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Sunday, 9 October 2016


Sunday, October 09, 2016 Posted by Kevan Lee , No comments

This movie was said to be from the book and based on the quick reviews I read on the book, nothing that special came from it. Apparently, the book was as boring as the movie. All I can say that the movie is pretty boring. That is why I would rate it a mere 4 out of 10 for this movie and will explain why below. Here we go: 

Tim Burton, as usual, the visionary director thus the concept of the movie was fun. Every child has something peculiarly and it is interesting to see their backstory and how they are introduced. The concept of rewinding time is not something new but it was introduced very stylish in this movie. Aside from that, creating at time loop for that very day and just rewinding it before the end of the night is something kinda interesting for me (anything that is available to control TIME somewhat perks my interest, always). Not to forget. Eva Green played her character perfectly, someone strong, responsible and really no-nonsense caretaker. The actor and actress were pretty good at carrying their roles and also most of them played a pretty. Lastly, the idea using the ship was pretty good idea (no spoiler they say)


The plot falls flat after 45 mins in and the movie runtime is 120 minutes which sad to say make me lose lots of my focus and tend to be really boring. Villains were real because it is scary af and it eats eyes to regain their human form back but then, for a monster which looks so badass, it was taken down pretty quickly by a bunch of kids, I expected a much more epic fight and a pretty good finale, but what happen was just a low-key finale. 


I expected more honestly but I was left short-handed after the movie. Unfortunately, the trailer was pretty good and I got nicely upcar this round. Won't happen again as I will be reading reviews before going to the movie. I recommend this movie to be downloaded, save that money for upcoming better movie (hopefully Doctor Strange)