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Sunday, 27 April 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: The White Storm

Took me long enough to even watch this movie (not to be confuse with Fire Storm) which both seems to so happen release on the same timing.

Hong Kong movie typically revolves around gangster-police kinda situation, with one ALWAYS being undercover and then some shit storm happen when he is undercover and everything escalated quickly (Infernal Affairs, watch it please if you have not). The White Storm was something different to watch as it features distinct plot twist and brother's love (bro fist) which stars officer Ma Ho-Tin (Ching Wan Lau), So Kin-Chow (Louis Koo) and Cheung Tsz-Wai (Nick Cheung)

Fast pace starting keeps you stuck on your chair as the action begins right when you watch it. Typical police-thief situation where bait is set up to catch the lord of the drug dealer but seems like they have a call that will ensure they land the biggest drug lord in SEA named "Eight-Face Buddha" where they all travel to Thailand and get demoted to providing intel only.

They have a mole in their team (u sleazy Thai people) luckily, one of their team member understand Thai and totally weed him out and the action start from there. They convince their under cover (Louis Koo) to go ahead and set a meet up with the 'Eight-Face Buddha" in what seems to be a dead village. Everything break loose, when they threaten the kids of the drug lord and got themselves into Hollywood-like car chase with helicopter wiping out roughly around 923773 of Thai cops which did not stand a chance. The chase ended up  with a tragic choosing who will die. Office Ma had to choose between his two best bro where the other will be thrown into a pit full of crocodiles*nice touch*

Fast forward 5 years later after Office Ma made a heart wrenching choice,he was demoted to just a data entry office, while Office So-Kin Chow move forward to become the head of department, with his best friend dead he vow to just clean up the streets of Hong Kong clear of drugs when they lost the lead to catch Eight-Face Buddha. Things gotten peaceful and all of a sudden, suddenly there were reports of new drugs selling in the street of Hong Kong and also the son of Eight-Face Buddha was kill by someone from Tsim Sha Tsui and in the chase of catching him, they seems to find the ghost of Cheung Tsz-Wai is still alive and quickly from there they trying to uncover what is the motive of Cheung Tsz-Wai back. They found out he is married to Eight-Face Buddha daughter and is back to avenge his brother-in-law's death.

From here on out, there are many bro's love moment when they are working together trying not to kill each other, plot twists and mainly a lot of making up after 5 years of disappearance from the parties. What comes next is lots of action when they seems to mow down everything and everyone using pistols with unlimited bullets and also taking shit tons of bullet themselves but still standing ended up with the drug lord himself coming down to kill them in a club. The ending makes really no sense but they added a good touch of bullet mark right at his face. All in all it's an entertaining Hong Kong movie to watch with lots of plot twist, action and bromance.

TL;DR: 3 childhood friends that became policeman, in search of the biggest drug lord in SEA, made a terrible mistake, lost a friend, lots of shooting, plot twist and also very gangster-police situation. 

Friday, 18 April 2014



Sunday is usually boring as f, as most of my friends gonna stay at home and brave the Monday blues therefore I was thinking, why not I handle the blues by scaring the shit out of me, thus Oculus (actually I was dragged to watch Oculus, truestory.jpg)

It started with a new house and a freaking weird mirror. I meant I love antique but the antique that they bought probably through craiglist or lowyat.net seems to be the most weird mirror every. 

Everything was happy when they begin shifting in and slowly suspense starts. The dad spends most of his time in his room with the mirror and slowly we see changes in the family. The mirror which believes to be cursed tends slowly intoxicated the mind of person which is close to its proximity and also the radius grows bigger as time passes. The entity in the mirror seems to latch on living beings and slowly poison the thoughts and destroy the memories eventually turning him/her into a vessel.  The kids in the family, one girl and one boy escape death in the most mysterious way.

Fast forward a few years later, the girl named Kaylie Russel played by Karen Gillian and Tim Russel, the younger brother played by Brenton Thwaites. Kaylie wants to prove the innocent of her father which she believe the mirror possessed him to do things to their mother while Tim which just came out of a mental hospital tries to proves that her sister is crazy (topclass family understanding here). Things got out of hands quickly when they bring the mirror over to their old house with lots of recorder/camcorder/phone to record a footage of the entity in the mirror. Sit back and watch what happen and also the idea of flashing back to the past is really good. You will be stuck in two totally different time of their lives but relive their horror moments simultaneously. You will be entertained throughout the whole movie not as much as Conjuring but still good enough to get your heart pounding at least for me. This is much better than Haunt (which I yet to review) which comes with quite a logical storyline minus some loopholes everywhere (just dont be too detective will be good)

TL;DR: One freakish mirror, Two character, One mad woman, Lots of camera, Suspense left and right!

Sunday, 13 April 2014


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Manage to catch a movie on the weekend after I am back from Langkawi at Gsc Tropicana City Mall. This time it was Non-stop which someone rated higher than Captain America. Therefore, I was like let's watch this and Liam Neeson. Nuff said.

Liam Neeson in his epic role on being a badass Air Marshall and also trying to do his best either hijacking or saving the planne without anyone dead. Badass much?

Liam Neeson portray as drunken Air Marshall which really seems to be in epic stress and lost all hope of life always. Aside from that, supporting actress and actor seems to be acting pretty well and not making it seems like a B grade movie. 

Movie Flow. 
80% of the action happens in midair. While 20% happen on land while the plane was taking off and landing LEL. Judging from the start till the climax, the pacing of the movie makes me hold my pee. Everything that is happening has so much suspenses that keep you wanting to watch and know more of it. Immersion is a good word here. Therefore, it will be a good ride for those who like action/suspense genre. 

Those who like typical Hollywood action movie will enjoy this (less kungfu more weapons)  and also you can play detective along the way just so you know you can tell your friends about conclusion and irritate the hack out of them. That being said you are in for a good flight and maybe paranoid to sit a plane for awhile. 

TL;DR: Badass Liam Neeson in an action film. CASE CLOSE. 

Friday, 11 April 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: Captain America X Winter Soldier

Watched Captain America: Winter Soldier last week in Gsc therefore thinking of writing what I thought about the movie (caution: non professional review ahead)

I am not really a fan of Captain America but I think the story that is written for him is entertaining and Marvel manage to bring out the best in him although merely a super soldier (I'm sure you knew by now). I will not touch specifically on the universe of Marvel and how Captain America plays a role in there, if you really need to read about it, here you go: http://bit.ly/1gI5OmF

That being said, I shall rate the movie on Outline, Characters, Music, Flow of Movie. This being the first official review that I have written for the past 2 years, I will be adding things when it is necessary. Here we go:

Captain America is once against in the limelight  as he is getting used to the modern day living while battling the Winter Soldier from the olden era. That being said, there is also S.H.I.E.L.D for him to handle.

Character progression is good. We have chance to see the development of Falcon and also Black Widow into how they become the sidekick of the captain. Besides that, we also get to feel the very weak side of Captain America (which at times I personally feels he is a demi-god like Thor). General Fury have his fair share of character development where we witness for close to 2 minutes his human emotions (still human?). Overall main character progression is in a good rate everyone (or those I like) have enough screen time. 

Movie Flow.  
The main thing is that I really like if the movie has the flow, where scenes after scenes makes sense to the audience and not fragmented as well. This is important as a good flow of the movie not only makes it good but also understandable at least for those who did not watch the first movie.

Overall, we see more acrobatic version of the Captain which shows that  why he is superior than a normal human, a good story plot for opening of the Marvel Universe (and makes sense), a villain which is interesting, explosion which make sense, and ending which makes me wanting more.

TL;DR edition: Shield flying everywhere, Captain saves the day with his team, a hand-to-hand combat villian + brains behind it, opening for more story at the ending.

p/s: Please feel free to leave feedbacks if you think that I can write a better movie review, most of my review I try to have as little spoilers as possible.  Thank you.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Weekend Chill Pill: Langkawi

Flying high with all the cheap alcohol and beaches.

It's been the longest time since I have step foot on Langkawi, last being close to 5 years back or was it longer.

It started off with a being lured with AirAsia cheap rates last year for RM70 return (well played AA) nevertheless I was accompanied by two other friends who had the same greedy thoughts.

Not the best, but meh.

Took the 7.45 pm flight on Thursday last week and landed around 9 pm and rented a Toyota Vios for RM150 for 3 days. 

We are staying at Federal Villa which is under Holiday Villa management albeit being a little old hotel everything else is ok. We were there when they are doing pest control therefore the floor had some weird smell. The room rate was RM 447 for two nights. 

Main point of going to Langkawi is mainly for cheap alcohol and beers and it doesn't disappoint. Most of the beer I had was foreign to me. My top choice will be Sapporo Premium Blend at only RM 3 per bottle. Taste sweet and really smooth, too bad I can't seem to find it at KL. 

Aside from that, my mission in a Langkawi is to visit the Skycab (RM 15 for Malaysian, RM 30 for foreigners)) which unfortunately the SkyBridge is still down for maintenance (since forever LEL) and also Seven Wells which was also unfortunately dry due to the awesome summer we have.

Sky Bridge, how I long to walk on you again.

That's being said I had the most fun time taking nap by the beach and hearing the sound of wave just slowly crashing by the bay. How I wish if I can wake up to the sound of waves everyday and also it will be good if there is beer to go along with it.  

p:s/: nothing to blog about the dinner or the lunch as nothing is special and my favourite shop "Wonderland" is closed. FML

Dem FEELS when I am leaving Langkawi.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Took me 2 years to retrieve what has already been lost, the passion of me writing a movie reviews (actually wrote 1 only lel)

I will try to update this space once or twice every week, as I have watched tons of movies in the previous weeks.

Basically, this is also to keep track to how many shows I have watched and which cinema basically. I watch my shows at Tropicana City Mall (TCM), 1 Utama (1U) and occasionally Setia Walk or Sunway Pyramid.

Most of these reviews is based on personal preferences, therefore it is solely based on what I feel throughout the movie.

My favourite genre is basically action, thriller, and also something Nolan type basically mind-f**ked.

p/s: this is a blog, therefore certain form of "bahasa pasar" will be used, I write like   I talk mostly and most of the entry are written using a phone when I commute. LEL.