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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Tuesday, September 29, 2015 Posted by Kevan Lee , , , , No comments

Once again, thanks +ChurpChurp for the #Churpremiere of Hotel Transylvania 2.

If you follow this cartoon closely, you will be sure to remember that a vampire is going to marry a normal human which freaks the hell out of her father, Count Dracula. Fast forward, the second part will bring you even more in depth of the human and monster families where the bond will be stronger and learning to blend together. This movie rate 3 out of 5 stars easily and read more to know why:


All the characters are back and this time you get back stories on almost all of them. Besides that, you will be taken directly into the ending of the first part and familiarities are almost everywhere. It also have jokes which will tickle your funny bones. Most of it comes from Count Dracula trying to get his grandson to take over his throne, to be like him. 


The movie felt a little too long although it might tickle your funny bones. It felt force towards the middle of the movie and nearing the end. That being said, we don't get that much glimpse of the human family side as we all know the star of the show is basically just about monster. Then we did not also know how did the Dracula stayed there to begin with. 


For the second part of a cartoon, it was quite nice and good to begin with. Lots of humours and entertainment, it will surely give you the excitement throughout the whole movie. Please watch the first part of this cartoon to understand better. 


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