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Sunday, 17 August 2014


Yesterday, CY and me has the same idea to do some prawning and we wanted to try out this new place called Tropicana Ebi Fishing. Therefore, I invited 2 of my friends, Sue and Stezon to join us together since they are prawning virgins.

Reach there around 10.35 pm and the place is packed with people. First time I have visited a prawning area where the are more ladies than man. Back in Melaka, the whole place is fill with guys only fishing throughout the night.

People mountain, people sea
The motto of this place is "Prawning made easy" it is mention in almost all of their wall posts. I suppose it is easy because there are lots of prawns in the pond and you always get them biting your bait but most of the time it depends also on experience and luck! Lots of time you will see the prawn above the surface of water but before you can bring it over to your side, it will just nicely slide back in the pond. TROLL SUCCESSFUL!

You will need to pay a deposit of RM50 per rod and also RM10 for the bait, the ultimate earthworm. You can also store the worm if it is not finish 

All you need to do is cut a substantial amount and leave it on your chopping board.  We share this worm among the 4 of us with 3 rods (Stezon wanted to share, too bad Sue) and used all of it in 3 hours time.

I was too busy prawning and I forgot to take any pictures of the prawns we caught unfortunately :(. For the total of 3 hours, I manage to catch 8 prawns clearly not my best record. CY had 4, well clearly it's not his day too. While Sue & Stezon had around 5 if I am not mistaken with 2 jumping back in the pond because of clumsy hands of either one of them. You can actually BBQ the prawns once you are done, since only one pit is functioning, we just decided to the bring the prawns home.

The place is a good place to chill with nice environment and also they do sell beers for RM60/bucket. As for prawning price it is RM18/hour, you can fish to your heart content and just check out when you are tired. The friendly boss will write your check in and check out time and calculate from there. The place is open 7 days a week and closes at 2 a.m on weekends. You can also find their Facebook pages here for new updates and direction to the location, now they are including lobster inside for something like lucky draw. All the best and happy prawning!  


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