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Monday, 1 June 2015


Monday, June 01, 2015 Posted by Kevan Lee , , , , , , , No comments
So Le GF told me that La Cremeria by Nestle recently launched a new ice cream to rival Magnum. It also comes with the almond flavour and she gotten one for me to try out. The only good thing about this ice cream that it was FREE. If I have paid for this, I would have jumped out of 14th floor already and bring this ice cream with me. I UPCAR (meaning con) when I heard that this is rival to Magnum. 

La Cremeria Absolutely Almond

First thing first, the wrapper is more interesting than the new Magnum retarded wrappers but that is about it. Once inside, you get an ice cream with some almonds on it, like 2 or 3. I can fucking count it with my fingers. Refer below for a pathetic ice cream. 

That being said, maybe it taste better than it looks right? WELL FUCK, I thought the same too. The taste was as shitty as it looks. The outer layer seems to covered with some cheap ass chocolate, at one point of a time I swore it felt like they recycle whatever soon to be expired La Cremeria chocolate and slap it on here. The Vanilla taste inside felt like King's Vanilla Ice Cream, a Malaysian made piece of shit which usually cheap coconut shake sellers use it to replace their soup of Vanilla ice cream in their shakes and charge you with premium price. Well done. All other taste was instantly forgettable, I regret even having to taste this. 

The worst part is, the think this ice cream, can rival the likes of Magnum Almond. I will put this on par with this traffic light ice by Mat Kool non other by Nestle. They can compete in their own department and then think of taking Magnum on. I am sorry that something like this dare to say that it is Magnum rival, and dear god I don't even know how much they are pricing it. If it is same price as Magnums, I will give them 15 years to improve their formula or just please take away this abomination from the market. I beg of you. 


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