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Friday, 24 October 2014


Animation keeps getting better these days and resulting a much nicer experience and also laughter when watching one. The Book of Life speaks about a fairy tale love where 2 guys, Manolo (Diego Luna) and Joaquin (Channing Tatum) tries to capture the heart of Maria (Zoe Saldana). The gods put their bets on either one to marry Maria and thus set one of them off to an adventure span on three fantastic worlds.


The animation is beautiful. Everything inside the show feels like you are playing "Little Big Planet". It really takes you on an adventure and the acting on all fronts are good. The voice acting couple with the singing and dancing really keep you feel touched and feel like dancing. There are some parts where you just keep wanting to know more what happens next.


There are some part which I feel just there to be prolonged the movie. There is lots of things to absorb at one point and also with cartoon, you cannot think so much. The girls seems to learn almost everything when she studied outside the city which is quite mad

The story inspires you to follow your dreams, the path is not set with just what your parents want you too. Be whoever you want to be and just live free #yolo. In the movie, he became from an expert in bull fighting to a musician cum fighter finally.

TL;DR: Journey throughout the 3 different fantastic worlds, and a heroic ending for a good fairy tale.

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  1. Great Movie!
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