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Friday, 27 November 2015


Friday, November 27, 2015 Posted by Kevan Lee , , No comments
So recently I have been vaping quite often and got lucky to be hooked up with an awesome crew of #SnowVapes. Thanks to Laura for the opportunity and you can read her review on her blog.

They are initially a small team who did customised mod where they laser engrave your name/initials into the mod therefore making it the only one in town. What got me excited was, they actually have this two awesome juices:

Apple Turnover (Green bottle)
This apple juice has 0% nicotine. Vaping it feels like you are eating a fresh apple which was just plucked a minute a go. A strong apple hit and followed by the sweet and sour taste of the apple makes you kinda hooked into it. I chain vape as it is not sweet enough to give you vape's tongue. The right blend of sweet and sour which will feed your non-nicotine addiction. Just perfect for those who shisha junkies like me. 

Aloha Mix (chilled, blue bottle)
Aloha mix is a whole different flavour experience. It's like eating a melon which was dip into cold ice water and then after that you will get a cold chilling shiver all the way in you. Vaping this feels like what I mention above. The initial vape your tongue will be tickled with the sweetness of melon and then shortly after the chills will set in. When I got this flavour, I couldn't stop vaping it. Even the vape shop guy was really interested as you can't get it elsewhere only from snowvapes. 

Kangertech Starter Kit - RM390
- 1 x mod (you can even customize it like I did)
- 2 x vape juice (0mg + 6mg)
- 1 x Snowvapes T-Shirt

For those who are interested, quote "KevanSV" for a 20% discount for the first 50 only. So, you know what to do. Head on over and get one. 

Besides your mods and juices, they do sell other ATTITUDE stuffs such as caps, bandana, t-shirt and pouch. 

You can find them on instagram: dragonfly_creative or email them: snowvapes@gmail.com

Time to join this side team, #VapeON 


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