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Saturday, 6 June 2015


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San Andreas movie did a spectacular effort in picturing an earthquake to hit California. It is those disaster movie like The Day After Tomorrow but since it is now in 2015, the whole CGI just gotten better and much more believable. Once again, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock played his role as the lead and the father well and convincing enough for the big screen. I will rate this movie a 3 out of 5 stars. Proceed if you want to know more about what I think was good and also bad in this particular disaster movie.


For starters, the show has truly pretty good CGI. Throughout the whole movie, lots of CGI are used and it seems pretty damn convincing for me. The explosion, the shakes and also flooding seems like well done and certain part of it they made the extra effort to be do it on the studio. Other than that, Dwayne Johnson once again show of his acting skills to the audience with his role as captain and father. His daughter, played by Alexandra Daddario and wife by Carla Gugino all play a good role to support him.


You would somehow think if you are that LUCKY multiple times, maybe you should open a 4D shop and start charging people 10% of their winning(s), that is because of the multiple things that drop on the characters in the movie, the worst injury was a cut from a glass which also happen on the supporting actor. Having Dwayne Johnson when disaster strikes certainly is good because he seems like cannot be destroyed by anything, not even the NATURE can touch those biceps.


I would not say it is bad movie currently as it is ranked #1 in the box office but I am pretty sure most of the people watched the movie because of Dwayne Johnson which I agree played a good role in this movie. Most of the time he never fails to disappoint so is his daughter in the movie played by Alexandaria Daddario but Hollywood better be careful because this formula of throwing Dwayne Johnson on all movies and hope it comes out good is not going to work any longer for ex. G.I Joe.


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