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Sunday, 24 August 2014


Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) tells a story of a girl who is able to unlock 100% of her brain capacity with the help of powerful synthetic drug. She was suppose to just deliver the good which was implanted in her stomach but things took a turn when she was keep captive and was tortured by the captor. She meets up with Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) to show the world what happen when you use 100% of your brain capacity.


Scarlett Johnssson played her role the best she could. She made it look natural and you can feel the emotions running through her at least unlike Megan Fox (SJ > MF).


Everything. Basically, for starters everyone can seems to be carrying a gun freely in the streets, doesn't matter where she is, in a hospital, hotel or just along the streets. The cops also fail to realise that the baddies are outside of the same very university that they stopped at. People are across the street loading up weapon and you all run into the building? (WTF? Perimeter check mana OI!). While the theory is debatable, the whole movie seems like written while the writer(s) are taking a dump or just high.


If you are planning to watch Lucy for Scar Jo, in her bra and panties or just mainly her. You might want to just google "Under The Skin" acted by her and just download that (you are most welcome). I see no point in you wasting your weekend to watch something like this. I even felt sorry that I paid for this movie. Sigh.

TL;DR: Even Scar Jo can't help a shitty written movie. Save your cash and watch others. 


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