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Tuesday, 28 October 2014


As you know, I have PhD in Movies and Masters in Cinema Visits and that means I have done my research ample of times. Having to frequent lots of cinema gives you the chance to observe the many different behaviours of the patrons of cinemas in Malaysia. I will now write some of the epic ethics in cinema which I sincerely hope that Malaysians at least get their shit together for better cinema experience for everyone. Why top 8 you ask? Because top 10 is too mainstream and also THIS IS A RAGE EDITION! 

1. Chair Rocking

Do not rock chair or chairs. A rocking chair is a fucking rocking chair no matter whoever chair it belongs to. The last thing I want when I am immersing myself in a movie is my chair felt like a fucking roller coaster. I meant seriously people, stop shaking that chair of yours, what are you doing bro? STAHP! Are you making out with that chair? #foreveralone. This shit happens mostly from a guy, happens lesser when a lady sits beside me.

2. Explanation Duo

If your girlfriend or boyfriend have no English basics when watching a movie, you could at least wait for the movie to be over to be translating for him or her. Sabarlah sikit till finish, halfway throughout the movie I can hear you whispering and translating every single freaking dialogue. I need to be hearing the conversation in the movie, I paid for this shit not to listen your constant translating whisper man. Keep your shit to yourself or just watch another show.

3. The Feet of Death 

This is another killer in the cinema. While I was busy munching my all time favourite popcorns, suddenly a whiff of thousand rotten fishes passes through my nose. I meant people seriously, if you know that you do not have the sweetest, bestest,  and nicest smell in the world on your feet. WHY IN THE FLYING F*** do you even bother to remove your shoes in the cinema. You know what is in your head? Use them please. Nobody likes to smell your feet in the air-condition environment, have some mercy, please. 

4. Circus of Kids

All you single your parents, keep your fucking kids at home. The cinema is called a cinema for a reason, not a freaking zoo. If you want to be bringing your kids to watch a movie in a cinema, watch something animated will do good like Planes, Book of Life or Frozen. Do not be a smartass parents and watch horror or just some action movie with loud sounds. For example, Godzilla, you seriously think that your kid(s) can differentiate between what is real or fictional? Of course they will be freaking scared to death. I seriously hope cinema ban parents like this, bringing their newborn to watch Fury. Topkek

5. Late Walker 

The final moment to enter the cinema is when the advertisement or trailer is playing, other than that please feel free to just not enter, thanks. I am guilty of arriving late but I never walk in when the show is screening, this will disrupt people who are focusing on the movie with tons of douchebags walking in front of you and busy making noise while finding their seats. If you do not know which sides is your seat at, please by all means whip out your smartphone or whatever and check it. CHECK PLEASE!

6. A Symphony of Ringtones

Every single one of you need to keep your phone to "SILENT". Halfway throughout the movie, you can hear different ringtones ranging from Apple to Samsung which we all know, almost everyone of us having the same blardy ringtone. Therefore, silent and keep that shit to yourself, unless you are closing a 100 million deal, nobody gives a shit on what you are doing with your phone. So stop shining the light at everyone face while you are updating your Facebook status or just simply calling. No seriously, keep your fucking phone, we all have the same shit.

7. Sleep King

Legend has it, that every single cinema will have a person who falls asleep almost 80% of the movie. He or she will buy the Combo Set A (popcorn + soft drink) and sit in the corner #foreveralone, or sometimes in the middle and practically dozes off every time there is no fighting or something exploding. At the very best, at least do not SNORE. I have idiots snoring like they are in the bedroom and every single time someone tells them, they say OKAY! OKAY! and proceed to snore 5 mins later. Malaysian memang kalau nak cakap bodoh butthurt.

8. The Overly Touchy One 

If you are so interested in making out in the cinema, maybe you should check in the cinema. I am guilty of this also at times, but those time when I was young and I bought a twin seat at least. Right. At. The. Corner. Dark, dark corner HUEHUEHUEHE. Please keep your actions in the room or some other semak samun where people can't see them. Wanna #yolo at least do it right.

Sunday, 26 October 2014


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Been a long time since I watched a show in IMAX and watching Fury was a good choice. Apparently, TGV did not show Fury on normal screening either. So yeah, just roll with it and I find myself enjoying the movie.

Fury is the name of their tank, lead by Wardaddy () together with Byod (), Trini (), Grady (and finally new recruit, Norman ( where their final mission is to hold a crossroad with shitloads of Nazi heading to their way. They are the last in the line and with a tank, they will hold the line.


Brad Pitt's acting as Wardaddy really brings out the emotions. Although he is getting old, his acting gets much better. The story starts slow and progress very well throughout the whole 2 hours and 30 mins timeline. The movie also makes you constantly on the seat because of the scenario and also shooting which happens all of a sudden. That one minute of silence and suddenly all hell breaks loose. The crew is like a family and we are taken into emotional turbulence every single time when they go to war. 


It does not appeal to all audience, I would say that. The war element is always something which is mysterious and also scary at the same time. For some people, they will feel that the movie is way too long and I gotta agree on it on some part of it. The romance part seems like it is taking too much time and randomly walking up to a stranger's house and being nice, not sure if that is what stated on the history books. Shia LeBeouf is constantly crying in the movie.. Ever since Transformers, he can either scream or cry in a movie only with such minimal dialogue. 


If you are a fan of war movie, this is a better one without too much talking but more like five-man crew and a tank taking out as many Nazis as they can. You will definitely enjoy sitting through this movie which is fill with loads of emotional rollercoaster. Please be advice that the movie is for 18 years old above, you might want to send the young ones to their nanny. 

Lastly, as spoken by Brad Pitt in the movie, " Ideals are peaceful. History is violent".

TL;DR: One tank, five crews, lots of death and a heroic ending. 

Friday, 24 October 2014


Animation keeps getting better these days and resulting a much nicer experience and also laughter when watching one. The Book of Life speaks about a fairy tale love where 2 guys, Manolo (Diego Luna) and Joaquin (Channing Tatum) tries to capture the heart of Maria (Zoe Saldana). The gods put their bets on either one to marry Maria and thus set one of them off to an adventure span on three fantastic worlds.


The animation is beautiful. Everything inside the show feels like you are playing "Little Big Planet". It really takes you on an adventure and the acting on all fronts are good. The voice acting couple with the singing and dancing really keep you feel touched and feel like dancing. There are some parts where you just keep wanting to know more what happens next.


There are some part which I feel just there to be prolonged the movie. There is lots of things to absorb at one point and also with cartoon, you cannot think so much. The girls seems to learn almost everything when she studied outside the city which is quite mad

The story inspires you to follow your dreams, the path is not set with just what your parents want you too. Be whoever you want to be and just live free #yolo. In the movie, he became from an expert in bull fighting to a musician cum fighter finally.

TL;DR: Journey throughout the 3 different fantastic worlds, and a heroic ending for a good fairy tale.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

[K-Listens] TaeTiSeo : Holler 2nd Mini Album

Ever since I listened to Twinkle by TaeTiSeo (Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun) by 3 of the 9 8 now after the sudden departure of Jessica which caught the attention of fans (SONE) and non-fans. SM Entertainment (SNSD agency) took a stock dip after her announcement on leaving the group.

Jessica's issue turned the K-pop scene upside down and but thankfully TTS album was absolutely amazing. Sometimes I wish there were more songs but then again you know what they say right, QUALITY over QUANTITY people.

This 2nd mini album name "Holler" with such a fine looking album art featuring 6 track list as below.

Track List:

01. Holler
02. 아드레날린 (Adrenaline)
03. 내가 네게 (Whisper) 
04. Stay
05. Only U 
06. EYES
TTS 2nd mini album! 
Their  first song is Holler and it also the upbeat opening song compare to Twinkle although they got the same opening as Twinkle. This song showcase more towards their group synergy and also towards the vocal power house, Taeyeon and also the ever smiling vocals of Tiffany. Seohyun harmonizing like a boss in this track. Check out their offical MV below:

Moving on to the 2nd track, Adrenaline you will come to feel the upbeat of the maknae, Seohyun and her ever loving dance. Ohhhh, how much she had grown up and now clever to shake with a deadly wink (as deadly as Fany!). Every single time I hear this song, it makes me want to jump out of my seat and just dance. The beat is very uplifting pairing up with their voice, this time Seohyun takes the front stage with her cheerful voice and Taeyeon superbly good voice. Watch one of their live performance here which I been repeating it almost everyday:

Whisper track is more towards emotional pop where it speaks towards more seductively and first time lover thingy. The track makes you feel like you want to whisper to someone how you feel about him/her, let that particular person know what you been feeling. You can get the feeling that the girls want to tell him but also shy and clueless at the same time.

Feel the power of Fany's rapping in Stay which portray a want for someone to stay beside them (duh!) couple with Taeyeon just singing STAYYYYYYYY in her best voice ever possible. This feels like a sadder version of Adrenaline because in certain part of the song you can feel that they beg that person to stay by their side.

Only You is written by Seohyun who is the youngest in the group, in Korea we call that maknae. Suprisingly, as little love experience she had except for We Got Married where she was paired up with Jung Yong Hwa of CNBlue. She wrote a really feeling and meaningful ballad lyrics where it will sets you in the mood to be in love. Lol.

The last song in the album is EYES which more towards the jazzy type. Featuring a little bit of jazz and pop, you will enjoy this song, most of the netizens find the similarity to Ariana Grande - Problem maybe in some part just some of it. I feel EYES is much softer than Problem as both have some catchy as shit beats.

For all their awesome news please follow their social media channels. We, SONE will like to thank you for constantly supporting them throughout their careers:

Taeyeon's Instagram
Sunny's Instagram
Tiffany's Instagram
Yuri's Instagram

Saturday, 18 October 2014


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90s kids are refereed to "Strawberry Generation" these days. The sole reason for this is that they crack under pressure, badly. I have came across lots of them but I have also came across those who persevere and just keep marching on. Parents have actually a big role on this part and no matter how much you try to deny it, your parents whipped you good when you are young right?

My dad taught me disappointment in the most old skool method ever. He only rewards you if you do good in something, if you don't live up to his promises/expectation you will then know that NO amount of persuasion, hard sell, soft sell, or whatever selling can get him to buy you that particular item. Trust me when I tell you that because I have work on the most epic proposal(s) and ample of speech to get something out from him.

Throughout the years, I have made tons of proposal, mainly on gadgets and many times my dad will enjoy my soft selling or hard selling, or partially rage selling when the convincing does not seem to happen. I will be heart broken retreating to a corner and just feel as though life has no meaning anymore because my dad just trolled me. Fast forward few years ahead, I realize that my dad just merely wanted to groom me to get ready in life (can sense that grandfather did the same to him and he merely wants revenge on me). Every now and then my dad reminds me that life bitch slap you nicely when you least expect it, or when you think you are up on the game.

The society of younger parents pampers their kid mainly with money. A lavish life that one does not get when they start work and of course the money that does not receive after lots of frustration and also hard work. Instead, parents start to dress their kids up with the most lavish things that they can afford and giving them things with just a snap of a finger.

Many times, kids think that they can get whatever they want in since their parents gives them anything they want when they request for it but surprise kids! Once you are out there in the real world, feel the ultimate disappointment, don't say that I never mention to you all. Trust me if you keep waiting for your parents to give you stuff, try doing that with your colleagues or superior. All the best.

Maybe the society nowadays tends to be more protective towards the younger ones and when they mix with the older generation they seem to fail on understanding the old method. The society fail to address the basic simplicity of nurturing the kids in hard way. Bitterness is something good to be experience. I can assure you that if you are looking for only sweetness in life.....

Saturday, 11 October 2014


Ever since Child's Play, I know very well that one fine day dolls will really f*ck your life up. And Annabelle represent this very well.

Annabelle was before The Conjuring and it tells the tale of the doll that was given from a husband, John Gordon (Ward Horton) to his wife Mia Gordon (Annabelle Wallis) as an upcoming gift for their soon-to-born child. Everything went wrong when the doll was curse one fine day by a dying cult member, Annabelle Higgins  who committed suicide after her partner was shot by the cop shortly after she murdered her own family and invaaded the home where John and Mia Gordon lives in.


Finally the history of how the doll happen to be cursed is known to the public although some of the parts are changed pretty much to fit the story which includes the doll. There is tons of jump scare and also some part which resonates with you, for example the lift part. Where the lift keeps opening and closing in the same floor where there are no lights on the floor. LEL. Some part are pretty scary and also will give you goosebumps when it is about to happen. Be warned that they are some really LOUD part in the movie.


Lots of the scare seems to be about the same as The Conjuring which will somewhat prepare you for the movie. There are some part that I personally felt could be even creepier and better. I personally did not agree with the presence of the Demon which seems like it came out from a video game. Before that, everything was keeping me off the edge of the seat which is good and then when the demon came out, everything suddenly seems less creeepy.


Still watch it if you are fan of horror movie because you get to know the story before The Conjuring. The tale seems like a string of unfortunate events with lots of jump scares and loud rocking chairs. You will definitely enjoy this if you enjoyed The Conjuring but maybe not that much.

TL;DR: Throw all your fooking dolls. That is the end of the problem even a priest can't help you. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Before Twilight there used to be a breed of vampires which are the rulers of the night. They are fast, silent and powerful. They drinks humans' blood. They can never face the sunlight as they will die as the sun shines on their skin. Then came freaking Twilight, a fail breed of vampire obviously written while the author is busy smoking up and reading some romantic novel at the same time thus human perception of vampires started to change with their all girly manner and also glitters while they are under the sun (srsly?). Disappointed.... I ran as far as I could and hid myself in the cave just so the memories of a real vampire stuck with me.

Then Dracula Untold came. This story tells a tale of Vlad Tepes (Luke Evans) and his family ruled over a small kingdom with peace for a century. However, when a ruling rival king, Mehmed (Dominic Cooper) with a growing army demands from Vlad the first born male of every family to join his army. Vlad made a pact with the dangerous supernatural force to ensure the safety of his family.


Terrifying history about Luke's character, Vlad the Impaler where he impales his victims to scare opponents and a skilled fighter and a little about his background on how he came to power. The fighting scene in the movie is absolutely brutal and also well done. Being able to turn into thousands of bats in the battlefield, makes the show a whole lot more interesting and to add to that, he can only fight until the first break of dawn before he loses his power. Luke Evans pulling of as Vlad almost effortless and also with such bad script manage to invoke the same feeling that we will do to ensure that we kept our loved ones safe and sound.


Cliche as shit. Most of the scene while the fighting is good, the camera shakes like nobody cares. Sometimes you feel as though as the shake is shaking beneath you. There are much more history towards the character that was with him and also many other things was rushed through it. There is also a mention that he had to be a monster but lack the MONSTER feeling that was mention if he wants to attain the power to win the war. Lastly, super cheesy setting for the second part which really makes no sense


If you ask me, is it worth the watch? I would say YES but only once (to qualify you to be in the running to win iPhone 6 in TGV) but please just watch it in standard not IMAX 2D or 3D. The 92 mins movie felt too rushed as it had much more potential instead of being just a cheap horror flick with some history. Unfortunately, it could be much better but I enjoy every bits of the fast pact action that was in the movie. 

TL;DR: Drink people's blood, pay the price, win the war.

Monday, 6 October 2014


I have a degree in Watching Movies, and have more than 10 years experience watching movies in various cinemas. Today,  I will be telling you which cinema will impress your date the most and put you in the position of being the alpha male. You are most welcome.

Please before you proceed on reading mah awesome reviews, do note that cinemas mentioned in these reviews are those that I frequent most of the time. Please also buy the tickets online as queueing up with your date (the girl you want to impress, it's not cool!) therefore I have linked the two online cinema websites that you will need:  Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) and Tanjung Golden Village Cinemas (TGV). Welcome.

1. Tropicana City Mall (GSC)

If you are only allowed to choose one cinema in PJ, please let it be THIS! The parking in this mall is ample in B2 and you can park directly near the lift which will lead you to the cinema in less than 5 minutes. The ticketing counters are usually quick (who buys over the counter anyways) and also the food&beverages section is pretty quick. You are definitely interested in the seating since you have read all the way here. The seating is comfortable enough to warm your ass and hers, but please ensure that you try to warm her hand(s). Other than that, your ears will have great fun with the sound system (varies depending on the hall) and the new 2D visual ensures that you will get the best movie experience ever. The air conditioners in the halls are cold enough but not particularly super cold therefore you should just bring a sweater just in case (who knows what might happen beneath it).

Difficulty: 1/5 stars

2. Paradigm Mall (GSC)

Please ensure that you drive here one day before the actual meet up because Paradigm Mall has one of the worst mall parking in PJ area. It is like a freaking maze for cars, suddenly you feel like Maze Driver the movie. The parking towards the cinema is also another problem, if you are watching late movie after 10 pm please do park near the lift, somewhere in zone H if I am not mistaken, as you will not be able to walk the mall after the movie ends. The only way is to take the lift down after the movie which will be hard if you do not know where you parked. The food & beverage counter is fast and you will not need to queue up but I still think you should be prepared. The cinema is cold as fuck too, please ensure that you bring lots of sweaters, this does not happen depending on hall, as most of the halls no matter big or small (that's what she said) are considered to be very cold. The seatings are good and the leg room is enough for me (as I am short) and I think it will be more than enough for those tall ones out there.  Movie experience is good with 2D and also sound system working as intended.

Difficulty: 5/5 stars

3. One Utama (GSC)

Located in PJ, park at New Wing which allows you to access the cinema easier. If you can find a parking spot near the bowling area, it will be good as the cinema is only 5 minutes walk from there. Also please head upwards not to the basement area as it enables you to exit easier once you are done with the movie. The GSC in One Utama is pretty old, therefore the seats are lacking the certain cushion of comfort but rest assured it will still be comfy enough for you to sit. Most halls are good but there are also some halls with dirty looking walkway but rest assured nobody is sitting there (or is there?). As the visuals are good with the 2D projector, I still have issues occasionally with their speakers in the cinema. At times, it comes filled with so much BASS that feels like I am partially clubbing. Not to mention the blurred conversation because of all the BASS. Once you are done with the movie, just walk where you came from as most of the mall would still be available for walking.

Difficulty: 3/5 stars

4. Setiawalk (TGV)

Setiawalk is located in Puchong which we all know is a place not for humans to live in. Going there on weekends can be bearable but on weekdays please just tell them to go ahead without you. Navigating this mall's parking is another issue, as soon as you enter the parking turn to your RIGHT and park somewhere near there. The LEFT area will tempt you with more parking but the walk to TGV can actually be really really far! Therefore, to the RIGHT please and park towards the end. There should be a lift which will direct you to the cinema which should be located at 5th floor, if you happen to come across a floor which feels like in Shanghai, just one level higher. This is a new TGV therefore everything is new from the halls right up to the drinks counter. TGV has this tendency to let one cashier do the job (filling drinks, preparing your hotdogs, packing your mashed potatoes, making your nuggets, doing your popcorn) thus resulting in a long waiting line for your F&B (minimum 10 mins) therefore please ensure that you queue up earlier. In TGV, you have the option to read out your reservation number to the staff who guards the check-in and get yourself checked in but sometimes this particular TGV requires you to queue up and collect your ticket online therefore just collect your tickets to be safe. Halls are new and classy as shit. The space for your legs is ample (tall people fear not!) and the sofa is comfy as fuck. Once you sit, you'll feel like you are going to fall asleep anytime. The halls are cold so remember to bring an extra sweater to keep each other warm during the movie.

Difficulty: 4/5 stars

5. One Utama (TGV)

Like GSC at One Utama, the TGV is located in the old wing section, therefore you should be parking at the old wing section and also towards the rooftop will be good as for late night movie it will enable easier access to your car. This can be considered at the newer TGV after renovation done and also they have a whole new IMAX which was build from ground up unlike Sunway Pyramid where they combined two theatre together. This TGV is exceptionally cold in all halls and their F&B counter still take years to get your order done. Therefore, please allocated time to ensure that you get your F&B while not missing the show. Advertisement takes up a good 30 mins before the show officially starts. Like all TGV, the space for your legs is ample for all kinds of people. The visual and also audio in the cinema is really really good which it immersive enough for you.

Difficulty: 3/5 stars

6. Sunway Pyramid (TGV)

If there is a cinema to avoid, this is the one. The parking on Sunway Pyramid is already confusing although with the help of parking assistant light hanging above, I will assure you that all you see is red. Everywhere you look, the parking is full. The cinema is small and also old as shit. Most of their halls seems like has been functioning forever without any renovation done. Their F&B counters are weirdly located at the entrance where you queue for movie. Best part is, both sides will face jam because of the slow freaking F&B people and another from spot-check conducted on whatever bag that you are going to bring in. Thus to avoid all this hassle, just skip this place. There are much better cinemas which are available near you that does not require you to drive THAT far. The audio and visuals are good but still, save that hassle trust me, you will appreciate it.

Difficulty: 5/5 stars

That's all the cinema that I have frequent. I hope this helps you on choosing the right cinema to set the mood up for you. Other than that, all the best and good luck mah friend (still thinking bringing a girl for a movie on first date is not good, can't really seem to talk to her but who knows, I did it on my first date too after coffee)