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Sunday, 26 October 2014


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Been a long time since I watched a show in IMAX and watching Fury was a good choice. Apparently, TGV did not show Fury on normal screening either. So yeah, just roll with it and I find myself enjoying the movie.

Fury is the name of their tank, lead by Wardaddy () together with Byod (), Trini (), Grady (and finally new recruit, Norman ( where their final mission is to hold a crossroad with shitloads of Nazi heading to their way. They are the last in the line and with a tank, they will hold the line.


Brad Pitt's acting as Wardaddy really brings out the emotions. Although he is getting old, his acting gets much better. The story starts slow and progress very well throughout the whole 2 hours and 30 mins timeline. The movie also makes you constantly on the seat because of the scenario and also shooting which happens all of a sudden. That one minute of silence and suddenly all hell breaks loose. The crew is like a family and we are taken into emotional turbulence every single time when they go to war. 


It does not appeal to all audience, I would say that. The war element is always something which is mysterious and also scary at the same time. For some people, they will feel that the movie is way too long and I gotta agree on it on some part of it. The romance part seems like it is taking too much time and randomly walking up to a stranger's house and being nice, not sure if that is what stated on the history books. Shia LeBeouf is constantly crying in the movie.. Ever since Transformers, he can either scream or cry in a movie only with such minimal dialogue. 


If you are a fan of war movie, this is a better one without too much talking but more like five-man crew and a tank taking out as many Nazis as they can. You will definitely enjoy sitting through this movie which is fill with loads of emotional rollercoaster. Please be advice that the movie is for 18 years old above, you might want to send the young ones to their nanny. 

Lastly, as spoken by Brad Pitt in the movie, " Ideals are peaceful. History is violent".

TL;DR: One tank, five crews, lots of death and a heroic ending. 


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