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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Life is a Routine?

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Left - Me, Right - New Things.

I'm pretty sure not the only one who wakes up feeling that certain days of my life feels like the previous, or the day before.

This situation usually or most surely happen to those who are working because feels like going to school all over again just with higher responsibility and certainly at time insane amount of  pressure.

I am not working as of now, therefore certain days of my life feel a little routine which is why during the weekend I be sure to do something that I enjoy alot (it can also be totally random). Lets just say that for me I find watching movie allows me to escape into a certain kind of reality. A certain reality where the movie is shot in certainly movie with better plots definitely enhance that sense of escape.

The mind I believe can be the strongest and also the most dangerous enemy to the individual. The power of the mind at times exceed beyond the understanding of me. Controlling the mind can be trickery but it is possible therefore for me in order to keep myself in check, my mini small escape of the reality is by watching movie.

A lot of people ask me why do I watch so many  movies a year. They have no idea what impact they play towards me. Just that two hours or less is enough for me to have my very own escape from reality. I just needed that and feel like somehow I manage to escape this mad rush life. Just manage to squeeze in some fiction in my life.

Then again as much as we want to get out of this cycle, we still have to maintain them for at least a few years to progress into the working ladder. Good or not we have to endure it and play our cards right. Then hopefully, from there everything will just fall in place like a perfect roll on Tetris blocks. Till then, we keep pushing on.

Monday, 13 August 2012

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Total Recall, Totally Entertaining?

I'm pretty sure you are all well aware of this show which is a reboot of a show of the same name in the 1990 where starring the almighty Arnold Scwhanger125834 as a star of the show (pretty sure his name comes with some numbers in it).

You  all don't need for me to tell you what is in the show because the trailer says it all. Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell) have been implanted with the memory of someone he thought he was. In the quest to find who he really are he is being chased by 2 very beautiful women and then the story unfolds from there. Can he find his true self? Or will he just live on thinking that he is who he used to be.

Since this is my first time ever writing a review for a movie, I got to say that I am a gadget person. Watching this movie gives me excitement because of the gadgets that are feature in the movie. The gadgets are so futuristic that it makes the movie feels like it is from the freaking future although pretty sure that half of it is shot in the background with green canvas on it.

SETTINGS of the movie was good. There is also this sick rendition of the town where I feel it is like it looks alittle bit like Hong Kong on technology steroids, the two cities are done beautifully and also I have nothing to complain about the settings of the place. Everything was done beautifully albeit that most of it was made in the studio.

STORYLINE was considered to be just merely getting through that is because of there are ACTIONS sequence almost through the whole story. It will definitely keep viewers at the edge of the sits. Some action can be extremely overrated ( you will know when you see them) but then again it is suppose to be a HOLLYWOOD movie, most of the actions are blown out of proportion. That is what movie is all about eh, doing something that cannot be done everyday. The actions sequence are well made and also more hand-to-hand combat always wins for me. Well don't get me wrong, guns are cool and shit but people dies to fast with it. More close quarter combat makes a movie feels more action packed and shit

If you are looking for CHARACTER development then you will be upset to know that it is close to none. More like someone just running and gaining clues in the process of finding out who is him. In such a short period of time I was not expecting that much character development also. It can be said that the development was...... confusing. The 2 ladies played a good supporting roll and also look incredibly bad ass especially Kate Beckinsale (sorry fanboy here) whose plays her role like a champion.

CONCLUSION - Entertaining enough to keep me on my seat for a good two hours of the movie. Technology, chicks, explosions can easily keep you entertain enough to forget about the flaws in the show.

p/s: this review is based on personal opinion therefore should be taken with a pinch or spoonful of salt. Whichever makes you happy. Btw, jessica biel is also freaking hot. tqvm

Greetings to all earthlings and movie addicts

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Harrrrooo to le Peoples

Sup people, the reason there is a blog created by me is because I have always wanted to write a review of movies that I watched. Something to also keep track on how much money I have been spending on movies lately. This year only I realize I have been actively watching digital 2D movies in GSC. 

I have actually been watching more than 20 FREAKING MOVIES in cinemas this year alone. Obviously this is what I remember only, how about those that I dont remember, some shitty movie that isn't worth your time at all. You know we all been there.

Therefore, I hope my blog serves is purpose of providing some movie reviews of what you should be spending money on.

p/s: Movie reviews are solely based on my opinion(maybe some of it from my friends too) but then if u do not like it, I'm not apologizing cause read it always with a pinch of salt. If there is anything I can improve, do let me know but if it is the style of movie that I like watching, I am sorry, that is pretty fixed if you ask me.