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Saturday, 27 June 2015


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The park is now open. That is the sentence means a lot of Jurassic Park fans as the movie as in the year 1993. Jurassic World is a fresh take on Jurassic Park 22 years later with cloned dinosaurs and they tried to clone the ultimate dinosaur to be introduced as a new attractions to raise the park visits and also profit. Since my friend feedback that my rating of 5 stars is too tight, I will be giving out 10 stars instead so the rating is not tight. Jurassic World deserve a solid 7 out of 10 stars, and below I will tell you why. 


Over the years, technologies became better and it is reflected in Jurassic World's Computer Generated Images (CGI). The dinosaurs now seems to be more convincing than the previous animatronic used dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Besides that, Chris Pratt has propelled himself up to become one of the A lister in actors with this particular show. Once again, he shows that he is good a playing diverse roles and even better if it involves some sought of animal, he was talking to a raccoon before this, so yeah. Their cast and crews acting was convincing but only Chris Pratt alone stood out, if they are missing the rest of the crews, I think it won't be a problem. 


They somehow in the midst of making everything nicer and much more advance. They forget to include the most basic element in the movie which is FEAR. Watching Jurassic Park the scene in the kitchen and also the part where the water in the cup start to have ripples scares the shit out of me. It was full of suspense and everyone awaited with bated breath to see where the dinosaur will appear. T-Rex back then was scary as shit and every single time it appears, surely someone will die in the worst possible way. Jurassic World lack the gore in dinosaurs. Every single kills in the movie, seems to be too mild. Even the incident with the soldiers shows that everyone is dying on a freaking screen not how they actually died. 


While it is not as entertaining as it seems, I will still recommend people who have watched Jurassic Park to enjoy this fresh new instalment. It might not have the same scare as before or suspense, but surely they turned up the action button and everything seems to be either getting eaten or destroyed in the movie. 


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