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Wednesday, 20 August 2014


I was checking out previous year Korean movie that I miss and someone in the forum recommend this movie. I have no idea this is such an action pack movie from Korean because most of the time all they are known for is variety and also love drama.

This movie tells a tale of a North Korean top spy, Dong-chul (Gong Yoo) who was abandon during a mission and his wife and daughter murdered. He escape to South Korea and took up a job as a night driver for the CEO of a powerful corporation. The chairman gave a pair of glasses to Dong-Chul before he was brutally murdered and now Dong-Chul is on the run to uncover the secret behind the glasses that was left for him after involvement from government official.


The show itself is quick paced from the start. Think  of watching a Korean version of Jason Bourne. Less talk and more action from the start and Dong-chul acting role is so fitting for this action movie. The story is also shrouded with mystery because we need to know what is in the glasses! Most of the action choreography seems good and on pace.


Nobody knows how to shoot in the movie, no seriously I ain't even joking. Someone with the a freaking rifle and still fail to shoot him. I might just be too anal but the part where he got shot is when he was driving. Apart from other thousands of gunshots, nothing happen to him. Story line seems to be too quick as I would love to see how he was train more in the private SPY training.


I have always been dissing about Korean acting because all they can act is mainly on romantic drama but this show change my views on them. They have good actors acting in action movie maybe just that they are not as popular as other country (mainly Thailand or Indonesia). Other than that, then movie is good, I must have missed it at cinema or it was never screen here. Lots of Korean movies are actually not screen in Malaysia for I have no reasons for it.


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