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Friday, 30 May 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: X-Men: Days of Future Past

The X-Men franchise while is under Marvel, is not helm by the Marvel Studios, which also explains why my favourite Spider-Man is not in the Avengers! Franchise is currently out for loan to other studio who made X-Men not too bad except for the Last Stand where we all cried seeing the legacy of X-Men crumble in subpar plotted movie. While I shall not mention bout the visual of the show, nor about the the comic part of it, this X-Men portray a lot crossover from the past and present. With the lead cast all coming back and also the cast from First Class coming back to together. X-Men once again capture the attention of the audience.


Mutants are showing of their powers and the CG is really beautiful. From Blink's teleportation to Iceman's freezing everything looks so damn believable. The introduction to Quicksilver which was awesome, some emotional phrases which makes you feel like being a mutant and also over the top fighting. The old cast of X-amen played a good job coming back together with the younger cast and made one roller coaster right for the audience.


The storyline leaves a lot more questions than answers. There are time you are asking bout the timeline of this X-Men (google it) but still aside from Wolverine (again) the other mutant basically has no character development. As awesome as Quicksilver was introduce, nothing bout him was told same goes to Warpath, Blink, Kitty, Iceman, Bishop and many others. While I'm not asking for an Origins story of all them, a little bit background intro should be good but then most of them have less than 10 mins screen time, meh. Even the Sentinel got such short introduction. Sometimes you wonder where is Quicksilver when he can change the situation in an instant. Sigh


All in all, if you don't read the comic or do alot of reading on the internet, you will find this X-Men enjoyable and leave you excited for the next one. Seems like Bryan Singer already have something in his mind and its quite obvious

TL;DR: past and presence timeline, lots of new and old mutants, sentinel threatning human and mutant race, x-men wins with some cost of the future.

P/s: just enjoy the movie. Don't question the storyline until the end. Stay back after credits for short scene and also to make your money's worth. Lol

Sunday, 25 May 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: Bad Neighbours

Like Channing Tatum, I have never expected Zac Efron to be act like a total dbag, since most of his movies are based on romance and singing, who would have known he made such a Bad Neighbour. Started of with a frat shifting into local community beside a married couple with one kid, all hell break loose when both of them tries to sabotage the other to get them kick out of the housing community.


Started of with a normal greeting, quickly turn into a hilarious sabotage of neighbours, one trying to kick the frat community out of the housing area, meanwhile the other trying to show the old couple on HOW TO PARTY!  Lots of funny and also OUCH moments in the whole show. It surely kept me entertain and laughing throughout the whole movie. This show has lots of #bromance moment where all i can say "DEM FEELZ"


Something that I think throughout the whole show is how did a frat party get to rent a house in the housing community. I might not be accustomed to all this FRAT stuff but I surely as hell think you cant be renting a house with neighbours to do a frat party and the only neighbour who complain is the one beside them. Seems like the whole neighbourhood is dead. 


Like all American comedy,e.g American Pie, the ending is pretty much predictable. People repent and suddenly everything is forgotten. Found a good job and become someone acceptable to the society. THE END. 

TL;DR: Zac Efron topless for almost half of the movie, lots of funny jokes and over the top sabotage. Certain censorship here and there because MALAYSIA. Overall, still a good movie to watch for laughs. 

Friday, 23 May 2014


For the longest time, Godzilla never had the best Hollywood rendition with the last being 1998 where the most prominent part of the movie I remember was the homeless guy who told his friend that he caught something while fishing and it turns out to be Godzilla which terrorize the city suddenly, all hell breaks loose.

Fast forward to 2014, Hollywood once again try to bring Godzilla back to life with the cast of Aaron Taylor Johnson as Ford Brody, Bryan Cranston as Joe Brody, Ken Watanabe as Dr Ishiro and Elizabeth Olsen as the wife of Ford Brody, Elle Brody under the direction of Gareth Edwards. They succeed of making so far the best rendition of Godzilla that I have watched so far (not that watched that many,yet)


Embark on an emotional train ride featuring Joe Brody as his tries to prove his sanity to his son and also the government that whatever took down the nuclear reactor and his wife's life years back is not a seismic wave like what the public thinks. The story takes you on the eyes of Ford Brody which seems to have a really good experience with Godzilla. Godzilla is practically everywhere he goes. The CGI for both Godzilla and the M.U.T.O and the way it terrorize the city of concrete jungles brings a really traumatic feeling of WHAT IF SOMETHING THAT BIG HIT US (which sometimes I personally wish it happens). Godzilla also come with old skool moves that bring tears to my eyes. 


Not much have been told on how Godzilla came about, the brief intro was they are trying to kill the apex predator using nuclear testing and also we know they feed on nuclear radiation, thus Godzilla move closer to the core of the earth to feed on the radiation. Godzilla just seem to came out of the water, whack the hell out of the M.U.T.O and then goes to sleep, wake up and goes back into the water. Not much of history if you ask me. Explanation on the earlier corpse where they found the M.U.T.O was not explain too. 


Just sit back and enjoy the whole movie. I wouldn't recommend watching in 3D though as it seems like not much scene with 3D. I might be wrong seems like Amazing Spider-Man more like a nice movie to watch in 3D. At least you get to see three giants bash the hell of each other in an epic battle full of suspense and lip biting moments. Don't think so much and enjoy the movie plot. 

TL;DR: 3 big monsters, the destruction of New York city, people screaming, and havoc everywhere. Sit down and let the giants entertain you.  #Godzilla 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Took me forever to write up this review on Spider-Man. All of a sudden work is pouring in and I am just being the lazy left this writing in the draft for a good 2 weeks. I am sorry, here it goes my 2 cents on the show.

I remember watching the first Amazing Spider-Man and was amaze with the acting of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy literally blew me off the usual Tobey Maguire Spider-Man edition. 

The villians are potrayed by Jamie Foxx as Maxx Dillion/Electro and also Dane Deehan as Harry Osborn/Green Goblin. Both played their character well with Electro probably introduced too much of a rush inside the show but beside that, everything seems like a on a good track for an epic movie of web slinging.


The costume for this movie is much better than the first, they have reworked it to look somehow very natural and also seems much more flexible for him to move around. The CG for the movie is much better too, they have included lots of Spider-Man classic moves and we can see that he is as much as witty and cocky like in the comics (I don't read the comic that much, I watch move cartoon comparing to reading the comics). The on-screen chemistry between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy really seems like they are dating in real life. They seems like a natural couple on and off the screen which makes the acting much more natural and emotional towards the public. The action sequence comes with full of heart pumping moments and also joke in the middle (fireman scene).


For starters, I feel that the villians did not have much on screen introduction. Basically the whole story is based on  the romance between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy with not much of  on screen time on the development of the villian. There are scene where I question myself, seems to be quite distorted or does not make sense at all. Mainly the scene where Harry taken the spider's poison, all of a sudden he knows where to crawl and TA-DA! Green goblin was born. It was too quick too soon. Electro had some power to disintegrate himself after some motivational talk by Harry. It is like all of a sudden, he found his true calling. 


I have always been a fan of Spider-Man longer than I have been a fan of Iron-Man. Always liked that he talk non-stop and also funny in the same time. The action is indeed more in this movie where we get lots of slow motion focusing on his web move which I feel is really enjoyable to watch. The whole show is just as amazing as the title if you ask me. Just sit back, grab popcorn and enjoy the action. 

TL;DR:  Lots of talking, lots of kissing, web swinging, slow motion camera, 3D effects, much actions, and also good plot overall. Sit back and relax   #TheAmazingSpiderman2