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Tuesday, 29 July 2014


The name is Xiaomi also know as "Small Rice" in direct translation and brings value for money phone and also accessories. I got the Mi Powerbank last week and have been using it ever since. Pretty sure lots of you have seen it for sale at http://mi.com/my for a super cheap price of RM 36!

The Powerbank is comes with super minimal which relates to the price you pay. You will not get multi cable or a charger for it, all you going to get is a usb cable to charge your phone with and instruction manual (incase its your first Powerbank)

Basic package.

Other than that, you will need to be charging your Powerbank when you receive it for good 10 hours using the pc (preferably) or just charge it using your phone charger which comes with usb slot where the charging going to be around 6 hours or lesser. Make sure to press the power button and if all LED lights up meaning the battery is now full and yout Powerbank is good to go! 

Simple design: Power button, input and output port (one each)
The back with the 10400 mAh marking
Basically, if you are looking for a cheap and good Powerbank, look no further and get this. I have also summarize this for those lazy to read long sentences. Get it at: http://www.mi.com/my/mipowerbank10400/

1. Cheap (RM 36 for 10400 mAh, cheapest Powerbank)
2. Brushed aluminum finish (looks classy as shit)
3. Battery from LG and Samsung
4. Texas instrument technology

1. Heavy (220g)
2. Slippery (because of the smooth edge and the brushed metal feel the PowerBank easily slips from hand)
3. Prone to scratches
4. Only one USB output
5. Available in one color only currently
6. Limited quantity available currently. 

Saturday, 26 July 2014


Watch the first part of this movie which is "Rise of the Planet Apes" where you will then remember some part in the movie since it is a sequel to the movie. The main character, Caeser, is still inside where he is the super smart chimpanzee to survive the experiment which leads to the a viral flu which wipes out almost the whole world populating leaving those who are immune to it.

What you will experience is leadership at it's best, makes you question yourself will there be such leader in human where we respect and worship so much. That being said read on for the movie review.


The story line and plot make sense after the incident from previous movie. We see Caeser grown to be a well respected leader and continuing to teach apes how to care for the other apes. As a leader, he cares for the apes and ensure that they are always safety. Lots of feeling moment as you will be surprise as the apes touch you more than the humans do. There is always a revisit of his old house which brings back memories and also how a leader/father figure tries to teach his kid not to always be hasty about it. The progression of story line is good and also plot does make sense. Fight scene are quick paced and also lots of action either apes - apes and apes - human with or without gun.


The only problem I have watching the movie, some part seems to be exceptionally slow moving, I get it that suppose to highlight some parts of the movie but feels quite slow. Besides that, I have also question how Caesar took days to recover while sending his son to help and only to return 2 days later while the other apes seems to be doing nothing under the guidance of Koba after rounding up the human. There are some loopholes but can be overcome with the fantastic leadership of Caesar and the humans which are helping throughout the show. One last thing is, the apes in the movie rides horses, I am still somewhat confuse about that part so is my gf.


The show is 130 minutes long but I can assure you that throughout the movie you will be entertained and also respect the leadership of Caesar on how he guide and build a place for the apes. The movie is slated to have another release in 2016, where the war begins.

TL;DR: Lots of action on both sides, prepare to ride the feel train, tons of apes and rise of Caesar (again!)

Sunday, 20 July 2014

SERIES REVIEW: Arrow Season 1

Arrow is such a fantastic TV series from DC. I was actually recommended by my friend and it took me really long time to download and watch. After the first episode 1, I was sitting through all the other 23 episodes in a one weekend. The scenario of a billionaire son, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) stuck in an island for 5 years after his yacht sank in the middle of the sea. Upon coming back, he change and try to be justice to his beloved city. 

You will hear he said this for the X number of times: 

Oliver Queen: My name is Oliver Queen. For five years I was stranded on an island with only one goal - survive. Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish - to use the list of names he left me and bring down those who are poisoning my city. To do this, I must become someone else. I must become something else. 

I will no go through every episode with you, cause as usual that takes way too much time for me and for you to even read them. Mr Queen, assisted with his trusty sidekicks John Diggle (David Ramsey) and also Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) who plays the strength and also the brain behind the operation which helps Oliver to clean the streets from all the corrupted (feels like we need it here)


The series might come up as boring in the first few episodes, but then things start to pick up later on with the interest of knowing his back story 5 years back and also the question on HOW IN THE WORLD he shoots arrow with such accuracy. It literally can go pass the middle of your legs with your balls intact probably cutting a one or two strands of pube in the process. Each character seems to have their own role build up nicely, nothing feel off short well maybe a little for Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) and his son Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnel), who also plays Oliver best friend in Arrow. Most of the action in the movie is nothing over the top, but it still seems quite legit that and also technology is everything. Although it is not much as gadget mad like Batman or Iron-Man (oops Marvel) it still seems to have some formidable gadgets like the ear-piercing sound device, his arrows (different types for different occasions), lots and lots of computer and tablets, and iPhone (sorry, I kid) 


Introduction to villian usually should be much better, in the first season Arrow battle the other Dark Archer who have no introduction on what happen to him. We know he is the father of Tommy but he is rumoured to train under Ra's al Ghul who is said to be immortal (no introduction, no background, no nothing, JUST THIS). Shit like this drives me crazy because how am I going to relate to being the villain. The fighting scene seems to be nicely coordinated but sometimes I wish that there is more CQC (Close Quarters Combat) fight which not involve his f-king bow. Nothing beats a good exchange of punch and kick with some slick move added. Maybe the suit is too tight. Lastly, super power which happen to one of the character in the movie after an injection call MIRAKURU (Miracle) which makes you have super power in the series. Meh.


If I can't feel, I can't relate. Oliver had a good background story and build up to somehow make you feel how it is becoming a vigilante, the shit you sacrifice seems like off the chart at times. I only cover the characters that I think for me plays the important role, there are many others who will be impacting you throughout the series but I decided they are just most of the time needs to be there. Nothing of big impact to me.

p/s: Cramping a 23 episode series into a single review is not easy as I thought. I will be reconsidering how to approach series review in the future and hopefully bring a much better review and pursuit more people to watch the series :). Then again if you watch the series after reading my review, thank you so much for that. Do comment if you have any feedbacks!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


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There is something interesting about war movies, the strategy which involves and also all the technology that comes together with it. Something about the short form they use (LZ, CQC, AO, and etc) and also their call names Heineken, Carlsberg, Viper, and many others seems intriguing to watch. Of course, I do not wish for war not now or ever. 

This show is based on a true story called Operation Red Wings where 4-man SEAL team are in charge to scout for a Taliban leader Ahmad Shah in late June 2005. What happen to be a simple identify mission turn into a quick fight for life as some mountain herder found them and they refuse to kill them. 


Lots of tense moment when the Taliban found the team of 4 and start shooting the whole forest. The bromance among these 4 soldiers come from a long way and you could feel all the pain that they are feeling after getting mowed down from the Taliban. These shows the movement of the SEALS and also how much pain they can take, although I presume some of them are exaggerated. Lots of action and there is even a helicopter which was gunned down by the RPG. 


Most of the action seems too fast paced, and the SEAL is always on the move. One can only wonder how does they live so long because TBH, there is like 100 Talibans shooting them (which explains AK 47 accuracy) and nobody seems to die. Most of them can take an enormous amount of bullet hits before getting all weak and cannot move. Fall down steps of hills getting hit by a tree and rocks while they are still manage to be moving from one location to another. 


If you enjoy war movies, you will enjoy this fast pace and tense movie where from the very start till end the shooting happens non-stop. You will be amaze how one SEAL member manage to survive all the shooting and sees the other side of the people living there. Saved by the villager to ensure his safety until his backup came and rescue him. 

TL;DR: Lots of shooting, many tense moment, and one survivor came out of it. 

Monday, 14 July 2014


Picture courtesy of DanielC
With the recent weather of heat and haze, seems like the weather decided to be a pure dick and shaft it all down your throat whether you like it or not, if this is a case of RAPE, good luck for nobody cares about the reports that you will be filling.

Therefore, most of the people I know gets SORE THROAT with me getting it almost once every f*cking month, thus I have now arm myself with some ways to cure my sore throat in the fastest possible way:

Here is 5 miracle worker for me to combat SORE THROAT:

1. Cap Daun Teh Herba

This is a miracle worker, once you have that feeling that someone is playing with your throat, get this tea bag and pour hot water while dipping this miracle in. Start drinking it once it starts to cool down and by tomorrow, your sore throat will already be gone. Surprise MA.....!

2. Xia Sang Ju Chong Ji

Don't ask me what does the name means, not a single f was given. Just brew this and start drinking it twice a day like your throat depend on it. Which then will slowly soothe down your throat and by tomorrow or 2 days later it will all be forgotten.

3. Ice creams

The fastest way to ensure that your throat numb so you can forget the blardy pain that is digging down your throat and also provides you soothing comfort for a good 2 - 3 hours depends on the ice cream that is taken (it is said the more expensive the ice-cream the longer it lasted)

4. Strepsils

Never argue on me with this medication, I have taken this ample of times and it proves itself most of the time to be a life saver. Just suck it as much as you can, roughly around 4 per day and you can suddenly feel your throat is winning the war against sore. Trust me on this.

5. H20

The slowest and most excruciating way to cure a sore throat. While water will surely help us to cure sore throat, you should drink it as much as you could while using other 4 of the above to help you with the process. Trying to cure a sore throat with only water is like walking through a muddy terrain, sometimes, shit happens. 

If all else fail, do consult a doctor. I am not a doctor definitely and all of this remedies come from my mum, and she is not a doctor too. So get that ass up, open your car door and go to the nearest clinic. Don't be stubborn. Thank you very much. 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: Deliver Us From Evil

Visited One City Mall this weekend and watch Deliver Us From Evil at their Premium-X cinema which cost RM12 for a seat. Basically, just watch it at TGV or GSC for maximum comfort. The cinema is tad too bright and and also the chair is awkward, like lecture hall chairs with lots of padding on it. That being said, review time...!

Inspired by true story of an officer, Sarchie (Eric Bana) which leads to the understanding of exorcism and how the different stages takes place in those who are possess by demon under the extremely close guidance of  a priest named Mendoza (Edgar Ramirez). Start of the movie is kinda grim and scary but everything else fails as the movie progress.


Lots of time in a ghost story, there will be the same cliche scenario (scratching, screaming, or simply just laughing) which in this show, tend to be good. It also build suspense toward another scenario where something is bound to happen. The certain scene especially in the room makes me cringe although I have seen it ample of times (Conjuring one of them), still makes me hang by the seat and pray that she did not peek at the bottom of her bed. The actor acting possess are quite good, especially the women which seems to speak such fluent Latin all of a sudden.


Lots and lots of jump scare! Basically, the story line was written while the writer is taking a dump so if you are thinking of continuous plot, the only thing is continuous is the shitting. That's about it. A team of soldier consist of 3 people found a hidden cave and release some evil spirit just by chanting, basically COOL STORY material. People get possess and lots of retard jump scare and WTF moment in the movie. All the scares fall short and suffer from repetitiveness from the shit that you get from ghost stories.


Save your cash and watch other show. The ending of this movie basically is what you see in the trailer. One of the many stupid ghost stories that will make you irritated and thinking WTF happen there rather than having sleepless night.

TL;DR: retarded plot, jump scares, lots of suspends moments but fail to deliver, fail demon. Save your money and watch a different movie. 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Time after time I have supported Michael Bay and giving him the chance to at least get a freaking Transformer movie right! But no, Michael Bay decided to just blow everything up without any storyline and also include with tons of brand placement almost every single minute of the movie. 


There are tons of nice cars in the movie, somehow it feels more like Fast and Furious instead of Transformers. The transformation still brings much satisfaction after quite a number of time seeing it. Fast paced, lots of metal to metal action and explosions basically sums up what is good and the movie. 


Everything is wrong in the movie. Dinobots was just there because the Autobots needed it and walla tamed in less than 5 minutes (I was expecting more for this)! Optimus Prime went on to a rampage and go all full #yolo #swag invading a building without giving a shit bout humans safety. Product placement almost everywhere till I feel the movie is just one big advertisement. Transformium? Seriously? The transformation of the transformium is as lame as it could be,spoils all the fun. Galvatron is like a rip-off China version of Megatron and I start to wonder what was Michael Bay smoking when he directed the Transformers. Autobots seems can take out more than >50 enemies while still remain intact and Optimus Prime forgotten that he could fly around. Well played. Oh and whatever sword/gun that Mr Mark was using, we all need those. It can actually stop the punch of a full size robot yo. Stupidity at it's best Mr Bay.


Save your money and watch some other movies. Piece of shit like this don't deserve your support and also TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) is going to be destroyed thanks to Michael Bay again. As much as I hope it wont happen, Michael Bay is famous for destroying movies that he directed with over the top explosion and effects which at times seems to be just that the whole show. 

TL;DR: Lots of robots, autobots vs the world, dinobots to the rescue, galvatron flee, TF5.