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Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Before Twilight there used to be a breed of vampires which are the rulers of the night. They are fast, silent and powerful. They drinks humans' blood. They can never face the sunlight as they will die as the sun shines on their skin. Then came freaking Twilight, a fail breed of vampire obviously written while the author is busy smoking up and reading some romantic novel at the same time thus human perception of vampires started to change with their all girly manner and also glitters while they are under the sun (srsly?). Disappointed.... I ran as far as I could and hid myself in the cave just so the memories of a real vampire stuck with me.

Then Dracula Untold came. This story tells a tale of Vlad Tepes (Luke Evans) and his family ruled over a small kingdom with peace for a century. However, when a ruling rival king, Mehmed (Dominic Cooper) with a growing army demands from Vlad the first born male of every family to join his army. Vlad made a pact with the dangerous supernatural force to ensure the safety of his family.


Terrifying history about Luke's character, Vlad the Impaler where he impales his victims to scare opponents and a skilled fighter and a little about his background on how he came to power. The fighting scene in the movie is absolutely brutal and also well done. Being able to turn into thousands of bats in the battlefield, makes the show a whole lot more interesting and to add to that, he can only fight until the first break of dawn before he loses his power. Luke Evans pulling of as Vlad almost effortless and also with such bad script manage to invoke the same feeling that we will do to ensure that we kept our loved ones safe and sound.


Cliche as shit. Most of the scene while the fighting is good, the camera shakes like nobody cares. Sometimes you feel as though as the shake is shaking beneath you. There are much more history towards the character that was with him and also many other things was rushed through it. There is also a mention that he had to be a monster but lack the MONSTER feeling that was mention if he wants to attain the power to win the war. Lastly, super cheesy setting for the second part which really makes no sense


If you ask me, is it worth the watch? I would say YES but only once (to qualify you to be in the running to win iPhone 6 in TGV) but please just watch it in standard not IMAX 2D or 3D. The 92 mins movie felt too rushed as it had much more potential instead of being just a cheap horror flick with some history. Unfortunately, it could be much better but I enjoy every bits of the fast pact action that was in the movie. 

TL;DR: Drink people's blood, pay the price, win the war.


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