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Sunday, 25 May 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: Bad Neighbours

Like Channing Tatum, I have never expected Zac Efron to be act like a total dbag, since most of his movies are based on romance and singing, who would have known he made such a Bad Neighbour. Started of with a frat shifting into local community beside a married couple with one kid, all hell break loose when both of them tries to sabotage the other to get them kick out of the housing community.


Started of with a normal greeting, quickly turn into a hilarious sabotage of neighbours, one trying to kick the frat community out of the housing area, meanwhile the other trying to show the old couple on HOW TO PARTY!  Lots of funny and also OUCH moments in the whole show. It surely kept me entertain and laughing throughout the whole movie. This show has lots of #bromance moment where all i can say "DEM FEELZ"


Something that I think throughout the whole show is how did a frat party get to rent a house in the housing community. I might not be accustomed to all this FRAT stuff but I surely as hell think you cant be renting a house with neighbours to do a frat party and the only neighbour who complain is the one beside them. Seems like the whole neighbourhood is dead. 


Like all American comedy,e.g American Pie, the ending is pretty much predictable. People repent and suddenly everything is forgotten. Found a good job and become someone acceptable to the society. THE END. 

TL;DR: Zac Efron topless for almost half of the movie, lots of funny jokes and over the top sabotage. Certain censorship here and there because MALAYSIA. Overall, still a good movie to watch for laughs. 


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