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Sunday, 31 August 2014


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You are 57 years old today, and still you find it hard to voice out your opinion at times. Most of the times your voices are overpowered by selfish people and also those who couldn't careless how it will affect your feelings. As grown up you are now, you are still fighting to break free of the boundaries which are set. 

You are separated, there was a time when everything is working together, now things seems so distant. It is like oil and water trying their best to be together. Thanks to selfish people, you are now broken at it's core but still trying to hold on the best for us. 

You provide lots of people but also seems to be asked more than you can given most of the time. You have been tortured, punished, and ridicule by selfish people. You also have been made fun of from your friends but you still stand up proudly and made us proud.

You were cared upon, now everyone just wanted something from you without thinking of your feelings. You just being pushed away all the time without any concerns. You cry every night to sleep during November and we hear you loud and clear. 

For everything that you have given me, past years and everything that is more to come, I would like to wish you Happy 57th Birthday again. I sang your song loud and proud in my heart all the time for I know things will be better in the future for you. Di sini lahirnya sebuah cinta, Malaysia. Always. 

p/s: Happy birthday too bro! 

Saturday, 30 August 2014


Saw the trailer for this movie and instantly told myself that I have to watch it, therefore I drag gf along and without thinking it through book for 9 pm movie at TGV, 1 Utama on a Friday (I know, genius) but that is also because no other cinema is showing this show. Parked my car like a bawse and then ran straight for dinner at 8.15 pm and rush through everything, almost choking on my wantons. We were in the cinema sharp at 9 pm and the movie start shortly after everyone stood up and sang "Negaraku".

The movie talks about Papa Kadam (Om Puri) who brings his family to Europe after his culinary empire in India suffer losses from a vicious attack from losing election party which also took the life of his beloved wife. Trained under her mother before her death, culinary extraordinaire, Hassan Kadam (Manish Dyal) followed Papa Kadam together with the rest. It all started with the brake malfunction and helped by Marguerite (Charlotte Le Bon) which leads them to a small town,Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val where Papa insist of setting up the restaurant opposite Le Saule Pleureur, a one star Michelin restaurant run by Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren). This is the start of two culinary clashes which will keep you entertained.


This show blends two different culture in the most interesting possible way, be it in the form of cooking or romance or simply just interaction it shows the uniqueness of it. The romance of Papa and Madame Mallory is classy yet cute while the romance of Hassan and Charlotte are both good and not overboard. The dialogue in the movie are hilarious with Papa solely being the one cracking up jokes which just seems natural and not forceful. The acting of others besides the eldest are actually good and carried along the show properly with not much awkwardness and everything seems very natural feeling.


Some complains I might have for the movie is, I wished the romance for Hassan stood out just a little more. He is actually the star of the movie but overshadowed solely by his dad with much superior acting. Besides that, seems like after awhile, only the Indian spices are used in the movie, how about a fine dining version of Chicken Masala or maybe Tandoori fine dining? Lots of France cuisine were featured with Indian spices. 


I had the best of feeling watching this movie and if you like food and romance, you will have a great time like me too. Just please make sure to have eaten before watching the movie as it features really good food which will make your stomach growl, I am sure of that. Just watch something for a change and you will be surprise on how much feeling this show will bring you. 

TL;DR:Culinary battle between Indian and France cuisine, romance, heart warming moments, and FOODS! 

Sunday, 24 August 2014


Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) tells a story of a girl who is able to unlock 100% of her brain capacity with the help of powerful synthetic drug. She was suppose to just deliver the good which was implanted in her stomach but things took a turn when she was keep captive and was tortured by the captor. She meets up with Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) to show the world what happen when you use 100% of your brain capacity.


Scarlett Johnssson played her role the best she could. She made it look natural and you can feel the emotions running through her at least unlike Megan Fox (SJ > MF).


Everything. Basically, for starters everyone can seems to be carrying a gun freely in the streets, doesn't matter where she is, in a hospital, hotel or just along the streets. The cops also fail to realise that the baddies are outside of the same very university that they stopped at. People are across the street loading up weapon and you all run into the building? (WTF? Perimeter check mana OI!). While the theory is debatable, the whole movie seems like written while the writer(s) are taking a dump or just high.


If you are planning to watch Lucy for Scar Jo, in her bra and panties or just mainly her. You might want to just google "Under The Skin" acted by her and just download that (you are most welcome). I see no point in you wasting your weekend to watch something like this. I even felt sorry that I paid for this movie. Sigh.

TL;DR: Even Scar Jo can't help a shitty written movie. Save your cash and watch others. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


I was checking out previous year Korean movie that I miss and someone in the forum recommend this movie. I have no idea this is such an action pack movie from Korean because most of the time all they are known for is variety and also love drama.

This movie tells a tale of a North Korean top spy, Dong-chul (Gong Yoo) who was abandon during a mission and his wife and daughter murdered. He escape to South Korea and took up a job as a night driver for the CEO of a powerful corporation. The chairman gave a pair of glasses to Dong-Chul before he was brutally murdered and now Dong-Chul is on the run to uncover the secret behind the glasses that was left for him after involvement from government official.


The show itself is quick paced from the start. Think  of watching a Korean version of Jason Bourne. Less talk and more action from the start and Dong-chul acting role is so fitting for this action movie. The story is also shrouded with mystery because we need to know what is in the glasses! Most of the action choreography seems good and on pace.


Nobody knows how to shoot in the movie, no seriously I ain't even joking. Someone with the a freaking rifle and still fail to shoot him. I might just be too anal but the part where he got shot is when he was driving. Apart from other thousands of gunshots, nothing happen to him. Story line seems to be too quick as I would love to see how he was train more in the private SPY training.


I have always been dissing about Korean acting because all they can act is mainly on romantic drama but this show change my views on them. They have good actors acting in action movie maybe just that they are not as popular as other country (mainly Thailand or Indonesia). Other than that, then movie is good, I must have missed it at cinema or it was never screen here. Lots of Korean movies are actually not screen in Malaysia for I have no reasons for it.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Yesterday, CY and me has the same idea to do some prawning and we wanted to try out this new place called Tropicana Ebi Fishing. Therefore, I invited 2 of my friends, Sue and Stezon to join us together since they are prawning virgins.

Reach there around 10.35 pm and the place is packed with people. First time I have visited a prawning area where the are more ladies than man. Back in Melaka, the whole place is fill with guys only fishing throughout the night.

People mountain, people sea
The motto of this place is "Prawning made easy" it is mention in almost all of their wall posts. I suppose it is easy because there are lots of prawns in the pond and you always get them biting your bait but most of the time it depends also on experience and luck! Lots of time you will see the prawn above the surface of water but before you can bring it over to your side, it will just nicely slide back in the pond. TROLL SUCCESSFUL!

You will need to pay a deposit of RM50 per rod and also RM10 for the bait, the ultimate earthworm. You can also store the worm if it is not finish 

All you need to do is cut a substantial amount and leave it on your chopping board.  We share this worm among the 4 of us with 3 rods (Stezon wanted to share, too bad Sue) and used all of it in 3 hours time.

I was too busy prawning and I forgot to take any pictures of the prawns we caught unfortunately :(. For the total of 3 hours, I manage to catch 8 prawns clearly not my best record. CY had 4, well clearly it's not his day too. While Sue & Stezon had around 5 if I am not mistaken with 2 jumping back in the pond because of clumsy hands of either one of them. You can actually BBQ the prawns once you are done, since only one pit is functioning, we just decided to the bring the prawns home.

The place is a good place to chill with nice environment and also they do sell beers for RM60/bucket. As for prawning price it is RM18/hour, you can fish to your heart content and just check out when you are tired. The friendly boss will write your check in and check out time and calculate from there. The place is open 7 days a week and closes at 2 a.m on weekends. You can also find their Facebook pages here for new updates and direction to the location, now they are including lobster inside for something like lucky draw. All the best and happy prawning!  

Friday, 15 August 2014


For those like me, unker level. You will all remember that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) was a cartoon which airs in the morning at TV3 (those were the days of good cartoons). Fast forward to 2014, there is a movie directed by none other than the 'legendary' Michael Bay.

The only actor that is famous or so I think is Megan Fox who plays April O'Neil in the movie. The ever ready reporter, Vernon Fenwick (Will Arnett) who is wishing to resurrect her dying career and also believes that there is a vigilante who is fighting the Foot Clan. She pairs up with Will Arnett who plays the cameraman, Vernon Fenwick who is constantly hitting on April and hoping one day she falls for him.


The show is light at heart. If you just look pass the errors and common sense, you will find the show stupidly entertaining. The jokes are well not that bad and some of the part makes you go like "WOT?!". Other than that, the fighting scenes are good, lots of ninja skill action and an indestructible rat tail in action. Can hit through metal and have no fear of getting slice in two.


Like all Mr Bay film, he just like to ruin everything you know about it. The turtle looks weird with a nose, while there are some light jokes and comedic part, there are parts where I feel someone needs to die in a movie, for example where the big ass trailer is going downhill full of snows and keep getting out of control while Miss April and Mr Fenwick seems to be just chilling while waiting for the turtles to save them. Maybe I am just being too picky about that part.


If you ask me, you can probably just skip this movie, I watched this movie because it bring feelz to my childhood cartoon but after sitting through the movie for 100 minutes, suddenly I feel like I shall just keep the memories instead of ruining it. It is a good movie if you expect nothing of it, then again it's Micheal Bay. He personally have been really busy destroying all my childish memories, kudos to that.

TL;DR: 1 girl, 1 rat, 4 ninja turtles, shredder and lots of actions. 

Sunday, 10 August 2014


I realize I had this on my HDD for the longest time and did not watch, so I fired it up and surprisingly watched till the very end. It started off with a Carly Whitten (Cameron Diaz) cheating with Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) without the knowledge o f Kate King (Leslie Mann) which turns that she is not the only girl he is cheating on. He also have a much hotter girl named Amber (Kate Upton) and all of the girls gang up and try to make Mark King pay for not able to keep his dick in his pants. Oh, best part is he does investment for startup companies. 


Watch for Kate Upton that is basically it. Actually, there is still something more to it besides her (a little more only). The story line seems cliche but you will want to find out how it ends and also the it is really funny. From the confession of his wife to the mistress, till they finding out that he had another woman in his life. And all hell break's loose when three ladies get together to plot for revenge. Their way of getting back to him is really mean but also well deserved. 


The plot is super predictable and we can also see that certain part seems to be redundant. Besides that, this is the perfect world situation when three ladies team up and get back on you. It will never happen we all know it. Other than that, Amber barely play any part in the movie, they just have her in the movie running around in bikini (not that I'm complaining)


If you are looking for chick flick to watch and just relax, this is the show you should be watching but I don't think so it is worth the money to be watching over at the cinema. Just relax and unwind and watch as the three ladies plot to destroy a man's life. When you have more than one, shit happens.

TL;DR: 3 ladies, 1 man and a mission of revenge.

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Legend tells a tale of a demi-god named Hercules (Dwayne Johnson) who is the son of Zeus. He is blessed with super strength and also blessed by the gods. Famed after his twelve labours and thus the legend is born or not. Hercules is a mercenary now and travel together with his crew of 6 (just roll with it). Hercules is then summon to help the King of Thrace defeating a tyrannical warlord.


If fighting and bonding is what you come to see then this movie is for you. Hercules feature lots of fighting scene which make sense since it a movie about a demi-god during the olden days. You will also see leadership and lots of Hercules in action and his leadership skills. Humor along the way is also present in the movie as we witness Hercules and his crew carrying his legendary status to a whole new different level.


The story does not have any gods down and help Hercules or against him. This movie takes the approach of Hercules in a more realistic way without any god-like powers except maybe super strength (the ROCK is a monster after all). The story fall short for me as a demi-god, I expect the greek gods to come down and fight the battle or battle with Hercules. 


If you are expecting some mythical greek gods fighting, then I guess this is not the Hercules for you. They decided to take a different approach for this particular Hercules a more realistic approach and nothing so mythical about this Hercules. While it is fun to watch a different approach, I still prefer where the gods interfere with the life of humans and goes on showing their almighty power maybe this happens playing too much of God of War on the Playstation. 

TL;DR: Hercules is a mercenary, saves a  and be crowned the legend. 

Sunday, 3 August 2014


The Guardian of the Galaxy (GotG) was loved by many and I am currently one of them. Catch the movie on Friday night and already falling in love with the direction Marvel is heading. Nothing so serious like the previous Marvel movie this you will definitely fall in love with although you are not an avid comic fan with any knowledge towards GotG.

In GotG, we follow the story of young human Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) who was kidnapped and raise as a thief with a nickname of Star-Lord. Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel) together with Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Drax (Dave Baustista) all tag to kill Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) 


Bunch of different character get taken into a roller coaster ride which makes you wonder will they last but they do and their friendship grew in this 121 minute movie. Lots of good vibes in the movie and also some serious action happening throughout the whole movie. You will be taken in a roller coaster ride of laughter, happiness, sadness and also many moment of WTF?  Most of the time, you are too busy admiring the CG and also the skills that is shown in the movie with a twist of humour. 


Although the story line is easy to understand for non Marvel fans, there are still some part where you will be wondering who is the characters. As mention, Thanos and also The Collector makes you wonder who they are if you do not know a little about the Marvel Universe. Besides that, I feel that certain part could have been polished further as for example a little more about the background story of at the very least Star-Lord, seems like he was abducted and grew up to be a fine thief. 


I can personally promise you that, you will definitely have the best time watching this show. You will laugh, sad, surprise and also want to know more. And then you will smile silly like me when you see Thanos and reference to some characters in the Marvel universe. It is beautifully weird as I smile almost throughout the whole movie. Oh and like all Marvel movie, please stay for the end credit scene. Thank you very much.

TL;DR: I....... hooked on a feeling! Star-Lord with 4 lost criminals try to save the world and be cronwed the Guardian of Galaxy!