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Sunday, 27 April 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: The White Storm

Took me long enough to even watch this movie (not to be confuse with Fire Storm) which both seems to so happen release on the same timing.

Hong Kong movie typically revolves around gangster-police kinda situation, with one ALWAYS being undercover and then some shit storm happen when he is undercover and everything escalated quickly (Infernal Affairs, watch it please if you have not). The White Storm was something different to watch as it features distinct plot twist and brother's love (bro fist) which stars officer Ma Ho-Tin (Ching Wan Lau), So Kin-Chow (Louis Koo) and Cheung Tsz-Wai (Nick Cheung)

Fast pace starting keeps you stuck on your chair as the action begins right when you watch it. Typical police-thief situation where bait is set up to catch the lord of the drug dealer but seems like they have a call that will ensure they land the biggest drug lord in SEA named "Eight-Face Buddha" where they all travel to Thailand and get demoted to providing intel only.

They have a mole in their team (u sleazy Thai people) luckily, one of their team member understand Thai and totally weed him out and the action start from there. They convince their under cover (Louis Koo) to go ahead and set a meet up with the 'Eight-Face Buddha" in what seems to be a dead village. Everything break loose, when they threaten the kids of the drug lord and got themselves into Hollywood-like car chase with helicopter wiping out roughly around 923773 of Thai cops which did not stand a chance. The chase ended up  with a tragic choosing who will die. Office Ma had to choose between his two best bro where the other will be thrown into a pit full of crocodiles*nice touch*

Fast forward 5 years later after Office Ma made a heart wrenching choice,he was demoted to just a data entry office, while Office So-Kin Chow move forward to become the head of department, with his best friend dead he vow to just clean up the streets of Hong Kong clear of drugs when they lost the lead to catch Eight-Face Buddha. Things gotten peaceful and all of a sudden, suddenly there were reports of new drugs selling in the street of Hong Kong and also the son of Eight-Face Buddha was kill by someone from Tsim Sha Tsui and in the chase of catching him, they seems to find the ghost of Cheung Tsz-Wai is still alive and quickly from there they trying to uncover what is the motive of Cheung Tsz-Wai back. They found out he is married to Eight-Face Buddha daughter and is back to avenge his brother-in-law's death.

From here on out, there are many bro's love moment when they are working together trying not to kill each other, plot twists and mainly a lot of making up after 5 years of disappearance from the parties. What comes next is lots of action when they seems to mow down everything and everyone using pistols with unlimited bullets and also taking shit tons of bullet themselves but still standing ended up with the drug lord himself coming down to kill them in a club. The ending makes really no sense but they added a good touch of bullet mark right at his face. All in all it's an entertaining Hong Kong movie to watch with lots of plot twist, action and bromance.

TL;DR: 3 childhood friends that became policeman, in search of the biggest drug lord in SEA, made a terrible mistake, lost a friend, lots of shooting, plot twist and also very gangster-police situation. 


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