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Sunday, 4 October 2015


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Thanks +ChurpChurp once again for the invite to the #Churpremiere of #TheMartian.

Once awhile we are actually given a good movie about space exploration, back then it was the mind-fucking Interstellar, and then there were Prometheus, which I actually shat in my pants more times than I should, and now something much more REAL, the Martian. Mr Matt Damon is back and this time he is not that asshole which he was Interstellar, he was left behind by his crew when they decided to brave the storm to fly back to Earth after their exploration on Mars came to halt because of some weather issue. (no, it's not Indonesia this time). I rate this movie a good 4 out of 5 stars and you will find out why below, might have spoiler, might not, you decide. 


Matt Damon has been the spaceman for quite a number of movies, and this shows that he can play the role solo and also very comfortable living in Mars. Almost close to 80% of the movie was about him and it did not disappoint. You are actually being transported emotionally for every achievement he did while he is alone in Mars, you share his joys and his pains. That is what a good actor should deliver and Mr Damon did it right. Other than that, the progressive storyline is also in a good pacing and their plot while it was filled with a little loop holes,  I felt it was not such movie breaking. The subsequent actors and actress played their role well enough to make the movie more emotionally attached to us


Well when movies like this, we sometimes question is it possible to survive under such circumstances. Many times I felt that the conditions should tear him apart. The materials that was used to create the living space and also the rover must have been made out of Adamantium at times because I am pretty sure it should be already falling apart. Other than that, there are some scenes which could be cut to make the show much more exciting. I was falling asleep at one point of the time because of unnecessary scenes. 


Minus all the mindfucking from Interstellar, this show is a straight up spaceman movie which the mission as said, BRING HIM HOME. For me it is such a good movie because it gives you the feeling of survival. You should watch this if space exploration is something that excites you minus all the Interstellar and Prometheus bullshit. 


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