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Friday, 11 April 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: Captain America X Winter Soldier

Watched Captain America: Winter Soldier last week in Gsc therefore thinking of writing what I thought about the movie (caution: non professional review ahead)

I am not really a fan of Captain America but I think the story that is written for him is entertaining and Marvel manage to bring out the best in him although merely a super soldier (I'm sure you knew by now). I will not touch specifically on the universe of Marvel and how Captain America plays a role in there, if you really need to read about it, here you go: http://bit.ly/1gI5OmF

That being said, I shall rate the movie on Outline, Characters, Music, Flow of Movie. This being the first official review that I have written for the past 2 years, I will be adding things when it is necessary. Here we go:

Captain America is once against in the limelight  as he is getting used to the modern day living while battling the Winter Soldier from the olden era. That being said, there is also S.H.I.E.L.D for him to handle.

Character progression is good. We have chance to see the development of Falcon and also Black Widow into how they become the sidekick of the captain. Besides that, we also get to feel the very weak side of Captain America (which at times I personally feels he is a demi-god like Thor). General Fury have his fair share of character development where we witness for close to 2 minutes his human emotions (still human?). Overall main character progression is in a good rate everyone (or those I like) have enough screen time. 

Movie Flow.  
The main thing is that I really like if the movie has the flow, where scenes after scenes makes sense to the audience and not fragmented as well. This is important as a good flow of the movie not only makes it good but also understandable at least for those who did not watch the first movie.

Overall, we see more acrobatic version of the Captain which shows that  why he is superior than a normal human, a good story plot for opening of the Marvel Universe (and makes sense), a villain which is interesting, explosion which make sense, and ending which makes me wanting more.

TL;DR edition: Shield flying everywhere, Captain saves the day with his team, a hand-to-hand combat villian + brains behind it, opening for more story at the ending.

p/s: Please feel free to leave feedbacks if you think that I can write a better movie review, most of my review I try to have as little spoilers as possible.  Thank you.


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