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Saturday, 11 October 2014


Ever since Child's Play, I know very well that one fine day dolls will really f*ck your life up. And Annabelle represent this very well.

Annabelle was before The Conjuring and it tells the tale of the doll that was given from a husband, John Gordon (Ward Horton) to his wife Mia Gordon (Annabelle Wallis) as an upcoming gift for their soon-to-born child. Everything went wrong when the doll was curse one fine day by a dying cult member, Annabelle Higgins  who committed suicide after her partner was shot by the cop shortly after she murdered her own family and invaaded the home where John and Mia Gordon lives in.


Finally the history of how the doll happen to be cursed is known to the public although some of the parts are changed pretty much to fit the story which includes the doll. There is tons of jump scare and also some part which resonates with you, for example the lift part. Where the lift keeps opening and closing in the same floor where there are no lights on the floor. LEL. Some part are pretty scary and also will give you goosebumps when it is about to happen. Be warned that they are some really LOUD part in the movie.


Lots of the scare seems to be about the same as The Conjuring which will somewhat prepare you for the movie. There are some part that I personally felt could be even creepier and better. I personally did not agree with the presence of the Demon which seems like it came out from a video game. Before that, everything was keeping me off the edge of the seat which is good and then when the demon came out, everything suddenly seems less creeepy.


Still watch it if you are fan of horror movie because you get to know the story before The Conjuring. The tale seems like a string of unfortunate events with lots of jump scares and loud rocking chairs. You will definitely enjoy this if you enjoyed The Conjuring but maybe not that much.

TL;DR: Throw all your fooking dolls. That is the end of the problem even a priest can't help you. 


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