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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


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There is something interesting about war movies, the strategy which involves and also all the technology that comes together with it. Something about the short form they use (LZ, CQC, AO, and etc) and also their call names Heineken, Carlsberg, Viper, and many others seems intriguing to watch. Of course, I do not wish for war not now or ever. 

This show is based on a true story called Operation Red Wings where 4-man SEAL team are in charge to scout for a Taliban leader Ahmad Shah in late June 2005. What happen to be a simple identify mission turn into a quick fight for life as some mountain herder found them and they refuse to kill them. 


Lots of tense moment when the Taliban found the team of 4 and start shooting the whole forest. The bromance among these 4 soldiers come from a long way and you could feel all the pain that they are feeling after getting mowed down from the Taliban. These shows the movement of the SEALS and also how much pain they can take, although I presume some of them are exaggerated. Lots of action and there is even a helicopter which was gunned down by the RPG. 


Most of the action seems too fast paced, and the SEAL is always on the move. One can only wonder how does they live so long because TBH, there is like 100 Talibans shooting them (which explains AK 47 accuracy) and nobody seems to die. Most of them can take an enormous amount of bullet hits before getting all weak and cannot move. Fall down steps of hills getting hit by a tree and rocks while they are still manage to be moving from one location to another. 


If you enjoy war movies, you will enjoy this fast pace and tense movie where from the very start till end the shooting happens non-stop. You will be amaze how one SEAL member manage to survive all the shooting and sees the other side of the people living there. Saved by the villager to ensure his safety until his backup came and rescue him. 

TL;DR: Lots of shooting, many tense moment, and one survivor came out of it. 


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