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Sunday, 13 April 2014


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Manage to catch a movie on the weekend after I am back from Langkawi at Gsc Tropicana City Mall. This time it was Non-stop which someone rated higher than Captain America. Therefore, I was like let's watch this and Liam Neeson. Nuff said.

Liam Neeson in his epic role on being a badass Air Marshall and also trying to do his best either hijacking or saving the planne without anyone dead. Badass much?

Liam Neeson portray as drunken Air Marshall which really seems to be in epic stress and lost all hope of life always. Aside from that, supporting actress and actor seems to be acting pretty well and not making it seems like a B grade movie. 

Movie Flow. 
80% of the action happens in midair. While 20% happen on land while the plane was taking off and landing LEL. Judging from the start till the climax, the pacing of the movie makes me hold my pee. Everything that is happening has so much suspenses that keep you wanting to watch and know more of it. Immersion is a good word here. Therefore, it will be a good ride for those who like action/suspense genre. 

Those who like typical Hollywood action movie will enjoy this (less kungfu more weapons)  and also you can play detective along the way just so you know you can tell your friends about conclusion and irritate the hack out of them. That being said you are in for a good flight and maybe paranoid to sit a plane for awhile. 

TL;DR: Badass Liam Neeson in an action film. CASE CLOSE. 


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