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Friday, 30 May 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: X-Men: Days of Future Past

The X-Men franchise while is under Marvel, is not helm by the Marvel Studios, which also explains why my favourite Spider-Man is not in the Avengers! Franchise is currently out for loan to other studio who made X-Men not too bad except for the Last Stand where we all cried seeing the legacy of X-Men crumble in subpar plotted movie. While I shall not mention bout the visual of the show, nor about the the comic part of it, this X-Men portray a lot crossover from the past and present. With the lead cast all coming back and also the cast from First Class coming back to together. X-Men once again capture the attention of the audience.


Mutants are showing of their powers and the CG is really beautiful. From Blink's teleportation to Iceman's freezing everything looks so damn believable. The introduction to Quicksilver which was awesome, some emotional phrases which makes you feel like being a mutant and also over the top fighting. The old cast of X-amen played a good job coming back together with the younger cast and made one roller coaster right for the audience.


The storyline leaves a lot more questions than answers. There are time you are asking bout the timeline of this X-Men (google it) but still aside from Wolverine (again) the other mutant basically has no character development. As awesome as Quicksilver was introduce, nothing bout him was told same goes to Warpath, Blink, Kitty, Iceman, Bishop and many others. While I'm not asking for an Origins story of all them, a little bit background intro should be good but then most of them have less than 10 mins screen time, meh. Even the Sentinel got such short introduction. Sometimes you wonder where is Quicksilver when he can change the situation in an instant. Sigh


All in all, if you don't read the comic or do alot of reading on the internet, you will find this X-Men enjoyable and leave you excited for the next one. Seems like Bryan Singer already have something in his mind and its quite obvious

TL;DR: past and presence timeline, lots of new and old mutants, sentinel threatning human and mutant race, x-men wins with some cost of the future.

P/s: just enjoy the movie. Don't question the storyline until the end. Stay back after credits for short scene and also to make your money's worth. Lol