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Sunday, 20 December 2015


Sunday, December 20, 2015 Posted by Kevan Lee , , No comments

The final chapter of the hunger games is back and it is bad. Like most movies, once you dragged it out into too many parts, it seems harder to impress the audience. I would give this movie an easy 2 out of 5 stars for their lack of almost everything. 


I have no idea how to say this, but the good in this movie maybe that most of the important characters have a flashback of their previous Hunger Games and that is the good side. Also most of the actions were tight and also very fast paced. We once again see Jennifer Lawrence reprise her role of being the face and also the fighter for the resistance going up against President Snow. The speech most of the time really seems well written and also the flow from scene to scene does not seems so distorted. 


Actions while like I mentioned above, it was fast paced and tight the issue is that in this movie, there are barely any action at all. Aside from the part where they storm the district to find President Snow, all other is just a mundane scene of J.L trying to find herself and what is the meaning of roadshow and shits like that. That and also her bf in the Hunger Games, Peeta Mellark played a good role of irritating the fuck out of everyone. His role in the movie is like that cockroach you have at home and you can't seem to kill it. Simply because the fucker keep hiding and then appear long enough to irritate the fuck out of you. The whole movie I was wishing he got shot in the head so that he can simply just die and I have my peace.


They should have ended it in Part 1. Fans waited for one year just to be disappointed with half baked movie and shitty pest acting by almighty Peeta Mellark. Then again, I felt J.L still tried her best to carry the movie but some movie, need to be buried. RIP. Download this if you haven't watched yet 


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