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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


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Once again, thanks +ChurpChurp for the #Churpremiere of Hotel Transylvania 2.

If you follow this cartoon closely, you will be sure to remember that a vampire is going to marry a normal human which freaks the hell out of her father, Count Dracula. Fast forward, the second part will bring you even more in depth of the human and monster families where the bond will be stronger and learning to blend together. This movie rate 3 out of 5 stars easily and read more to know why:


All the characters are back and this time you get back stories on almost all of them. Besides that, you will be taken directly into the ending of the first part and familiarities are almost everywhere. It also have jokes which will tickle your funny bones. Most of it comes from Count Dracula trying to get his grandson to take over his throne, to be like him. 


The movie felt a little too long although it might tickle your funny bones. It felt force towards the middle of the movie and nearing the end. That being said, we don't get that much glimpse of the human family side as we all know the star of the show is basically just about monster. Then we did not also know how did the Dracula stayed there to begin with. 


For the second part of a cartoon, it was quite nice and good to begin with. Lots of humours and entertainment, it will surely give you the excitement throughout the whole movie. Please watch the first part of this cartoon to understand better. 

Monday, 14 September 2015


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Thanks +ChurpChurp for the invite on #Churpremiere of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

The first maze runner had a concept which blew my mind. All guys stuck in a maze which nobody knows how or when it was build, and then comes a girl. (messed up the equation nicely, all the guys panicking and shits, don't worry they got through the maze finally. Amen). So, here I am watching the second maze runner. This time they go with a fancy name "THE SCORCH TRIALS", well nothing was burning in the trials so no worries but I felt this time it was much more intense and action packed that's why it left my ass scorching on the cinema seat trying to figure out what comes next. This movie gets a 4 out of 5 stars from me and below I will tell you why:


Picks up on a quick pace from the last and you will be instantly thrown into more action. The cast are now more comfortable on screen with each other, you can instantly see it on screen. The first movie they were pretty awkward. The plot this time have much more twist to it and slowly we can see the storyline is growing for the next maze runner. The visual cinematic as usual was top of the line and it was rendered nicely. The introduction to new characters always is a plus and in this it is good because it gels nicely with the character and the plot thickens! 


Lack of the flashback therefore you guys better remember what happen in the first maze. Aside from that, I wanted a stronger storyline on the some of the maze runner characters. All this while we only was focus on the main two characters and everyone else seems dumb with close to no opinions. We need more elaborate back story of how did they turned into flesh eating zombies.


The second maze runner was much better than the first. It felt like somehow the ideas was taken a little from the Playstation game "Last of Us" (trailer below) which I really really loved playing. Then again you if you enjoy the first maze, you should watch this maze as it much more action and fast paced. 

Saturday, 12 September 2015


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This time I was actually invited to a movie premier of The Intern by +ChurpChurp and it was indeed one a very heart warming show. Basically, I was in doubt of watching this particular movie because it was not even advertise therefore I watched the trailer and immediately said I should be watching this movie. I was not wrong, emotion roller coaster ride throughout the whole movie and I easily give this movie a 4 out 5 stars. 


The CAST! The cast in this movie, Robert De Niro and Anne Hathway show us what is chemistry is all about. The moment they both met, you can actually feel the sync on their acting chemistry. It felt likeverything was indeed real. So convincing, so much feels and the storyline is an everyday thing. Startup founder will probably find this movie much more relevant to their lives. Other than that, the movie pacing was not THAT long or short and it is just nice for a pacing and will keep you on the roller coaster seating. 


Every other characters besides Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway pretty much tried their very best to ensure that they are relevant. I feel that some characters are not given the proper role to be stand out besides the 2 mention above. Then there is the same cliche and everything that you expected to happen, and also the geeky jokes. 


Well, for a movie which was not even big in the blockbuster market it is certainly a good movie to be taking a break from all the mainstream movie. Watch this movie and be amazed. Sometimes, life experiences teaches us a lot of things without we knowing it and also we need a good break sometimes and most importantly, people who understands us without even explaining.