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Saturday, 9 January 2016


Saturday, January 09, 2016 Posted by Kevan Lee , , No comments

I find it hard to not write about something like this as the price factor and the pure comfort of the watch. The 5600 series from Casio has been around nested nicely under G-Shock without much of anything to shout about.

The design is different from the round type you see from the G-Shock series. The 5600 is more towards square shape and it sits in your arms really nicely. I am not much of a watch enthusiast but I have read more about watches in the last 1 year than about anything else. As much as I am not well versed in their terms, I think my knowledge on their movement and the material build is okay. Besides, I am reviewing this as casual as it can be (trust me, reading up on the DETAILED watch reviews is going to give you a headache because of the terms they use)

Therefore, my job to you is not talk about all the boring terms in watch. I will review more about the design, practical usage & durability and cons for daily use. 


What attracts me the most is the design which encapsulate the square rather than their standard round. That is because a square G-Shock is much more easier to rock than a round besides it always stands out from the usually crowd. The one I got was the standard military black thus it feels abit more matte than shining plasticky colours as the usual. (Guys will enjoy this color as it is easy to match with whatever outfit they are wearing, well I dare to say that you can pair it even with formal clothing and still be alright with it!). Till this very day, among those who likes G-Shock, I will be getting praises from those collectors because they all know this watch simply works and it's really a great value for money. 


Use it for everything. I meant seriously this is like the GoPro for watches. I can assure you that even if you snap your wrist this watch is still working. That's how much of a boss it is. I have used it for almost everything in my life. Obviously when in casual mode. Aside that, sports including futsal, hiking and also cycling has already been tried and tested to work. There are times when you worry that your hand will be gone but the watch still alive. Other than that, they have the all standard stopwatch and countdown timer. 24-h time mode is also is there which is nice addition. Most of the extreme sports people uses G-shock which only says how good such watches are in a really rough outdoor condition. 


Two of the biggest pros are mentioned above but this watch have some cons of it. Mainly I am pretty sure getting this model is pretty hard outside. Even if you found it on retail, there will be so much differences in prices that makes you think twice if you should get it. I got mine from Gpeople of Lelong which I will really recommend, their service is super fast and they wrap the watch nicely as they post it for you. While for my version, it is reverse lighted therefore the numbers are in mild orange and it will be a little difficulty to catch a glimpse of the time unless you tilt it nicely. This edition of the watch also does not come equipped solar power edition, if you want it, you have to pay an extra RM250 and unfortunately it is really hard to find now. 


Get it. Everyone needs a G. No matter how rich you are, this watch is the one that you wear if you feel like just making a statement to the world that you simply don't give a shit about it today. 


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