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Friday, 15 August 2014


For those like me, unker level. You will all remember that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) was a cartoon which airs in the morning at TV3 (those were the days of good cartoons). Fast forward to 2014, there is a movie directed by none other than the 'legendary' Michael Bay.

The only actor that is famous or so I think is Megan Fox who plays April O'Neil in the movie. The ever ready reporter, Vernon Fenwick (Will Arnett) who is wishing to resurrect her dying career and also believes that there is a vigilante who is fighting the Foot Clan. She pairs up with Will Arnett who plays the cameraman, Vernon Fenwick who is constantly hitting on April and hoping one day she falls for him.


The show is light at heart. If you just look pass the errors and common sense, you will find the show stupidly entertaining. The jokes are well not that bad and some of the part makes you go like "WOT?!". Other than that, the fighting scenes are good, lots of ninja skill action and an indestructible rat tail in action. Can hit through metal and have no fear of getting slice in two.


Like all Mr Bay film, he just like to ruin everything you know about it. The turtle looks weird with a nose, while there are some light jokes and comedic part, there are parts where I feel someone needs to die in a movie, for example where the big ass trailer is going downhill full of snows and keep getting out of control while Miss April and Mr Fenwick seems to be just chilling while waiting for the turtles to save them. Maybe I am just being too picky about that part.


If you ask me, you can probably just skip this movie, I watched this movie because it bring feelz to my childhood cartoon but after sitting through the movie for 100 minutes, suddenly I feel like I shall just keep the memories instead of ruining it. It is a good movie if you expect nothing of it, then again it's Micheal Bay. He personally have been really busy destroying all my childish memories, kudos to that.

TL;DR: 1 girl, 1 rat, 4 ninja turtles, shredder and lots of actions. 


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