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Thursday, 7 August 2014


Legend tells a tale of a demi-god named Hercules (Dwayne Johnson) who is the son of Zeus. He is blessed with super strength and also blessed by the gods. Famed after his twelve labours and thus the legend is born or not. Hercules is a mercenary now and travel together with his crew of 6 (just roll with it). Hercules is then summon to help the King of Thrace defeating a tyrannical warlord.


If fighting and bonding is what you come to see then this movie is for you. Hercules feature lots of fighting scene which make sense since it a movie about a demi-god during the olden days. You will also see leadership and lots of Hercules in action and his leadership skills. Humor along the way is also present in the movie as we witness Hercules and his crew carrying his legendary status to a whole new different level.


The story does not have any gods down and help Hercules or against him. This movie takes the approach of Hercules in a more realistic way without any god-like powers except maybe super strength (the ROCK is a monster after all). The story fall short for me as a demi-god, I expect the greek gods to come down and fight the battle or battle with Hercules. 


If you are expecting some mythical greek gods fighting, then I guess this is not the Hercules for you. They decided to take a different approach for this particular Hercules a more realistic approach and nothing so mythical about this Hercules. While it is fun to watch a different approach, I still prefer where the gods interfere with the life of humans and goes on showing their almighty power maybe this happens playing too much of God of War on the Playstation. 

TL;DR: Hercules is a mercenary, saves a  and be crowned the legend. 


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