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Friday, 18 April 2014



Sunday is usually boring as f, as most of my friends gonna stay at home and brave the Monday blues therefore I was thinking, why not I handle the blues by scaring the shit out of me, thus Oculus (actually I was dragged to watch Oculus, truestory.jpg)

It started with a new house and a freaking weird mirror. I meant I love antique but the antique that they bought probably through craiglist or lowyat.net seems to be the most weird mirror every. 

Everything was happy when they begin shifting in and slowly suspense starts. The dad spends most of his time in his room with the mirror and slowly we see changes in the family. The mirror which believes to be cursed tends slowly intoxicated the mind of person which is close to its proximity and also the radius grows bigger as time passes. The entity in the mirror seems to latch on living beings and slowly poison the thoughts and destroy the memories eventually turning him/her into a vessel.  The kids in the family, one girl and one boy escape death in the most mysterious way.

Fast forward a few years later, the girl named Kaylie Russel played by Karen Gillian and Tim Russel, the younger brother played by Brenton Thwaites. Kaylie wants to prove the innocent of her father which she believe the mirror possessed him to do things to their mother while Tim which just came out of a mental hospital tries to proves that her sister is crazy (topclass family understanding here). Things got out of hands quickly when they bring the mirror over to their old house with lots of recorder/camcorder/phone to record a footage of the entity in the mirror. Sit back and watch what happen and also the idea of flashing back to the past is really good. You will be stuck in two totally different time of their lives but relive their horror moments simultaneously. You will be entertained throughout the whole movie not as much as Conjuring but still good enough to get your heart pounding at least for me. This is much better than Haunt (which I yet to review) which comes with quite a logical storyline minus some loopholes everywhere (just dont be too detective will be good)

TL;DR: One freakish mirror, Two character, One mad woman, Lots of camera, Suspense left and right!


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