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Monday, 31 August 2015


Monday, August 31, 2015 Posted by Kevan Lee , , No comments

What turn out as an animation for kids quickly became an emotional roller coaster ride for adult because as usual, Disney Pixar always teaches you something one way or the other. I would gladly rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars simply because of its morale value and story progression which I found out that really good comparing with other animation, as usual Pixar never fails to disappoint. 


Teaches you a lot in terms of emotions. We all sometimes let emotions get the best of us in one way or another. This show has a balance of emotion and mental roller coaster. The core memories are something that we all have in us, the basic of what define us others from the rest. The storyline progression is typical but then what emotions that accompanies the event you can easily relate. 


While talking bout core memories, there are still alot of unexplained on how the memories chosen as the core memories. We can not be having only one emotion as the core as human, we are violate as fuck to emotions and we all know there won't just be one emotion growing up. Other that that, I feel they should also involve the other emotions to the story. Although joy and sadness seems to be the main emotions but the rest did not have that much air time except maybe anger. Lol


It was a really entertaining ride watching this movie. Certain part left me speechless and others left me with some serious roller coaster of emotions. The best part of watching this movie, we can always relate with our emotions, maybe Disney Pixar is trying to remind us always keep our emotions in control.


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