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Saturday, 17 October 2015


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Once again thanks to +ChurpChurp for their #Churpremiere of #GoosebumpsMY. 

Fans of R. L. Stine books should watch this movie, and also fans of Jack Black. This movie combine the perfect amount of fantasy and also actions. What happen when all the characters of your book comes to live when you unlocked it and all hell breaks loose. I will rate this movie 3 out of 5 stars and below you will know why: 


All the famous characters in the book of R. L. Stine is out to play, therefore you will have most of their best sellers on the screen. Other than that, Jack Black plays his role quite well, been a long time since we see him on the screen but his acting still did not change and is still pretty much the same. I would like to also mention the Odeya Rush who played Hannah in the movie, her acting was top notch and I really enjoyed it. The storyline and build up was in the good pace right up till they find out what happen when they unlocked a book. Overall, the CG in this movie was relatively good also and there is nothing to complain about. 


Too many monsters! Yeah, I know it was suppose to be a horror/action/monsters movie but I was thinking why not focus only on those few who are really scary and also crazy. Slappy the dummy was one really good villain but sadly have not much of screen time as there were too damn many monsters in it. I felt the movie was a little bit too long, let's all just cut to the bullshit and straight to the point. Some romance scenes was not needed and could be easily be removed for much shorter and action packed movie. 


All in all, I felt personally only the fans of R. L. Stine will enjoy a movie like this. Maybe fans of Jack Black too. The movie was quite promising at first and then I felt like it felt short of the tempo and also the pacing and everything just went a little bit too messy and downhill from there. My friend even slept in the cinema so I guess, it was pretty boring in the middle and then tries their best to pick up pace towards the end but still fall short.


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