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Monday, 27 July 2015


Monday, July 27, 2015 Posted by Kevan Lee , No comments

One of the Marvel superhero which is often forgotten because let's face it. The name is not helping and all we heard again and again is that the movie has been cancelled either the actor left or the director just simply quit. I can tell you now that after all that drama, Ant-Man can be consider a success, well at least for me. This show deserve a 4 out of 5 stars and I will tell you personally why. 


Remember Guardian of the Galaxy? Ant-Man gives out the same vibe in the movie. They took a really fun twist on telling the story of this particular heroes. His ability to talk to ants and at the same time shrink himself whenever he likes takes the movie to a whole new perspective. The humours in the movie was not forceful and we also see a different type of fighting perspective in it. Aside from that, the movie also touches on the history of Ant-Man while making sure that it been told in the easiest way possible. The cameo appearance from another Avengers member also was indeed one of the best fight in the movie. 


Certain parts of the movie feels a little longer than it should. One was the training sequence, while its good to show how is the training done it feels like much of the flirting in the training is just not needed, or simply I just demand more action. The suit should have taken much more time in getting used to it since it's something new for everyone but he manage to just control its usage in an incredible timing (shown in most of the fight especially with Falcon). Beside that, they did not mention much about Hank Pym time of using the suit. I would love to know a little more other than his wife is missing after she used to suit to stop a rocket. 


This particular superhero movie has been cancelled ample of times and also having director and their actor walking out but it turns out to be a much better movie compare to the rest. I would highly recommend this movie if you enjoy the watching Marvel on screen. Please stay longer as they have 2 ending credit scenes and thanks for reading.


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