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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: Deliver Us From Evil

Visited One City Mall this weekend and watch Deliver Us From Evil at their Premium-X cinema which cost RM12 for a seat. Basically, just watch it at TGV or GSC for maximum comfort. The cinema is tad too bright and and also the chair is awkward, like lecture hall chairs with lots of padding on it. That being said, review time...!

Inspired by true story of an officer, Sarchie (Eric Bana) which leads to the understanding of exorcism and how the different stages takes place in those who are possess by demon under the extremely close guidance of  a priest named Mendoza (Edgar Ramirez). Start of the movie is kinda grim and scary but everything else fails as the movie progress.


Lots of time in a ghost story, there will be the same cliche scenario (scratching, screaming, or simply just laughing) which in this show, tend to be good. It also build suspense toward another scenario where something is bound to happen. The certain scene especially in the room makes me cringe although I have seen it ample of times (Conjuring one of them), still makes me hang by the seat and pray that she did not peek at the bottom of her bed. The actor acting possess are quite good, especially the women which seems to speak such fluent Latin all of a sudden.


Lots and lots of jump scare! Basically, the story line was written while the writer is taking a dump so if you are thinking of continuous plot, the only thing is continuous is the shitting. That's about it. A team of soldier consist of 3 people found a hidden cave and release some evil spirit just by chanting, basically COOL STORY material. People get possess and lots of retard jump scare and WTF moment in the movie. All the scares fall short and suffer from repetitiveness from the shit that you get from ghost stories.


Save your cash and watch other show. The ending of this movie basically is what you see in the trailer. One of the many stupid ghost stories that will make you irritated and thinking WTF happen there rather than having sleepless night.

TL;DR: retarded plot, jump scares, lots of suspends moments but fail to deliver, fail demon. Save your money and watch a different movie. 


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