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Monday, 17 August 2015


Monday, August 17, 2015 Posted by Kevan Lee , , No comments

Ethan Hunt is back! This time Mission: Impossible is something fun and exciting to watch. Tom Cruise and the gang brought their A-game into play and come out with the most explosive and action-packed Mission: Impossible yet. I will gladly rate this movie a 4 out of 5 stars and you have to read on to find out why :) 


This being the long awaited franchise when it premiered on trailer at big screen and it certainly lived up to its name. Tom Cruise showed me that he has still what it takes to play the ever reckless secret agent and go again great length for his movie (even doing his own stunt as shown on the poster above). The show is for the tech geek, lots and lots of technologies are being showcased here, that being said where you can unlock your car just by placing your palm on your car window is clearly too good to be true still nice touch none the less. The plot has also good pacing and the storyline does not seem like to vague. The team brought good dynamics and it makes it much fun to watch the movie as it progresses. 


Too long. The movie was way too long, it is more than 2 hours long and as some part it became quite draggy. Although the storyline was good, I still can't help to feel that some part of the movie can be shorten to make it much more action packed movie without the necessary scenes. They potray hacking really bad in this movie because everything seems can be hack using a freaking tablet and on top of that, the book to a laptop, that is cool but freaking unrealistic because where the hell do you actually put the components in that thin book?!


I think this for me is the best Mission: Impossible yet. That being said, the movie deserve much more hype compare to Fantastic Four which is pure shit (I will write about this soon, it is in my draft). Take the weekend off and be marvel with the action pack that Tom Cruise still able to put on after all he is already an old man, this will probably be his last Misson: Impossible movie.


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