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Sunday, 27 November 2016


Sunday, November 27, 2016 Posted by Kevan Lee No comments

What was a textbook in Harry Potter has now come into the big screen and it is much better than expected. For me, this movie still has the magical feeling of Harry Potter but it comes with more action in such short period of time. Below I will review what I think was the good and the bad of the movie, as usual, just casual and based on my opinion:


Fantastic beasts like what they mention are indeed fantastic. You will be thrilled and exposed to many beasts in the world of magic. The animations and CG that was in the movie was indeed living up to the standards of Harry Potter or even better. You are then introduced to the main character which gives you the weird and introverted vibe, I would have to say that Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) carries it just perfectly fine and very nice to watch on screen. Aside from that, the supporting cast was good and the only muggle in the movie is pretty good nonetheless. You also get to see the initial history before we focus on Hogwarts, in the States apparently, they have a different calling for Ministry of Magic and also muggles.  Other than that, we are witnessing the start of a trilogy (I think) of the movie and a much deeper dive on the characters that is associated with the movie.


Well for one the title says Fantastic Beasts but the whole movie does not revolve around that, while there are some good part featuring the beasts I wish we had the back story about it. I would love if the feature a segment of him exploring and catching the beasts. Aside from that, the predictable plot twist was only okay. I kinda expected a deeper twist to that but it seems like that's all. The villain in the movie seems like a good match but then the battle did not happen for long. I personally wanted more magic spells maybe I took this right out of Harry Potter that is why (then again Harry Potter have relatively little spellcasting too)


I would recommend this movie and just take it lightly. For lots of Potterhead, I am pretty sure they are already watching it and having lots of theory about it. Go to the cinema and enjoy this movie. It will certainly take you back to the magical world of Harry Potter.

Sunday, 13 November 2016


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This is a super slow review from me because I have been busy but Doctor Strange is currently the best in MCU this year and no doubt it comes with flaws but let me take you through the good and bad of the movie very quickly. Here we go: 


The cheesy lines and jokes work so flawlessly in this movie. Taking in consideration Benedict Cumberbatch acting, almost all the cheesy dialogue and jokes seems to blend in pretty well with the movie. The charisma that Benedict Cumberbatch carries, allows him to be Doctor Strange without much of an effort. The CG and also the fight scenes in this movie was good and aside from that, we are now exposed to the many different fighting styles of a sorcerer and the many different artifacts that were featured in the Marvel universe. The visual effects are pretty mind blowing, think of Inception but with a twist. Buildings moving and also time shifting certainly puts you on the edge of the seat, I can only imagine the orgasm I will have watching it in IMAX 3D but sadly, too costly nowadays.


The underpowered villain, even with the appearance of his boss, it still seems the villain should be more powerful to put up a good fight. Sadly, aside from that, I was partly interested in a character development for some of the characters in the movie. Aside from Doctor Strange, every other character pretty much just fall flat in the line of character development. I don't mind that added 15 minutes to have a little background run of the other characters or tell me more of the multiverse that he had. Or maybe explain to me about some of the artifacts that you store in the New York Sanctum. 


Doctor Strange is a pretty good movie to watch with lots of actions and mind blowing visuals, it also features lots of easter eggs mainly the two ending credit scene (typical Marvel). You should actually already predicted the reason bringing in Benedict Cumberbatch is actually to replace Robert Downey Jr whose contract playing Iron Man has already ended. So yes, he will be joining the Avengers (take my money)