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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Life is a Routine?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 Posted by Kevan Lee , , , No comments
Left - Me, Right - New Things.

I'm pretty sure not the only one who wakes up feeling that certain days of my life feels like the previous, or the day before.

This situation usually or most surely happen to those who are working because feels like going to school all over again just with higher responsibility and certainly at time insane amount of  pressure.

I am not working as of now, therefore certain days of my life feel a little routine which is why during the weekend I be sure to do something that I enjoy alot (it can also be totally random). Lets just say that for me I find watching movie allows me to escape into a certain kind of reality. A certain reality where the movie is shot in certainly movie with better plots definitely enhance that sense of escape.

The mind I believe can be the strongest and also the most dangerous enemy to the individual. The power of the mind at times exceed beyond the understanding of me. Controlling the mind can be trickery but it is possible therefore for me in order to keep myself in check, my mini small escape of the reality is by watching movie.

A lot of people ask me why do I watch so many  movies a year. They have no idea what impact they play towards me. Just that two hours or less is enough for me to have my very own escape from reality. I just needed that and feel like somehow I manage to escape this mad rush life. Just manage to squeeze in some fiction in my life.

Then again as much as we want to get out of this cycle, we still have to maintain them for at least a few years to progress into the working ladder. Good or not we have to endure it and play our cards right. Then hopefully, from there everything will just fall in place like a perfect roll on Tetris blocks. Till then, we keep pushing on.


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