this model is pretty hard outside. Even if you found it on retail, there will be so much differences in prices that makes you think twice if you should get it. I got mine from Gpeople of Lelong which I will really recommend, their service is super fast and they wrap the watch nicely as they post it for you. While for my version, it is reverse lighted therefore the numbers are in mild orange and it will be a little difficulty to catch a glimpse of the time unless you tilt it nicely. This edition of the watch also does not come equipped solar power edition, if you want it, you have to pay an extra RM250 and unfortunately it is really hard to find now. 


Get it. Everyone needs a G. No matter how rich you are, this watch is the one that you wear if you feel like just making a statement to the world that you simply don't give a shit about it today. 

Sunday, 3 January 2016


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Thanks +ChurpChurp again for this screening at 1 Utama +Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC)

Frankenstein has already been told from 1931 (based on Google) and up till now we have no freaking idea how he looks like. Therefore in 2015, someone decided to remake Frankenstein with another rendition  of what he thinks Frankenstein looks like. Teamed up with James McAvoy (Victor Frankenstein) and Daniel Radcliffe (Igor) they tried to tell a different perspective which is from Igor. I would just give this movie a 2.5 stars out of 5 stars, and I will tell you why below.


The acting was really really good. Both main characters carried their role so well that at times I personally felt that Frankenstein is real. I also like a whole total different plot from the original, this plot was because he wanted to revive his older brother who died back then. The movie tried explaining everything on how they found out the idea of reviving the dead and also mostly more about science which I did some research, make a little sense but there is no way you can move a muscle for that long.


Aside from the good acting, everything else feels a little too soon. There are some action scenes but it felt as it to be forced into the movie. I would like if they take more time explaining more about the creation of Frankenstein. Reviving his own brother as a plot is pretty much cliche and already been figured out many many times. Aside from that, the female character in the movie does not posses much airtime and she was merely there to remind them that they are out of control on their experiment. 


Well it is something different, it would be a lie if I said I did not enjoy it still I personally felt it needed much more depth to the movie. Someday another Frankenstein movie will screen and this eventually will be forgotten. When the day come, maybe I would be rating that movie to be much better than this (if I am still writing)