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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Weekend Chill Pill: Langkawi

Flying high with all the cheap alcohol and beaches.

It's been the longest time since I have step foot on Langkawi, last being close to 5 years back or was it longer.

It started off with a being lured with AirAsia cheap rates last year for RM70 return (well played AA) nevertheless I was accompanied by two other friends who had the same greedy thoughts.

Not the best, but meh.

Took the 7.45 pm flight on Thursday last week and landed around 9 pm and rented a Toyota Vios for RM150 for 3 days. 

We are staying at Federal Villa which is under Holiday Villa management albeit being a little old hotel everything else is ok. We were there when they are doing pest control therefore the floor had some weird smell. The room rate was RM 447 for two nights. 

Main point of going to Langkawi is mainly for cheap alcohol and beers and it doesn't disappoint. Most of the beer I had was foreign to me. My top choice will be Sapporo Premium Blend at only RM 3 per bottle. Taste sweet and really smooth, too bad I can't seem to find it at KL. 

Aside from that, my mission in a Langkawi is to visit the Skycab (RM 15 for Malaysian, RM 30 for foreigners)) which unfortunately the SkyBridge is still down for maintenance (since forever LEL) and also Seven Wells which was also unfortunately dry due to the awesome summer we have.

Sky Bridge, how I long to walk on you again.

That's being said I had the most fun time taking nap by the beach and hearing the sound of wave just slowly crashing by the bay. How I wish if I can wake up to the sound of waves everyday and also it will be good if there is beer to go along with it.  

p:s/: nothing to blog about the dinner or the lunch as nothing is special and my favourite shop "Wonderland" is closed. FML

Dem FEELS when I am leaving Langkawi.


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