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Tuesday, 29 December 2015


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Like all cartoon, it always start good and in the middle everything spiral to hell and eventually they will find the footing and be happy again. That is good because I am still waiting for cartoon which will spiral all the way down to hell and nothing recovers from there. Still I would rate this movie a good 3 out of 5 stars. As usual I will mention why below


Animations has come a long way from being just cartoon and sometimes we can't differentiate if the background was just real or animation. Besides that, lots of animation nowadays instil morale values and this is no different. They teach you that family is everything to you and also to always listen when someone say something, take it and learn to improve. Besides that, I am really impressed with the voiceover and also the whole plot of the movie. All the moral value that you should teach your kid is presented in this movie. 


Like all animations, the story is predictable. I guess we are all somewhat know that it will be happy ending so that is predictable for the kids. Other than that, there are parts where I think could be narrated better and also faster. 


I have nothing much to mention about this movie simply because it is just a movie that you enter, enjoy and then just get on with live. Will it change my live, I guess it won't. Surely there are some dinosaur fanatics who would love to watch this movie. Animation is great as it can be. 

Sunday, 20 December 2015


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The final chapter of the hunger games is back and it is bad. Like most movies, once you dragged it out into too many parts, it seems harder to impress the audience. I would give this movie an easy 2 out of 5 stars for their lack of almost everything. 


I have no idea how to say this, but the good in this movie maybe that most of the important characters have a flashback of their previous Hunger Games and that is the good side. Also most of the actions were tight and also very fast paced. We once again see Jennifer Lawrence reprise her role of being the face and also the fighter for the resistance going up against President Snow. The speech most of the time really seems well written and also the flow from scene to scene does not seems so distorted. 


Actions while like I mentioned above, it was fast paced and tight the issue is that in this movie, there are barely any action at all. Aside from the part where they storm the district to find President Snow, all other is just a mundane scene of J.L trying to find herself and what is the meaning of roadshow and shits like that. That and also her bf in the Hunger Games, Peeta Mellark played a good role of irritating the fuck out of everyone. His role in the movie is like that cockroach you have at home and you can't seem to kill it. Simply because the fucker keep hiding and then appear long enough to irritate the fuck out of you. The whole movie I was wishing he got shot in the head so that he can simply just die and I have my peace.


They should have ended it in Part 1. Fans waited for one year just to be disappointed with half baked movie and shitty pest acting by almighty Peeta Mellark. Then again, I felt J.L still tried her best to carry the movie but some movie, need to be buried. RIP. Download this if you haven't watched yet 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


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Occasionally movie such as "You Are The Apple Of My Eye" seems to be very interesting, going towards the whole high school romance and then I heard that people say, Our Times was something of that high school romance. Straight I went online and bought the movie tickets and proceed to watch it. I would gladly give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. The casts are some of the most unknown faces for me but they have the perfect chemistry moving on. 


It keeps you wanting more, the whole movie is generally based on romance and that is the best part. It is what I call silly romance cause in the movie the main characters are knocked silly by romance. Every characters serve a purpose in this movie and they tend to build their story slowly and at a very good pacing. The movie resembles lots of weird and strange stuff like places they hang or things they do which was somehow a good out of the norm from the usual hollywood movies. Most of the scenes takes are well paced and tickle your emotional bones most of the time. 


Like most of the romantic movie, the plot is utterly predictable. The time getting there although was short, I prefer something more eventful in between. There are times where the scene is just too slow paced or rather confusing. Other than that, I personally feel that the main characters should be given a stronger backstory although as mentioned above that the character development was okay to begin with. 


Watch! While I wrote this review really really late, I feel that if there is a chance a cinema still showing it, you should watch this movie. Just try watching something different and you will be amaze that outside of Hollywood there are still some really good unrecognisable filmmakers. We should all spend sometime to appreciate and acknowledge their effort in making such good and well paced romance movie. 

Friday, 27 November 2015


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So recently I have been vaping quite often and got lucky to be hooked up with an awesome crew of #SnowVapes. Thanks to Laura for the opportunity and you can read her review on her blog.

They are initially a small team who did customised mod where they laser engrave your name/initials into the mod therefore making it the only one in town. What got me excited was, they actually have this two awesome juices:

Apple Turnover (Green bottle)
This apple juice has 0% nicotine. Vaping it feels like you are eating a fresh apple which was just plucked a minute a go. A strong apple hit and followed by the sweet and sour taste of the apple makes you kinda hooked into it. I chain vape as it is not sweet enough to give you vape's tongue. The right blend of sweet and sour which will feed your non-nicotine addiction. Just perfect for those who shisha junkies like me. 

Aloha Mix (chilled, blue bottle)
Aloha mix is a whole different flavour experience. It's like eating a melon which was dip into cold ice water and then after that you will get a cold chilling shiver all the way in you. Vaping this feels like what I mention above. The initial vape your tongue will be tickled with the sweetness of melon and then shortly after the chills will set in. When I got this flavour, I couldn't stop vaping it. Even the vape shop guy was really interested as you can't get it elsewhere only from snowvapes. 

Kangertech Starter Kit - RM390
- 1 x mod (you can even customize it like I did)
- 2 x vape juice (0mg + 6mg)
- 1 x Snowvapes T-Shirt

For those who are interested, quote "KevanSV" for a 20% discount for the first 50 only. So, you know what to do. Head on over and get one. 

Besides your mods and juices, they do sell other ATTITUDE stuffs such as caps, bandana, t-shirt and pouch. 

You can find them on instagram: dragonfly_creative or email them: snowvapes@gmail.com

Time to join this side team, #VapeON 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


While I love my hometown a lot with the upcoming jam and the human crowds from everywhere except from the locals,  I get lots of questions about where I am from. 

Basically I have compiled my top list of questions that I get EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Going in with the 5 top questions that I will remember alwas. 

1. That Satay Celup Shop
Seriously people.. Capitol Sate Celup has to be the most overrated sate celup stall in Malaysia. No, I meant if you go there and queue up for minimum 1 hour, you will soon realize that the taste is not that great to begin with. What make it taste great is because you waited one freaking long hour along the road for a place to sit and when you get your place to sit, you will be definitely hungry therefore the food will be good. Logic 101. Marketing strategy gone right guys. 

2. That One Racial Question
Okay are you kidding me people?! I am Malaysian and yes I am Chinese! Besides it is BABA not NYONYA. Nyonya is for the ladies, Baba is for the guys and they are called Peranakan (Straits Chinese). Just because I am darker does not mean that I am not Chinese so yeah, just a little mix of here and there upstream ya know? So calm your tities, and speaking with me. Don't worry, my Malay is far better than yours too. (Mandarin maybe not that much but I surely can curse and order mah food) 

3. That Chicken Rice Ball Question
People always ask me what is chicken rice ball. Topkek question people. Basically, it is still chicken rice but instead of serving you with normal rice, they decided to you know make your rice a fucking ball! SURPRISE! Honestly, the balls hold nothing special, we usually like the chicken as it silky smooth and just nice but as time goes by, lots of Malacca famous food has moved on to compete with fast foods. 

4. That Clubbing Spot
Okay oldfag listen up! Pure Bar has been dead since the longest time in 200X. If you want to be clubbing this is the latest spot called: MIXX and also the famous Hard Rock Cafe. If you are expecting a crowd like Zouk then it is better you just give up now. Clubbing in Melaka with the crowds of younger mother and mainly those Chinese speaking with sling bags, yeap, you better be off burning money elsewhere. 

5. That One Street
Yeah you all saw this coming, that would be the Jonker Street. Yes,you have everything in jonker street, all the tales of food that you heard the stalls are there. Are they the best? Certainly not. Are they the edible? Yep, if you are press for time you know where to go. The street have Ikan Bakar all the way to some fruit-glazed in frosted sugar. To some awesome bottled drinks where you can only get in Melaka. You can also get your favourite shaved ice (ice kacang) over here. I think it's No 88. 

That's about it. 

Sekian. Terima Kasih.
Kevan Lee

Malaccan Chinese. 

Saturday, 21 November 2015


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The ever loving 007, James Bond is back. Daniel Craig prolly plays his final chapter as James Bond in Spectre. Spectre was suppose to be the reflection, suppose to be the past which he did not have closure on. It was suppose to bring an epic blockbuster finish to Daniel Craig as Bond but everything fall short. Movie was 2 hours and 20 mins long with me falling asleep 45 mins in there and waking up still seeing the plot did not pick up pace. I will be giving this movie 3 out of 5 stars,  I seriously expected much much more. 


If you are watching a movie expecting it to be a fashion show and also car galore, then this is the right movie. Lots of well tailored suits and also nice addition to his Aston Martin DB10, the Jaguar C-X75 that made the Aston Martin pale in comparison. Lots of shooting, reckless stunts and also hand-to-hand combat which will keep you on the edge of your seats for MOST of the time. The new Bond girl, is far better than most of the bond franchise we seen, and the best part is she is quite new in the industry (I assume, but they should find more bond girls like this).


Everything else was bad. The pacing of the movie is really bad, well the plot isn't one of the greatest but I still can allow people to get away with it. The whole movie have a weird pacing, the action is far too separated and the dialogues feels like you some script writer they hire of the street for the sake of earning some internship money. Nothing in depth, nothing catching, matter of fact, nothing at all. I rather the movie is just complete silence aside from the explosions and the roar of the cars engine.


Highly overrated movie. I was hoping that Daniel Craig could be in a much better bond movie but this was absolutely shit, on the plus point the bond girl is extremely hot to begin with. I support on that side but everything else is just so muted. Nothing feels so Bond-ish anymore. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


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I always have a thing for a movie which have that element of hunting, I remember watching Blade and absolutely love it because a vampire hunting his own kind and he is damn good at it. So, I watched this movie without much expectation knowing that usually Vin Diesel movie are just okay to watch. Vin Diesel plays Kaulder, a witch hunter who has been cursed to live for eternity by the Witch Queen he slayed. So the journey begins and I give it a rating of 3 out of 5 stars,why?


As much as I hate to say it, Vin Diesel played his role really well in this movie. I guess you can feel the strength and also the confidence when he enters a battle to hunt for a witch. The CG in the movie is up to par and I really like the concept of bar for the spell-casters. The storyline is also quite good at the sense there is a quick backstory on what happened to him before he became a full time witch hunter. The action in the movie is quick and also tight, lots of sword fighting and also shooting to begin which is good. 


Why do people fail to learn that a hunting movie requires more actions? The starting was pretty good and then everything turn into hell. There are also witch who can walk into someone's dream where their history was unknown. Just suddenly appearing and able to help the hunt. Other than that, I felt that the second strongest caster died too fast in the movie, I was expecting more from him since he portray to be the most badass in the movie after Mr Diesel but he died just as fast as he attacks. WTF


Watch only if u are a fan of Vin Diesel or maybe some fancy witchcraft. I was personally disappointed as the movie had more potential but the director decided to just shorten most if to a semi action packed movie which was indeed bad. 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


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I am always a fan of Malaysian movie, albeit all the shitty Malaysian movie are made there are some gems for example Sepet and also KL Gangster. These two already helped to generate some hope for the Malaysian industry. So, when I found out that Polis Evo open big in just one week, I tell to myself that I need to be watching this movie to see what is the fuss is all about. So, I watched it over the weekend over in GSC Paradigm Mall.

The story follows these 2 cops, Shaheizy Sam (Khai) and Zizan Razak (Sani) who are paired unwillingly when they need to be solving a case of dragon meth (Walter White styled). We follow them throughout the whole of Terengganu for the hunt on dragon meth and they pairing reminds me lots about Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour. I rate this movie easily 4 out of 5 stars among the other Malaysian movie which is out there just wasting cinema space for screening it


The dialogue. Whoever wrote it clearly have a really good sense of humours. Then and combo with the likes of Zizan Razak ensure that everything get across really funny at the same time still witty. Sam's job in the movie as the action guy and the chemistry on screen can be seen as really good between the two main actors. Props to Nora Danish who acted as Sani's sister for her ever natural acting and also the Terengganu slang (makes me think that she is from there). Cinematography also seems much better in this movie, actions seems solid and also stunts is really good. I personally enjoy the shooting action in the movie and also the many car chase stunts that was in it. 


Predictable plot is okay but what seems to be like REALLY predictable plot is bad. I wish there was some twist. Good cop & bad cop combo always work but then we have other who did it better mainly Bad Boys. I personally wish there was more hand-to-hand combat because Shaheizy Sam looks like someone who can really fight, and they did not fully use his potential. A good hand-to-hand combat like KL Gangster will always make the movie much more interesting. 


Been a long time since I watched a good Malaysian movie and this is a GOOD Malaysia movie. Thanks for putting back the hope and dreams of seeing a blockbuster movie from Malaysia. I highly recommend you to watch this Malaysian movie and also it requires some basic understanding of Malay language to be funny. 

Monday, 26 October 2015


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Thanks +ChurpChurp for the #Churpremiere of #TheWalkMovie in 3D which surprisingly was quite good to begin with. I will give it a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars for this movie. 

Joseph Gordon Levitt plays Philippe Petit who is obsess with hanging wires along two horizontally tall objects and walking from point A to B. Basically he is a wire walker and all he does is keep challenging himself. Eventually he found images of the upcoming World Trade Centre and decided that he will hang his wires there and walk on it thus the journey begins. 


Lots of back story on why he wants to be wire walker. We are actually exposed to every step and trial that he faces while he tries to conquer the World Trade Centre. Other than that, I felt the cast personally was well selected for the movie. His right hand man, Jean-Louis played by Clement Sibony was a nobody but still manages to carry his character as the supporting actor well enough. The show is all about suspenses, every single time we are actually taken back with the actions and also figuring out the thoughts on why do something that absurd. 


Storyline while it is about the live of a person, seems like lacking in lot of things. Firstly, seems like the lack of backstory on his family was one part of it. Secondly, I can't seem to shake off the fact that he had nothing really well planned and still got off on walking on a rope from the tallest building in the world back then, the World Trade Centre. Lastly, there are still more to know about the main character, how bout his love life? Is he married? Is that his last wire walking or there is more? What was the item given to him by his mentor? WHAT IS THAT!?


It was an okay movie but considering the wide choice of movies we have this time around, I rather be watching something else. Movies which usually tells the live about someone are usually monotonous and also slow paced. I will only agree to watch this particular movie if u are a fan of wire walking or Joseph Gordon Levitt. If not, don't bother. Pretty sure the book will be 10 times better than the movie.

Saturday, 17 October 2015


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Once again thanks to +ChurpChurp for their #Churpremiere of #GoosebumpsMY. 

Fans of R. L. Stine books should watch this movie, and also fans of Jack Black. This movie combine the perfect amount of fantasy and also actions. What happen when all the characters of your book comes to live when you unlocked it and all hell breaks loose. I will rate this movie 3 out of 5 stars and below you will know why: 


All the famous characters in the book of R. L. Stine is out to play, therefore you will have most of their best sellers on the screen. Other than that, Jack Black plays his role quite well, been a long time since we see him on the screen but his acting still did not change and is still pretty much the same. I would like to also mention the Odeya Rush who played Hannah in the movie, her acting was top notch and I really enjoyed it. The storyline and build up was in the good pace right up till they find out what happen when they unlocked a book. Overall, the CG in this movie was relatively good also and there is nothing to complain about. 


Too many monsters! Yeah, I know it was suppose to be a horror/action/monsters movie but I was thinking why not focus only on those few who are really scary and also crazy. Slappy the dummy was one really good villain but sadly have not much of screen time as there were too damn many monsters in it. I felt the movie was a little bit too long, let's all just cut to the bullshit and straight to the point. Some romance scenes was not needed and could be easily be removed for much shorter and action packed movie. 


All in all, I felt personally only the fans of R. L. Stine will enjoy a movie like this. Maybe fans of Jack Black too. The movie was quite promising at first and then I felt like it felt short of the tempo and also the pacing and everything just went a little bit too messy and downhill from there. My friend even slept in the cinema so I guess, it was pretty boring in the middle and then tries their best to pick up pace towards the end but still fall short.

Sunday, 4 October 2015


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Thanks +ChurpChurp once again for the invite to the #Churpremiere of #TheMartian.

Once awhile we are actually given a good movie about space exploration, back then it was the mind-fucking Interstellar, and then there were Prometheus, which I actually shat in my pants more times than I should, and now something much more REAL, the Martian. Mr Matt Damon is back and this time he is not that asshole which he was Interstellar, he was left behind by his crew when they decided to brave the storm to fly back to Earth after their exploration on Mars came to halt because of some weather issue. (no, it's not Indonesia this time). I rate this movie a good 4 out of 5 stars and you will find out why below, might have spoiler, might not, you decide. 


Matt Damon has been the spaceman for quite a number of movies, and this shows that he can play the role solo and also very comfortable living in Mars. Almost close to 80% of the movie was about him and it did not disappoint. You are actually being transported emotionally for every achievement he did while he is alone in Mars, you share his joys and his pains. That is what a good actor should deliver and Mr Damon did it right. Other than that, the progressive storyline is also in a good pacing and their plot while it was filled with a little loop holes,  I felt it was not such movie breaking. The subsequent actors and actress played their role well enough to make the movie more emotionally attached to us


Well when movies like this, we sometimes question is it possible to survive under such circumstances. Many times I felt that the conditions should tear him apart. The materials that was used to create the living space and also the rover must have been made out of Adamantium at times because I am pretty sure it should be already falling apart. Other than that, there are some scenes which could be cut to make the show much more exciting. I was falling asleep at one point of the time because of unnecessary scenes. 


Minus all the mindfucking from Interstellar, this show is a straight up spaceman movie which the mission as said, BRING HIM HOME. For me it is such a good movie because it gives you the feeling of survival. You should watch this if space exploration is something that excites you minus all the Interstellar and Prometheus bullshit. 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


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Once again, thanks +ChurpChurp for the #Churpremiere of Hotel Transylvania 2.

If you follow this cartoon closely, you will be sure to remember that a vampire is going to marry a normal human which freaks the hell out of her father, Count Dracula. Fast forward, the second part will bring you even more in depth of the human and monster families where the bond will be stronger and learning to blend together. This movie rate 3 out of 5 stars easily and read more to know why:


All the characters are back and this time you get back stories on almost all of them. Besides that, you will be taken directly into the ending of the first part and familiarities are almost everywhere. It also have jokes which will tickle your funny bones. Most of it comes from Count Dracula trying to get his grandson to take over his throne, to be like him. 


The movie felt a little too long although it might tickle your funny bones. It felt force towards the middle of the movie and nearing the end. That being said, we don't get that much glimpse of the human family side as we all know the star of the show is basically just about monster. Then we did not also know how did the Dracula stayed there to begin with. 


For the second part of a cartoon, it was quite nice and good to begin with. Lots of humours and entertainment, it will surely give you the excitement throughout the whole movie. Please watch the first part of this cartoon to understand better. 

Monday, 14 September 2015


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Thanks +ChurpChurp for the invite on #Churpremiere of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

The first maze runner had a concept which blew my mind. All guys stuck in a maze which nobody knows how or when it was build, and then comes a girl. (messed up the equation nicely, all the guys panicking and shits, don't worry they got through the maze finally. Amen). So, here I am watching the second maze runner. This time they go with a fancy name "THE SCORCH TRIALS", well nothing was burning in the trials so no worries but I felt this time it was much more intense and action packed that's why it left my ass scorching on the cinema seat trying to figure out what comes next. This movie gets a 4 out of 5 stars from me and below I will tell you why:


Picks up on a quick pace from the last and you will be instantly thrown into more action. The cast are now more comfortable on screen with each other, you can instantly see it on screen. The first movie they were pretty awkward. The plot this time have much more twist to it and slowly we can see the storyline is growing for the next maze runner. The visual cinematic as usual was top of the line and it was rendered nicely. The introduction to new characters always is a plus and in this it is good because it gels nicely with the character and the plot thickens! 


Lack of the flashback therefore you guys better remember what happen in the first maze. Aside from that, I wanted a stronger storyline on the some of the maze runner characters. All this while we only was focus on the main two characters and everyone else seems dumb with close to no opinions. We need more elaborate back story of how did they turned into flesh eating zombies.


The second maze runner was much better than the first. It felt like somehow the ideas was taken a little from the Playstation game "Last of Us" (trailer below) which I really really loved playing. Then again you if you enjoy the first maze, you should watch this maze as it much more action and fast paced. 

Saturday, 12 September 2015


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This time I was actually invited to a movie premier of The Intern by +ChurpChurp and it was indeed one a very heart warming show. Basically, I was in doubt of watching this particular movie because it was not even advertise therefore I watched the trailer and immediately said I should be watching this movie. I was not wrong, emotion roller coaster ride throughout the whole movie and I easily give this movie a 4 out 5 stars. 


The CAST! The cast in this movie, Robert De Niro and Anne Hathway show us what is chemistry is all about. The moment they both met, you can actually feel the sync on their acting chemistry. It felt likeverything was indeed real. So convincing, so much feels and the storyline is an everyday thing. Startup founder will probably find this movie much more relevant to their lives. Other than that, the movie pacing was not THAT long or short and it is just nice for a pacing and will keep you on the roller coaster seating. 


Every other characters besides Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway pretty much tried their very best to ensure that they are relevant. I feel that some characters are not given the proper role to be stand out besides the 2 mention above. Then there is the same cliche and everything that you expected to happen, and also the geeky jokes. 


Well, for a movie which was not even big in the blockbuster market it is certainly a good movie to be taking a break from all the mainstream movie. Watch this movie and be amazed. Sometimes, life experiences teaches us a lot of things without we knowing it and also we need a good break sometimes and most importantly, people who understands us without even explaining. 

Monday, 31 August 2015


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What turn out as an animation for kids quickly became an emotional roller coaster ride for adult because as usual, Disney Pixar always teaches you something one way or the other. I would gladly rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars simply because of its morale value and story progression which I found out that really good comparing with other animation, as usual Pixar never fails to disappoint. 


Teaches you a lot in terms of emotions. We all sometimes let emotions get the best of us in one way or another. This show has a balance of emotion and mental roller coaster. The core memories are something that we all have in us, the basic of what define us others from the rest. The storyline progression is typical but then what emotions that accompanies the event you can easily relate. 


While talking bout core memories, there are still alot of unexplained on how the memories chosen as the core memories. We can not be having only one emotion as the core as human, we are violate as fuck to emotions and we all know there won't just be one emotion growing up. Other that that, I feel they should also involve the other emotions to the story. Although joy and sadness seems to be the main emotions but the rest did not have that much air time except maybe anger. Lol


It was a really entertaining ride watching this movie. Certain part left me speechless and others left me with some serious roller coaster of emotions. The best part of watching this movie, we can always relate with our emotions, maybe Disney Pixar is trying to remind us always keep our emotions in control.

Sunday, 23 August 2015


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Fantastic Four by Fox was a massive fail. They should rename it to fantastically fail as the problem was not only the plot but the freaking storyline which made no sense at all. I was sitting in there for 1 hour 40 mins trying to lower my expectation to the minimum and still come out disappointed as fuck (mind you that is one week back). At the very least, in the old Fantastic Four, I can spend my time thinking how the hell Jessica Alba got such great ass, in this NEW Fantastic Four, or reboot or whatever they called it, nothing stands out. I will gladly rate this movie 1 out of 5 stars together with other shit crap I spent my money on. 


Who am I even kidding here. Writing this section took me almost close to 2 hours with nothing good coming in mind. I wonder if I was just being picky or this show truly have nothing good to say about. I guess the only good thing was how they potray each of the character with better technologies things looks really more believable. Other than that, the actor and actress tried their best to hold their roles the best that they can but that is about it. 


Storyline seems like they just wrote it while they are busy shitting or just one fine day when they feel they are retarded. Other than that, the holes in the plot is apparently can be found just by looking at a trailer. Black family with a white daughter (FOX, what the fuck are you doing?!). I for once think it is something that has not been taught through lots and finally when it went into the came into the screen it is all TOO FUCKING LATE TO CHANGE 


Skip this piece of shit, I know my advice came one week late. To those who already watched the movie, god bless your soul. To those who are considering this movie, please just torrent the shit out of it. I bet it it will be 1 hour 40 mins of your life that you can't get back but then again at least you are not blowing some cash. The worst part is they announce a sequel to this piece of shit. Fuck. 

Monday, 17 August 2015


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Ethan Hunt is back! This time Mission: Impossible is something fun and exciting to watch. Tom Cruise and the gang brought their A-game into play and come out with the most explosive and action-packed Mission: Impossible yet. I will gladly rate this movie a 4 out of 5 stars and you have to read on to find out why :) 


This being the long awaited franchise when it premiered on trailer at big screen and it certainly lived up to its name. Tom Cruise showed me that he has still what it takes to play the ever reckless secret agent and go again great length for his movie (even doing his own stunt as shown on the poster above). The show is for the tech geek, lots and lots of technologies are being showcased here, that being said where you can unlock your car just by placing your palm on your car window is clearly too good to be true still nice touch none the less. The plot has also good pacing and the storyline does not seem like to vague. The team brought good dynamics and it makes it much fun to watch the movie as it progresses. 


Too long. The movie was way too long, it is more than 2 hours long and as some part it became quite draggy. Although the storyline was good, I still can't help to feel that some part of the movie can be shorten to make it much more action packed movie without the necessary scenes. They potray hacking really bad in this movie because everything seems can be hack using a freaking tablet and on top of that, the book to a laptop, that is cool but freaking unrealistic because where the hell do you actually put the components in that thin book?!


I think this for me is the best Mission: Impossible yet. That being said, the movie deserve much more hype compare to Fantastic Four which is pure shit (I will write about this soon, it is in my draft). Take the weekend off and be marvel with the action pack that Tom Cruise still able to put on after all he is already an old man, this will probably be his last Misson: Impossible movie.

Sunday, 9 August 2015


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The first time I watched Ju On : The Grudge it was really a fucking nightmare. Back then, I had no idea what was the movie all about and then it was like a random movie outing with around 16 people bought by Felix. Throughout the whole movie, I was really sitting on the edge of the seat and on the verge of shitting in my pants. Fast forward to now, the finale of Ju On came out and this is indeed the scariest horror blockbuster that came out simply because they were still producing this pile of crap. I rate this show 1 out of 5 stars, I wanted to give 0 stars actually but unfortunately there is some good on it


You will finally know how this story started. Everything about the Ju On and why it is such a vengeful spirit in the first place. 


Everything else. The freaking story although it is flashback of the history it is still shit. Besides that, they decide to tell the story part by part based on the character in the movie. The Ju On of this level is pretty lame. I think they did not think it through as lots of the parts in the movie really seems like a lazy effort and a B-grade movie. 


Just skip this movie totally. Don't even bother to download it. Just watch something else. Please someone get the boy to wear his pants. 

Monday, 27 July 2015


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One of the Marvel superhero which is often forgotten because let's face it. The name is not helping and all we heard again and again is that the movie has been cancelled either the actor left or the director just simply quit. I can tell you now that after all that drama, Ant-Man can be consider a success, well at least for me. This show deserve a 4 out of 5 stars and I will tell you personally why. 


Remember Guardian of the Galaxy? Ant-Man gives out the same vibe in the movie. They took a really fun twist on telling the story of this particular heroes. His ability to talk to ants and at the same time shrink himself whenever he likes takes the movie to a whole new perspective. The humours in the movie was not forceful and we also see a different type of fighting perspective in it. Aside from that, the movie also touches on the history of Ant-Man while making sure that it been told in the easiest way possible. The cameo appearance from another Avengers member also was indeed one of the best fight in the movie. 


Certain parts of the movie feels a little longer than it should. One was the training sequence, while its good to show how is the training done it feels like much of the flirting in the training is just not needed, or simply I just demand more action. The suit should have taken much more time in getting used to it since it's something new for everyone but he manage to just control its usage in an incredible timing (shown in most of the fight especially with Falcon). Beside that, they did not mention much about Hank Pym time of using the suit. I would love to know a little more other than his wife is missing after she used to suit to stop a rocket. 


This particular superhero movie has been cancelled ample of times and also having director and their actor walking out but it turns out to be a much better movie compare to the rest. I would highly recommend this movie if you enjoy the watching Marvel on screen. Please stay longer as they have 2 ending credit scenes and thanks for reading.

Saturday, 18 July 2015


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Back then when I was young, I watched Terminator 2: Judgement Day and it still is one of my favourite Terminator up to date. Fast forward 7 years later,  Terminator Genisys is set to ensure that Terminator is not forgotten in the movie industry. Arnold Schwarzenegger (which name I had to copy and paste from the web) once again take on the role of the T-800 the ever old robot which seems to be running forever but this time, the past has changed. If you ask me, comparing between this Terminator and the one before with Christian Bale, Terminator Salvation, I would say Genisys is a much better movie. 


The action in the movie is good. This time we get front sit view on how the resistance works and also their fight towards ending the war. Arnold is back on his robot side with the T-800 and I would personally say it is the highlight of the movie. That is because his stiffness acting really plays the robot character well. The main character played by Emilia Clarke shows a lot of power and also much better readiness this time in facing terminators. 


Confusion is the biggest problem in this movie. There are flashback which are left unanswered. If the terminator was sent back to the past, who sent if it is not John Conner! I NEED TO KNOW! Besides the timeline, I think the dialogue in the movie was close to none. While I was a fan of full action movie, but this is no Chinese Kung-fu movie where I was busy looking at their fighting choreography.


At the very least we seen progression in the Terminator franchise. Salvation was all over the place and as much as I love the actors, none of them did a good job. I don't blame them, I blame the written plot that is the problem. Then again this is much better of the other Terminator but still nothing beats Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Still go and watch it if you are a Terminator fan, as I am sure this is the last time Arnold will be late. 

Saturday, 27 June 2015


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The park is now open. That is the sentence means a lot of Jurassic Park fans as the movie as in the year 1993. Jurassic World is a fresh take on Jurassic Park 22 years later with cloned dinosaurs and they tried to clone the ultimate dinosaur to be introduced as a new attractions to raise the park visits and also profit. Since my friend feedback that my rating of 5 stars is too tight, I will be giving out 10 stars instead so the rating is not tight. Jurassic World deserve a solid 7 out of 10 stars, and below I will tell you why. 


Over the years, technologies became better and it is reflected in Jurassic World's Computer Generated Images (CGI). The dinosaurs now seems to be more convincing than the previous animatronic used dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Besides that, Chris Pratt has propelled himself up to become one of the A lister in actors with this particular show. Once again, he shows that he is good a playing diverse roles and even better if it involves some sought of animal, he was talking to a raccoon before this, so yeah. Their cast and crews acting was convincing but only Chris Pratt alone stood out, if they are missing the rest of the crews, I think it won't be a problem. 


They somehow in the midst of making everything nicer and much more advance. They forget to include the most basic element in the movie which is FEAR. Watching Jurassic Park the scene in the kitchen and also the part where the water in the cup start to have ripples scares the shit out of me. It was full of suspense and everyone awaited with bated breath to see where the dinosaur will appear. T-Rex back then was scary as shit and every single time it appears, surely someone will die in the worst possible way. Jurassic World lack the gore in dinosaurs. Every single kills in the movie, seems to be too mild. Even the incident with the soldiers shows that everyone is dying on a freaking screen not how they actually died. 


While it is not as entertaining as it seems, I will still recommend people who have watched Jurassic Park to enjoy this fresh new instalment. It might not have the same scare as before or suspense, but surely they turned up the action button and everything seems to be either getting eaten or destroyed in the movie. 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


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What happen with you have Jude Law, Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy in one movie? You have a 2 hours of extreme fun but not in the form of a slick, fast and dangerous spy but instead a normal operator who got promoted to a spy which is what Melissa McCarthy does as Susan Cooper. This movie deserve a solid 3 out of 5 stars not in terms of action, but in term of their dialogue and all the funny moments in the movie make it actually not that bad, hey it is even rated quite high in IMDB


If you are looking for a comedy, this is something which is better available in the cinema as of now. Jason Statham is ridiculously funny in this movie with his retarded hard headed attitude which he always think that he is the number 1 spy. McCarthy on the other hand is an absolute joke and not a spy material but she proves everyone wrong in this movie as she nailed her job nicely with a questionable profile. The dialogues are also quirky and the jokes are absolutely hilarious because someone who never been on the field and sitting behind the desk tries to do some spy stuff and shit it turns out funny and lucky.


The storyline is extremely predictable at least for me. We could somewhat sense how is the movie going to end. Besides that, I feel the acting for the other character should be much better in the movie. Lots of action in the movie seems like impossible for someone like Melissa McCarthy to do and certainly does not seems like it make sense enough. 


Put all your logical thinking behind and just enjoy this particular movie. It might not be the best comedy movie of the year but I sure as hell can guarantee you that it is the best comedy movie you can get out there. So have some good laugh in the cinema. 

Sunday, 7 June 2015


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Arnold Schwarzenegger return to the big screen not as the Terminator but as a father who is battling the hard truth that his daughter will be a zombie. The world is hit with an unknown virus and his daughter is affected when she got bitten by one of the zombie when she escaped house to the city. I will give this show a 2 out of 5 stars and will only recommend you to watch if you are interested in melodrama zombie film. I remind you all again this is not World War Z, therefore don't put your hopes so high. Read more to find out what I personally think about this movie. 


Suspense is the biggest good thing in this movie. The main characters acting was okay and believable but suspense is everything. That is because you can't wait to see what happen when she turns into a zombie and start biting the hell out of her dad, Arnold. There are some good emotional feeling that Arnold brought into the movie, we somehow feel how hard for him to decide on killing his own daughter. The story setting although with minimal zombie encounters are pretty good and it puts you on the edge of your seat in term of suspense and the guilty feeling of killing someone you know.

The story is like a super slow version of a PS3 game called "Last of Us". The dialogue was almost close to none, well I guess that could be good also since Arnold is not necessary good with his speech. Some part of the movie, I was pretty glad that there are subtitles there. Other than that, there are too much cliche from a zombie movie, I prefer something like World War Z, fast and just mindless, not too much like Resident Evil though. This show feels like it suppose to be a drama instead. 


Get a PS3/PS4 and play Last of Us, you will have much more emotional and heart thumping moment compare with this movie. Besides that, it has a damn good storyline and pacing with lots of action. Therefore, either play the game or just totally skip this movie. Wait for the pirates to do their job. Amen.