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Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Tuesday, October 27, 2015 Posted by Kevan Lee , , , , No comments

I am always a fan of Malaysian movie, albeit all the shitty Malaysian movie are made there are some gems for example Sepet and also KL Gangster. These two already helped to generate some hope for the Malaysian industry. So, when I found out that Polis Evo open big in just one week, I tell to myself that I need to be watching this movie to see what is the fuss is all about. So, I watched it over the weekend over in GSC Paradigm Mall.

The story follows these 2 cops, Shaheizy Sam (Khai) and Zizan Razak (Sani) who are paired unwillingly when they need to be solving a case of dragon meth (Walter White styled). We follow them throughout the whole of Terengganu for the hunt on dragon meth and they pairing reminds me lots about Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour. I rate this movie easily 4 out of 5 stars among the other Malaysian movie which is out there just wasting cinema space for screening it


The dialogue. Whoever wrote it clearly have a really good sense of humours. Then and combo with the likes of Zizan Razak ensure that everything get across really funny at the same time still witty. Sam's job in the movie as the action guy and the chemistry on screen can be seen as really good between the two main actors. Props to Nora Danish who acted as Sani's sister for her ever natural acting and also the Terengganu slang (makes me think that she is from there). Cinematography also seems much better in this movie, actions seems solid and also stunts is really good. I personally enjoy the shooting action in the movie and also the many car chase stunts that was in it. 


Predictable plot is okay but what seems to be like REALLY predictable plot is bad. I wish there was some twist. Good cop & bad cop combo always work but then we have other who did it better mainly Bad Boys. I personally wish there was more hand-to-hand combat because Shaheizy Sam looks like someone who can really fight, and they did not fully use his potential. A good hand-to-hand combat like KL Gangster will always make the movie much more interesting. 


Been a long time since I watched a good Malaysian movie and this is a GOOD Malaysia movie. Thanks for putting back the hope and dreams of seeing a blockbuster movie from Malaysia. I highly recommend you to watch this Malaysian movie and also it requires some basic understanding of Malay language to be funny. 


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