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Saturday, 18 October 2014


Saturday, October 18, 2014 Posted by Kevan Lee , , , , , , , , , No comments
90s kids are refereed to "Strawberry Generation" these days. The sole reason for this is that they crack under pressure, badly. I have came across lots of them but I have also came across those who persevere and just keep marching on. Parents have actually a big role on this part and no matter how much you try to deny it, your parents whipped you good when you are young right?

My dad taught me disappointment in the most old skool method ever. He only rewards you if you do good in something, if you don't live up to his promises/expectation you will then know that NO amount of persuasion, hard sell, soft sell, or whatever selling can get him to buy you that particular item. Trust me when I tell you that because I have work on the most epic proposal(s) and ample of speech to get something out from him.

Throughout the years, I have made tons of proposal, mainly on gadgets and many times my dad will enjoy my soft selling or hard selling, or partially rage selling when the convincing does not seem to happen. I will be heart broken retreating to a corner and just feel as though life has no meaning anymore because my dad just trolled me. Fast forward few years ahead, I realize that my dad just merely wanted to groom me to get ready in life (can sense that grandfather did the same to him and he merely wants revenge on me). Every now and then my dad reminds me that life bitch slap you nicely when you least expect it, or when you think you are up on the game.

The society of younger parents pampers their kid mainly with money. A lavish life that one does not get when they start work and of course the money that does not receive after lots of frustration and also hard work. Instead, parents start to dress their kids up with the most lavish things that they can afford and giving them things with just a snap of a finger.

Many times, kids think that they can get whatever they want in since their parents gives them anything they want when they request for it but surprise kids! Once you are out there in the real world, feel the ultimate disappointment, don't say that I never mention to you all. Trust me if you keep waiting for your parents to give you stuff, try doing that with your colleagues or superior. All the best.

Maybe the society nowadays tends to be more protective towards the younger ones and when they mix with the older generation they seem to fail on understanding the old method. The society fail to address the basic simplicity of nurturing the kids in hard way. Bitterness is something good to be experience. I can assure you that if you are looking for only sweetness in life.....


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