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Saturday, 18 February 2017


Saturday, February 18, 2017 Posted by Kevan Lee , No comments

M. Night Shyamalan strikes again with another of his plot twist movie. Been a long time since I watched a movie lately because I have been extremely busy and most of the time lazy too. This year is definitely a good year to be a movie buff because tons of grade-A movie has already been announced. For Split, I will personally rate it 3 out of 5 and below is the reasons: 


James McAvoy at its best, although he did not showcase all the personalities in the movie. The ones that he showcased was on point and gets you directly into the character. Every different style is tailored and played so well by James McAvoy till at times you think he was the perfect fit for this. Some of his personalities also come with a particular slang which it is easy to distinguish whenever he takes on a different role. Aside from that, they have a different set of body language which was played well. The girl characters were annoying but good enough to ensure that you will be well entertained and stay at the edge of your seat. 


Typical M. Night Shyamalan-ding-dong plot twist always comes into play. I am pretty sure some of you readers will beg to differ but I would have hope one of his movie does not have his high AF plot twists. Other than that, there are certain scenes which feel draggy to some people and partially for me. There are scenes I wish elaborated more and had a different setting at the end.


I am sure that this movie will keep you intrigued at the end of the day. I will strongly recommend the film which ensures that you want to find out how will it end.  M. Night Shyamalan looks like he is partially back on track. If only he stop smoking up now and then, he will certainly make lots of his fanboy happy with his movie. 

Thursday, 9 February 2017


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I am lucky to be introduced to mechanical keyboard and slowly learn to appreciate it. It is the Razer Blackwidow and it individually installed it each and every one of the letters and numbers is a single blue LED light and a BLUE switch (not going in-depth on the different switches). 

Razer Blackwidow (picture courtesy of digitaltrends)

So after serving me for close to 3 years, all the keys start to acting all wonky and will not response to what I type, that is when I decided to ask around, and I was recommended by Taobao Master Lim, for some keyword recommendation, one of my criteria is that must be CHEAP and that is when he recommend me the: RAPOO V500.


The keys very similar to Cherry MX Brown but they are using their own China made keys which aren't that bad as it felt pretty close to the original Cherry MX Brown with only 25% of the price. I have no complained of keyboard construction as mentioned above and also the end design layout. I do somewhat wish the fonts for the keyboard was a little different but no worries, you can always buy a different keycap anywhere and replace the current one (yes to mechanical keyboards).  The keyboard has been tested to survive my button mashing when I play my FPS games mainly Overwatch and also lots and lots of typing. After awhile, you kinda get used to the more less tacky noises of the keys, and it feels somewhat heavier than the blue because the spring feels lesser feedback thus typing it will take some time to get used to it but trust me after that you will feel like you were born to type. 


Rapoo V500 was built with lots of thinking and precision, that is because mainly for a China product it exudes such high quality that it can be on par with most much much more expensive mechanical keyboards. Other than that, it felt quite durable and can take quite a beating. Most recently, while I was cleaning it, I accidently dropped it on the floor, aside from the keycap all splattering over the floor, the main internal still works well without an issue


For such a cheap keyboard price at RM270 (added shipping), I guess it is hard for me to ever go back to buying mainstream brands such as Razer (ever worst now that Razer decided to manufacture their own switch for MAXIMUM profit yo). I guess moving forward from now on, I shall be loyal to the likes of Rapoo and some other China branding keyboard which is reliable and serves its purpose, the best part is I can keep on changing.