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Saturday, 27 June 2015


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The park is now open. That is the sentence means a lot of Jurassic Park fans as the movie as in the year 1993. Jurassic World is a fresh take on Jurassic Park 22 years later with cloned dinosaurs and they tried to clone the ultimate dinosaur to be introduced as a new attractions to raise the park visits and also profit. Since my friend feedback that my rating of 5 stars is too tight, I will be giving out 10 stars instead so the rating is not tight. Jurassic World deserve a solid 7 out of 10 stars, and below I will tell you why. 


Over the years, technologies became better and it is reflected in Jurassic World's Computer Generated Images (CGI). The dinosaurs now seems to be more convincing than the previous animatronic used dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Besides that, Chris Pratt has propelled himself up to become one of the A lister in actors with this particular show. Once again, he shows that he is good a playing diverse roles and even better if it involves some sought of animal, he was talking to a raccoon before this, so yeah. Their cast and crews acting was convincing but only Chris Pratt alone stood out, if they are missing the rest of the crews, I think it won't be a problem. 


They somehow in the midst of making everything nicer and much more advance. They forget to include the most basic element in the movie which is FEAR. Watching Jurassic Park the scene in the kitchen and also the part where the water in the cup start to have ripples scares the shit out of me. It was full of suspense and everyone awaited with bated breath to see where the dinosaur will appear. T-Rex back then was scary as shit and every single time it appears, surely someone will die in the worst possible way. Jurassic World lack the gore in dinosaurs. Every single kills in the movie, seems to be too mild. Even the incident with the soldiers shows that everyone is dying on a freaking screen not how they actually died. 


While it is not as entertaining as it seems, I will still recommend people who have watched Jurassic Park to enjoy this fresh new instalment. It might not have the same scare as before or suspense, but surely they turned up the action button and everything seems to be either getting eaten or destroyed in the movie. 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


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What happen with you have Jude Law, Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy in one movie? You have a 2 hours of extreme fun but not in the form of a slick, fast and dangerous spy but instead a normal operator who got promoted to a spy which is what Melissa McCarthy does as Susan Cooper. This movie deserve a solid 3 out of 5 stars not in terms of action, but in term of their dialogue and all the funny moments in the movie make it actually not that bad, hey it is even rated quite high in IMDB


If you are looking for a comedy, this is something which is better available in the cinema as of now. Jason Statham is ridiculously funny in this movie with his retarded hard headed attitude which he always think that he is the number 1 spy. McCarthy on the other hand is an absolute joke and not a spy material but she proves everyone wrong in this movie as she nailed her job nicely with a questionable profile. The dialogues are also quirky and the jokes are absolutely hilarious because someone who never been on the field and sitting behind the desk tries to do some spy stuff and shit it turns out funny and lucky.


The storyline is extremely predictable at least for me. We could somewhat sense how is the movie going to end. Besides that, I feel the acting for the other character should be much better in the movie. Lots of action in the movie seems like impossible for someone like Melissa McCarthy to do and certainly does not seems like it make sense enough. 


Put all your logical thinking behind and just enjoy this particular movie. It might not be the best comedy movie of the year but I sure as hell can guarantee you that it is the best comedy movie you can get out there. So have some good laugh in the cinema. 

Sunday, 7 June 2015


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Arnold Schwarzenegger return to the big screen not as the Terminator but as a father who is battling the hard truth that his daughter will be a zombie. The world is hit with an unknown virus and his daughter is affected when she got bitten by one of the zombie when she escaped house to the city. I will give this show a 2 out of 5 stars and will only recommend you to watch if you are interested in melodrama zombie film. I remind you all again this is not World War Z, therefore don't put your hopes so high. Read more to find out what I personally think about this movie. 


Suspense is the biggest good thing in this movie. The main characters acting was okay and believable but suspense is everything. That is because you can't wait to see what happen when she turns into a zombie and start biting the hell out of her dad, Arnold. There are some good emotional feeling that Arnold brought into the movie, we somehow feel how hard for him to decide on killing his own daughter. The story setting although with minimal zombie encounters are pretty good and it puts you on the edge of your seat in term of suspense and the guilty feeling of killing someone you know.

The story is like a super slow version of a PS3 game called "Last of Us". The dialogue was almost close to none, well I guess that could be good also since Arnold is not necessary good with his speech. Some part of the movie, I was pretty glad that there are subtitles there. Other than that, there are too much cliche from a zombie movie, I prefer something like World War Z, fast and just mindless, not too much like Resident Evil though. This show feels like it suppose to be a drama instead. 


Get a PS3/PS4 and play Last of Us, you will have much more emotional and heart thumping moment compare with this movie. Besides that, it has a damn good storyline and pacing with lots of action. Therefore, either play the game or just totally skip this movie. Wait for the pirates to do their job. Amen. 

Saturday, 6 June 2015


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San Andreas movie did a spectacular effort in picturing an earthquake to hit California. It is those disaster movie like The Day After Tomorrow but since it is now in 2015, the whole CGI just gotten better and much more believable. Once again, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock played his role as the lead and the father well and convincing enough for the big screen. I will rate this movie a 3 out of 5 stars. Proceed if you want to know more about what I think was good and also bad in this particular disaster movie.


For starters, the show has truly pretty good CGI. Throughout the whole movie, lots of CGI are used and it seems pretty damn convincing for me. The explosion, the shakes and also flooding seems like well done and certain part of it they made the extra effort to be do it on the studio. Other than that, Dwayne Johnson once again show of his acting skills to the audience with his role as captain and father. His daughter, played by Alexandra Daddario and wife by Carla Gugino all play a good role to support him.


You would somehow think if you are that LUCKY multiple times, maybe you should open a 4D shop and start charging people 10% of their winning(s), that is because of the multiple things that drop on the characters in the movie, the worst injury was a cut from a glass which also happen on the supporting actor. Having Dwayne Johnson when disaster strikes certainly is good because he seems like cannot be destroyed by anything, not even the NATURE can touch those biceps.


I would not say it is bad movie currently as it is ranked #1 in the box office but I am pretty sure most of the people watched the movie because of Dwayne Johnson which I agree played a good role in this movie. Most of the time he never fails to disappoint so is his daughter in the movie played by Alexandaria Daddario but Hollywood better be careful because this formula of throwing Dwayne Johnson on all movies and hope it comes out good is not going to work any longer for ex. G.I Joe.

Monday, 1 June 2015


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So Le GF told me that La Cremeria by Nestle recently launched a new ice cream to rival Magnum. It also comes with the almond flavour and she gotten one for me to try out. The only good thing about this ice cream that it was FREE. If I have paid for this, I would have jumped out of 14th floor already and bring this ice cream with me. I UPCAR (meaning con) when I heard that this is rival to Magnum. 

La Cremeria Absolutely Almond

First thing first, the wrapper is more interesting than the new Magnum retarded wrappers but that is about it. Once inside, you get an ice cream with some almonds on it, like 2 or 3. I can fucking count it with my fingers. Refer below for a pathetic ice cream. 

That being said, maybe it taste better than it looks right? WELL FUCK, I thought the same too. The taste was as shitty as it looks. The outer layer seems to covered with some cheap ass chocolate, at one point of a time I swore it felt like they recycle whatever soon to be expired La Cremeria chocolate and slap it on here. The Vanilla taste inside felt like King's Vanilla Ice Cream, a Malaysian made piece of shit which usually cheap coconut shake sellers use it to replace their soup of Vanilla ice cream in their shakes and charge you with premium price. Well done. All other taste was instantly forgettable, I regret even having to taste this. 

The worst part is, the think this ice cream, can rival the likes of Magnum Almond. I will put this on par with this traffic light ice by Mat Kool non other by Nestle. They can compete in their own department and then think of taking Magnum on. I am sorry that something like this dare to say that it is Magnum rival, and dear god I don't even know how much they are pricing it. If it is same price as Magnums, I will give them 15 years to improve their formula or just please take away this abomination from the market. I beg of you.